Hollywood secrets

>hollywood secrets
summoning all insiders
Ade Due insiders show yourselves

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wish some one leaked the celeb sex tapes they made

most of them were underage
they will never release it

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all of them
it has been like this from the 50s

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how many insiders r there. i only know fixer

unless ur an insider. im calling u a liar

no one knows
they all can be one guy with different names

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chicken soup is proof

John Cusack stopped getting hired for serious stuff because he’s a coke fiend.

dub command u insider to show urself and post secrets

look at the thread title. we want the seriously deprave shit.

no i am not
got that information from this guy he was one he is dead now

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nice try fbi

kappy wasnt a good one if hes dead

There's this TV reality star you might want to investigate....

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her one
he is the reason why 8*chan gone down
not the shooting
he posted shit ton of information there
>then he got killed
>the woman reporter in touch with with him got killed too in her apartment

BTW he was down with them in this shit

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anyone else? kek

Guess u mad cuz sombody did not get convicted

It true that Emma Waston is now pretty much a full on dyke due to getting used for pretty much her whole life?

uh huh where ur proof

Quick rundown?

it was on Cred Forums
i even got a BAN becuse i posted the clip that he took from one of the celebrities home
"picture taken by Isaac Kappy Hollywood actor turned whistle blower. After exposing pedo ring. Hecommited suicide After"

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Damn Clinton's got him to

which celebrity and nappy looks unhinged to begin with

if any true abuse was going on then these girls would be having a meltdown like amanda bynes and bella thorne and rowan blanchard when the abused started

he was pushed off a bridge by 2 strangers trying to help him

nothing to see here

move on


some user on Cred Forums posted a twitter post for Tom Hanks

related to his death the before he die

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besides all knappy did was say they is a pedofile.. fixer gave details and knappy accused...

tom hanks is one dirty dodgy cunt

fixer come in and tell us some sick twisted depraved shit

it was all in 8*chan he posted a lot of shit
>no one took it seriously until it's gone

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makes me wish I was a better actor

tom was a victim too

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u would thikn the kids manager would stop any kind of abuse unless they were in on it

and it makes u wonder if any of them took pics or vids

they're friends with moloch

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have anyone meat a celeb?

I'm sure Dan has meated a lot of celebs in his day

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you know what i mean lol

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do u mean between 8-18 or 18+ u sick fuck kek

no.i mean meet a celeb

Celebrities are so tough. They keep getting into fights!

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Like anyone in hollywood would even use Cred Forums, but if you a good sample of some of their shit here’s an award winning documentary on the matter
Youtube removes it constantly, but its free on vimeo still.

there all pedos why the fuck would i want to meet them for

Fuck off!

was the r or xrated version too much for them?

I won't rule anything out

on youtube
"isaac kappys last upload before his 'suicide'"
they keep removing it

is it an open secret that they abuse kids in front of people or it means that people accuse them of touching kids but has no proof

fixer is from hollywood. fixer uses Cred Forums. i believe fixer before i believe a vimeo video that is PG 13

Can someone does explain this

No its completely pg-13. It was shown in theaters in other countries and at film festivals.
There’s also this official documentary made for the Discovery Channel back in the late 80s or early 90s, the day before it was supposed to aired, it was removed from the schedule, they literally reprinted TV guides for that week to remove it from the listing.
The quality is kind of shit but its worth a watch.

.... how about you watch the documentary and see the proof for yourself? Its right there in the pudding, but sounds like your too much of a faggot to even take a bite.

Its an award winning documentary, fixer is some control oppo shill like kappy.

ALL of you pedos. JUST FUCK OF AND DIE

Dat dere adrenochrome, baby

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heres a better question.. any user int this thread actually care if any abuse is going on or do we all want to hear the deprave sick and twisted shit that really goes on

adrenocrome is legit along with elite importanting young blood to transfuse with, but is there anyone proof the adrenocrome causes black eyes?

trips of truth

Why not both? I care that there’s abuse and i want to hear how fucked it is.

You ever heard the allegedly john podesta pizzagate audio of him allegedly beating kids in the back room of some paper?

(Couldnt find the video clip where you can tell its at some kind of paper becuz of the colored lights, idk why whoever posted this thinks it had something to do with a shower.)

That dude fucked a kid

ITT: paranoid, delusional, mentally ill retards

what kind of drugs they give the kids. is there any physical abuse. any celebs took he abuse so far and they had to get rid of the body.. sick shit like that???


I have no proof. I'm upset with myself. There's no room for bullshit when it comes to topics like this.
Yes, there was a company called Ambrosia that just shut down operations that was doing this.

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Did.... did you not listen to the audio? There is absolute physically violent abuse and sexual abuse, see the documentaries for the sexual abuse.

They dont always give them drugs, but yes drugs are involved like with the situation with Bryan Singer the guy who made the Xmen movies and close friends with Bryan Peck who worked on the Amanda show along with Dan “get in the van” Schneider. Bryan Peck is current in jail for lewd acts with a minor.

As for deposing of the bodies? Yeah, but only for the ones they intentionally kill, they dont generally accidentally kill the kids, the murder is intentional for occult rituals and literal consumption.

insider said disney star ava kolker did this

>>She's not. She was date raped but not really a "slave" in the manner that others are.

i wanna know was she taken by force.. roofie like cosby and had multiple guys anal rape her. what happened.. ya know..

Young Leo hanging out with a known pedo

if shit like that happens why dont we hear more of it
what about the managers.. the kids friends. parents.. no uproar .. zilch... nada... if abuse was eally that bad then more kids would be like miley but there not

You got any sauce on that? Because both voices of the abuser and the victim sound male.

not him
>why dont we hear more of it
it was all over
it was on youtube/twitter/facebook/live lakes
they all got removed

Why dont you hear about it? Geeeeee if only someone made AN AWARD WINNING DOCUMENTARY ON THE MATTER :/

Or y’know a Discovery Channel documentary that was funded by the Discovery Channel and mysteriously pulled a day before the premiere :/

Talk about denial.

Billie Eilish fucked her manager for months and months when she was 14

You are so retarded, I bet you believe Epstein killed himself, becuz hey, the media said so, its not like they literally buried the story the female ABC reporter was working on for YEARS before Epstein was arrested the 2nd time.

Why are you even on here, you literal NPC?

the youtube and what fixer said is 2 different things.

She's a coal burner, who gives a fuck.

im here cause its /b and fixer has the best stories

Oh, the way you worded it made me think you were suggesting fixer identified Ava as the victim in the vid/audio.

>some people cannot read between the lines

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Why would you listen to fixer? Dont you know you would have already heard about whatever fixer says if it were true hurr durr

Kill yourself, NPC

sory if it came that way. dont know who the audio is

i wonder if fixer does wickr or some app
having to deal with shit posters gets boring

naw... we know agent orage killed epstein

OMG a picture of a guy who once was alive! this is proof he isnt dead!

>this retarded

and the proof followed when he asked us to screenshot him. not my fault u missed the proof. i dont keep any proof cause i like living and i aint gonna end up dead like kappy by keeping proof

see you did ti agine
you just cannot see it

We’re gonna need more proof than a low quality pic. The Epstein is still alive shit is generally baseless.
People like Epstein are expendable, they gave him a chance after his first arrest, but were done with him by his second arrest.
And the inconsistencies around his death, like how it looked like he got piano wired while his “noose” doesnt have a drop of blood on it or how the noose was still intact which shouldnt be possible if they actually removed that paper noose from his neck, leads me to conclude he’s 100% dead.

There’s a literal meme depart of the intelligence community that are paid to lurk and troll and push memes online, so spread confusion and discredit shit.

He’s dead, if he isnt, find better proof.

arent all hollywood coal burners

So first you deny that this happens becuz “we’d have heard about it” but then turn around and say fixer’s proof is so legit that you worried about getting Epstein’d for keeping proof?

Man, you are fucked in the head.

you are an expert

your expertise are still yet unappreciated


Who the fuck is this fixer guy everyone is talking about? Anyone got an archive link?

>Can barely see osama's black eye


kind of

Did.... did you just play the authority fallacy card, when you literally posted a pic alleging Epstein being alive when the “experts” say he’s not only dead but that he killed himself?

How are you Cred Forumstards so fucking retarded?

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if im fucked in the head then whats hollywood like. kek


Why isn't this thread dead like all you pedos should be?

Lol its sad you think thats some kind of deflection. You can both be fucked in the head, your just differently fuck in the head or y’know, literally retarded, while hollywood is demented literal satanic/occult degeneracy.

You are so retarded is not even funny anymore.

It all makes sense now lul

welcome to /b home of the retards like urself.

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Thanks for trying, better luck next time, retard

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

Wait thats it? I thought when that retard said fixer’s proof was so much proof that he was worried he’d be Epstein’d if he saved the proof, that y’know itd be actual proof, not some recanting some stories and rumors and repeating already known shit like Schneider.

Dont get me wrong, its still interesting, but this isnt nearly proof enough to be Epstein’d over.

Do you have any proof of that? Or are you just posting more fictional statements? :/

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>this new

Did you miss the point or are you just deflecting becuz u dont have an actual come back?

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u promoting the fuck out of the documentary. take ur shekels some place else fucker. larp, accuse, tell a story.. just stop shekeling some shit no one wants.

anons in this thread r here for stories.. not shekels. bye

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My wife and I both work in Hollywood. I'm a writer, she works on production side. We've done fairly well for ourselves. Never done the pedo shit, but it definitely exists. It's an industry that sexualizes kids from a pretty early age. I know a buddy of mine fucked Bella Thorne when she was like 14. We've been to plenty of parties where people just fuck like rabbits (and we've joined in). Our thing is usually finding girls wanting to get into the business and get them into threesomes with us. No shortage of thirsty idiots out there who will suck a dick if they think it'll get them somewhere. My wife is the orchestrator and usually finds the girls for me to fuck. She won't do anal, so usually that's what the girl is for.

The lady who did my wife's hair/makeup for our wedding works in the adult film industry and hosts "porn star pajama parties" and we go to those regularly. They end up about how you'd expect. So we've fucked/been fucked by a few good ones.

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Pathetic worms

do u get jaded to the amount of pedos in hollywood and do people even care if they work or know a pedo

This pleases the scum

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The documentary is literally nothing but testimony from victims and its a hell of a lot more proof than stories from literal anons on the internet, you absolute brainlet.


how many people are in all the pedo shit.. hair and makeup.. managers... the crew on set or do pedos still got to be careful o is it open where they cna fondle someone and no shits are given

Lobotomies for some reason unknown


This. He has a secret room in his Malibu house. Isaac Kappy called him out and now he’s dead.

Gives us some proof, name names at the least. If your legit, you’ll know names besides the main ones that get circulated, like Dan Schneider and Bryan Singer.

I need that quick rundown by 3pm thanks

It's definitely changed over the last few years. Sometimes you can tell who is and who isn't. But like, I kinda get it sometimes. A few years ago I couldn't have promised you that if I worked with Ariel Winter that I wouldn't have fucked her if she wanted it. She's fucking hot.

Personally, I like sticking to my circles and doing our own thing. There's plenty of 18-25 year old wannabes around here who are fucking hot that're more than willing to get dicked down because they think it might give them a shot.

trips of truth comfirming trips of truth kek

Who is this reporter that was in contact with him?

i don't remember it was all on Cred Forums
too lazy to search her up

Ok satan how about you leave children alone

trips of truth confirmed

fixer said disney stars are whores that get fucked early.. can u confirm? true or not? im talking about todays stars on tv and do abuse happen on set?

trips checked.

What's the deal with Dan Schneider and iCarly?

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Did you fucked Jade Pettyjohn?


Honestly, it's less than you'd probably think based on the conspiracy shit. Crew are usually very careful to not be seen to be into the talent that're underage. But I've heard stories about some managers/producers.

Bryan Singer, notorious. Gary Goddard was also really bad. Gary was the worst because while he's gay AF, he used to berate people who were gay and worked for him at places like Landmark, etc. At the same time he was never seen with any boy over the age of 20. He's a fucking asshole.

Tom Staggs at Disney was another one. Not gay, but just secretly predatory. It's the main reason he wasn't approved by the board to take over for Bob Iger.


Thats old news, he’s got a foot fetish. As far back as the Amanda show he’s been getting female extras to show feet.
There’s episodes of Amanda Show, Zoey 101, i think iCarly, Victorious and Sam and Cat that have female actors doing foot stuff.

Also in the bedroom set of Sam and Cat there’s all all seeing eye and 666.

tell us some of those stories.. recent shit too

would tony odell be on that lis of producers?

Fuck man she is a mess.

He's an interesting one

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Okay yeah, i believe you. Keep going, dish as much dirt as u can without compromising you and your wife’s degenerate identity.

Anyone of the parties get satanic/occult? Any blood consumption or spirit cooking or violent abuse involved?
Since u dont go to the pedo parties, id assume they arent as bad but still have some occult undertones depending on the parties.

Porno slumber parties for example are innocent, comparatively speaking.

Disney is getting better. But honestly it used to be the place to score some teen pussy. And like, here's the thing. In a lot of cases, the kids love it. They're young, hot, they're fucking each other. They might fuck someone on the crew. It's not always a case where someone's a complete predator. My pal who fucked Bella didn't even have to try all that hard. She wanted to fuck him. She was a legendary slut in her early teens.

No, but if she wanted to I probably wouldn't say no. She's cute!

Reminds me of the time the official Sam and Cat twitter account asked for fans to post feet.

have u walked in on someone geting preyed on. do u look the other way. do u try to stop it from happening again

how many disney stars right now would u say are whores

ru sure disney is getting better or hidding it better

>say no
Are you gay?
Jokes aside, fuck her as hard as you can. Heard she is a party cokehead.

There's a compiled image of all the tweets and photos but it's over the size limit and I'm a retard. Even google will tell you the guy is a creep

I have never seen satanic shit. The weirdest folks we run into are usually older scientologist idiots. Fucking cult shit. I know one member who works behind the scenes at Universal that has parties where they bring sea org members (usually young girls) over to his place and basically use them as fuck puppets. That entire organization is completely fucked. I only went to one of his parties, didn't go back mostly because I was sick of them trying to get me to join their cult.

The weirdest thing my wife and I have done recently is she brought home a girl who was an extra on the show she's working on and we reenacted the whole Handmaid's Tale fuck scenes. We took another girl to the Magic Castle recently (we're members) and she sucked me off in the bathrooms by the main bar. That was a sneaky one.

Everyone's in town for pre-Oscar parties now and I know there's one happening in Beachwood Canyon at some producer's home that's reportedly going to have some interesting stuff on offer between drugs and fuck meat.

Enty said the Ghost pasta really happened. Makes you think honestly.

Do you know if he was abused? His death was rather sudden, tho its not impossible for it to be natural.

I remember first seeing him in the Shia Labouf movie Eagle Eye back in 2008 so i figured he was getting diddled.

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can u name any names?

Post names of actresses you rammed. I'm curious. Any big name?

I hope there is a hell

You got kik or something? I wanna stay in tough to hear whats gonna happen since Oscar season, also kind of really wanna trade if you’re down.

enty fell for a troll post and entry shits posts on /b

How do you know it?

I've seen it happen, yes. I've said nothing.

My favorite Disney slut was Debby Ryan. Ashley Tisdale was apparently pretty easy back in the day too. Currently the one everyone seems to talk about is Jenna Ortega. Someone said she gave one of the camera guys a BJ.

Half the girls in this town are party cokeheads. You can't throw a rock without hitting 5.

fuck kick.. get wickr... its safer

quads don't lie

this guy gets it..

someone gave fixer a list of names and afte looking them up. the cast of sydney to the max are all whores.. can u confirm or do u need the list of names?

Just made an account, add me NateSilver20

>the kids love it. They're young, hot, they're fucking each other
i really hate it when people say this

it's all about submission effect
-girls/boys who like to get hit in the face/get choke while having sex
-clip related

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I've heard stories that he was abused. By whom? I honestly don't know. I've heard stories about his death not being quite as "natural" as they reported. I know he had a little drug problem.

Porn, probably most notable was Adriana Chechik, she's a friend of ours. Mainstream... there are a couple. Best sex was Kelly Jakle from the Pitch Perfect movies. Most random was Aubrey Plaza when she was on Parks & Rec (my wife worked on the show). My wife tried to get Anna Faris into a threesome with us after her marriage broke up, but she's too straight laced. The one I want to fuck like mad is Anna Kendrick. She's an acquaintance, but she's kind of a square. No drugs, but drinks vodka like it's water.

cause the ghost pasta been around for years and enty was probabl,y in b when someone asked for the umpteenth time about it.

if that realy happened no guy alive would not have taken pics vids and brag about that shit. u got rekt gore threads. u dont think somene wouldve posted that shit by now

>She was a legendary slut in her early teens.

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Eminem killed 2pac.

Are the boys are much sluts as the girls? Or are they more chestered than hoe’d out? I remember that story of Andrew Bordain’s GF in charge of MeToo molesting this disney boy she had a bizarre mother son relationship with since they first worked on a movie together when he was 7.
It was a really fucked up movie too, becuz he’s character gets butt fucked by her characters boyfriend or something

is that dove cameron?

Funny you mention that show. I overheard a pal saying he wanted to fuck Ava Kolker.

The girls are more open about their sexuality. The boys oddly, to me, seem to be the ones that get the gay mafia treatment. It's much more predatory with them.

Lucky dude. I'd love to fuck Aubrey Plaza and I'm honestly not surprises she seems like a freak

She's a fucking WEIRD chick. Like, her weirdness is not an act. When we premiered Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, she was there at the ArcLight sitting next to her aunt and sister curled up in a ball on her seat. It was so weird to watch.

The sex was... interesting. She's good in bed, but some of the weirdness manifests itself in odd ways.

>Everyone's in town for pre-Oscar parties now and I know there's one happening in Beachwood Canyon at some producer's home that's reportedly going to have some interesting stuff on offer between drugs and fuck meat.

details man .... details... what interesting stuff

Mirandafags are so insane. You still believe she is Virgin and pure smh. Cokehead was passed around at Nickelodeon parties since she was 13.

Who's the youngest slut you've ever fucked?

Did you banged Mia Serafino?

tell me more about this ava kolker. is she a whore.. did she get fucked. what about the other girls on set.. will ur friend suceed.. let us know.

I'm just saying that if you know what house to visit on Creston Drive tonight, you'll see some weird shit going down.

17, was a girl I worked with on a film. I was on set to do some in-process re-writes. I met her in her trailer after her shoot was done for the day and fucked her on the couch.

Names/Details big guy. Also, did Jennifer Lawrence really have sex with Weinstein? It sure seems like it in old videos

who was the youngest girl who got fucked u know of... age... and name

Yeah but you could say that about anyone. Isaac Kappy could have said any name and you'd believe it. What proof did Isaac present? Just the secret room? 'Cause I've wanted a house with secret rooms since I was a kid, and it's not to fuck children in, it's because it's cool. Seth Green seems like the kind of dude who'd do shit just because it's cool. Just because someone dies it doesn't make them right. Sometimes people die. Isaac probably knew a room was there and was either making a joke or just trying to get some attention.

You uh, record any of your action? I really wanna see ur dick getting sucked or fucked, no homo

Jennifer Lawrence has fucked half of hollywood, I'd be shocked if she didn't fuck Weinstein.

No, but I did fuck Bridgit Mendler (she was 19 at the time).

dubs confirmed

Slutty stories about specific actresses?

And to piggyback on my response. Weinstein *IS* scum. But there are people who have accused him that I know personally who have absolutely lied about getting raped. That Matthau chick is one of them.

Best not to record stuff for evidence.

Not to mention he named a lot of names, any one of them could have been why. Plus is it just me or did he seem pretty fucking nuts?

Certain people are very specific about the details in nude scenes, even if the people involved are not the most mature. For one scene involving teenage boys in a communal shower, the director made the actors strip and made sure that none of them shaved anything below the neck.

wtf is this

see this

r u saying no one recorded them fucking some child, star o u never seen someone show u a pic vid

u never answered my post.

This isn't a fap thread you fucking faggots

My favorite (also sad because I wasn't on the receiving end) was when Scarlett Johansson gave some dude a blowjob in an elevator at an after party a couple years ago.

I know Anna Kendrick is a kinkster submissive. She's terrified of letting anyone into her upstairs master bedroom lest they find her stuff.

Katy Perry is apparently a serial cheat.

I know a friend (gay) who had Chris Pratt suck his cock once.

Lana Del Rey moved out here recently and was fucking her way through a bunch of dudes before she met her current boyfriend. But the word around town was that if you had a cock and showed up at her apartment it was basically the easiest lay in the world. Kinda sad I didn't try.

erotic asphyxiation

directors abuse boys producers abuse girls
is that it?

>imagine believing all the bullshit some faggot neckbeard is posting


I think it can happen with anyone

Heather O'Rourke

Any people who are actually nice?

i bet the "jewsians" in south park could have been a joke about weinstein's genitalia. they have bizarre alien genitalia and he supposedly had no testicles and a bizarre "intersex" genital. this was in the news the other day with the nude photos in court.

Attached: comet ping pong.jpg (259x195, 11K)

It's not. There are abusers at all levels. From managers, casting agents, producers, directors, writers.

I have at least twice written parts for specific actresses I wanted to try and fuck (only worked out once).

i lived in hollywood 6 years working in the music industry. everyone knew about kevin spacey, like forever. i knew of a celebrity molested by michael jackson when he was a kid, but since its all out now theres no need to drop his name, he's losing his sanity already rn. lots of producers (in music and film) practice dark magic. they pretend to be freemasons but arent -- their lodges are like 'pay to play' so they really dont learn masonry. they pretend to do magic and are mostly seen as 'weird.' lots of people in fashion industry are in on the weird magic too. my gf was personal asst to a model, and the runway director made her do the triangle sign right before she went on stage -- it weirded her out and she lost a lot of followers bc 'illuminati' symbolism. she herself had no idea though. in music, sexual abuse is rampant, especially for women and young men. a lot of producers, if i can stress that again. hm what else. id say most celebrities dont actually know what or why they do what they do --- its all the producers and handlers behind them.

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All that money and all that daughter? I bet he's been hitting that shit since puberty, I know I would.

at these parties are u allowed to keep ur phone or do they take it so no one can film what happens

Billie Lourd is a god damn angel. Same for Emma Stone and her BFF Sugar Lyn Beard. Tom Cruise is strangely nice. Everything you hear about Tom Hanks being awesome is true. Taylor Swift (not exactly Hollywood, but celeb) is pretty nice as well I used to attend the pre-Grammy Universal Music Group show at the Ace Theater and met her a few times. Zac Efron is a saint.

Masonry ritual.

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People keep their phones. But it's just kinda known that you don't ever do anything to out anyone.

Stop fucking bullshitting for fucks sake.

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stay mad you commie subhuman trash. stay fucking mad.

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How good is she at sucking cock? I dream of face fucking her

>sexual abuse is rampant, especially for women and young men.
how young?

do the child stars managers know about the abuse and are they in on it or look the other way

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Attached: katy perry.png (800x332, 77K)

Plaza sucks dick really well.

They absolutely know in some cases. Sometimes they're the ones grooming the kids. A few have basically been quietly ostracized by the studios when it becomes clear about what's happening. The current climate has forced those types to go very much into hiding. What worries me is that it's not stopping it from happening. I am definitely not into the whole preying on kids thing, it's fucked up.

>its all the producers and handlers behind them.

As well as Mk-Ultra/Monarch mind control, Hollyjew is nothing but a CIA and tavistock mind control/prostitution/money laundering/drug dealing/ satanic front.

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Awesome. Ive seen a few interviews and she definitely gives off that freak vibe. You fuck her ass?

as young as they want. parents farm their kids out to hollywood from infancy. but i would say young boys, 11-14, most common abuse

how open is thee abuse at the after parties
how open is the abuse at wrap parties
whats the youngest age girl and boy u know got fucked

r u saying its not getting any better

the managers usually know. a friend of mine is a PR rep for a few celebs and they tell him everything bc they have no real friends they can trust

absolutely. not that this is shocking, but the music company i worked for, i had at least 4 friends with parents in the CIA. it usually came out in weird ways, one time an A&R buddy accidentally said something about it when he was drunk etc

if u believe that then its government controlled and government allowed. so just enjoy the show kek

blessed tripsBlessed trips response

they're side sleepers with mid sinusitis and old skin

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No anal, just BJ/vaginal.

Youngest I know of specifically is Bella Thorne by my friend when she was 14.

As for the parties... depends on the party. If there's drugs/booze around, there's a good chance someone's gonna get fucked. The parties at private homes are usually the ones where it's more overt. I've seen people sneak off to bedrooms, fuck in pools, etc. I've been to a couple that have become full blown orgies. One of the old Disney animators years ago who worked with Walt said that a bunch of those guys (not Walt Disney, but the animators) were all swingers and would have wife swap parties at least once a month.

is it just disney ... what about youtube stars on brat or IG tiktok girls.. do they get abused too
r more people okay with grooming or r there people who want to stop it from happening

K. Reeves said he went to a party and there was a human head in the fridge. ever hear that one?

r u saying that at some parties u can a grown man fuck some kid and no one bats an eye

about this friend of urs.. what is his job on set
asking for a friend

do u got wickr o a chat app so we can ask more ???s

definitely not just disney. its management and talent control across the board. with youtube etc i dont really know, they arent really celebrities. they were the most annoying ppl in hollywood. in music industry, universal sony and warner are all complicit --- i heard the most stories out of Sony. i remember a friend going to sex parties with the Atlantic label, but there were no kids there or anything, just an orgy.

i'm not OP but corey feldman says that charlie sheen fucked corey haim in the ass on set once.

dafuq is wrong with that bitch? She looks like a failed Simpsons character.

Why would someone be interested in boys that age?

I have personally never seen anyone just openly fuck a kid at a party. I have seen a couple of kids fuck in a hot tub once.

How old? Also, how does when get a job as a writer in LA?

someone gave fixe these names but he never got around to telling us about them.

do u know if they done anything or have anyone done anyting to them'

>>francesca calpadi
>>raegan revord
>>ava kolker
>>jennifer michele
>>ariana greensblatt
>>ruth righi
>>sabrina carpenter
>>rowan blanchard
>>ava kolker
>>lexy kolker

how much do u and how much do ur wife get paid

Satanic money laundering and mind control. Hit the nail on the head bucko.

Dubs checked mein nigro

She's just slurping up fake blood for their ritual

IDK, they were teens both probably in the 15-17 range.

I started out at Disney in another part of the company. Got to know some folks on the lot and decided to try writing. I work on my own now, I have an agent who gets me business by submitting my screenplays. It's about who you know mostly. Lot of networking.

Charlie Sheen is a pariah that will stick his dick in literally anything regardless of age.

for real, tho, she had a tight fuckin body. You know they raped her after she was dead.

I don't care about the secrets, I only want all of the nudes. Why is that so hard? Why is it easier to accidentally find cp and snuff than it is to get private nudes of any celebrity?!



nigga thats Krampus

Dubs checked mein nigro

Bruh wants to see JJ abrams nudes

they're all disney, so probably. sabrina carpenter is on hollywood records, so, probably there too. i never heard anything about these specific kids though

Oh wow, no, but that would explain why he was out of a career for a good few years, but it seemed like he decided to join in or something cuz he’s back on top and some of his stuff have some subliminal and/or satanic imagery.

everyone knew about weinstein and he still did he thing for years before it finally caught up to him. everyone also knows about dan schneider. will he ever get the public disgrace that good ol harvey got?

>daddy is a billionaire
>she is set for life
Don't think she gives a fuck daddy wanted to play with her little pussy back in the day


>Bruh wants to see JJ nudes


i remember seeing a vid a friend of her’s secretly recorded of Amanda bitching about her father saying he pimped her out when she was 14 and that he tried to kill her or something.
Im sure the vids still out there somewhere.

What am I looking at?

they got casting couch for adults. do they got them for kids too

Did you ever fucked a Dan Schneider's sex toy (Miranda, Jennette, Ariana, Victoria)?

no underage girl is born a slut. bella was obviously groomed to enjoy it. all pedos really should get their throats slit.

go to hollywood and try to save a disney whore.. just one...

its all the same casting couch

Spirit cooking. Allegedly its not a real body, but they use real blood and shit.
In fact lady gaga’s said her perfume was made with real blood, semen and i think piss?

Its essential becuz theyre satanic and have to opposite shit as part of their “magic” like eating shit becuz your not supposed or being filthy in general.

That exact archetype is reading stories to children now.

Corey Feldman here, confirmed in my new book, Charlie Sheen did have rapey buttsex with Corey Haim.
Also I had non-consensual buttsex with multiple mid-ranking Hollywood people as a teen but Michael Jackson did not molest me or show me his wiener.

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do u know a productiohn company that soley abues kids

or a show made to abuse kids

do ur wife has stories to

when u see teens fucking at after parties do they care who watches them.. do a crowd form and people watch.. do you watch o do u leave

who were the teens> nobodies or celebs.. names

Yep. Only took 40 years to normalize, imagine what’ll be considered normal in another 40.

imagine being this mentally handicapped

>no underage girl is born a slut
you are right
>if you were molested as a kid YOU will never be the same again
either you become:
-fucked up in the head "boy/girl"
-SUBMISSION slut/whore/trap boy /girl"
-serial killer"boy /girl
-a pedo
too late for that but we can save the future kids from them

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name a few names of child stars that u know for a fact cast couch

How about Allison brie? Tina Get? Anyone a freak that everyone thinks is a good girl?

im the music guy, not the movie guy. and youuuu are a pedo?

like 50% them dumbass. i cant namedrop. i dont even trust 4ch honestly

i would wager the list of people (male and female) that havent chugged cock for an acting gig is much shorter than the list of ones that have

u work in the industry where people fuck kids and u come on b calling /bros pedos... niiiiiiiiiice one kek

I see them normalizing pedophilia, satanism, beastiality and cannibalism too. They'll prolly try do it under the LGBT banner

>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

u dont need to worry no one would believe u anyways so its safe or if u got a chat app like wickr then how about there then

No, but I have met Victoria a few times. She's impossibly beautiful.

Bella's mom basically whored both Bella and Dani out from a young age. I honestly blame mom for what's happened with Bella.

What is the gay mafia treatment?

Idiot conspiracy theories based on an art piece that was public.

yeah bc your questions sound like a fucking pedo lol. the abusers in the industry are maybe 1/1000th of the actual workforce

I feel bad for Victoria she seems like a sweet girl, but she’s been in the industry since at least Zoey 101 so like 2002 or 03

Scroll up to the linked documentaries, that’ll give you an idea.

Yep. My best friend was molested as a kid. he is hypersexual in his 40's even and has to beat off at least 6 times a day and he always needs some sort of external stimulation (drugs, porn, etc.) pedos don't really comprehend the fucking mess they leave behind.

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>Bella Thorne
We had a couple of friends that were backstage moms and they were willing to do anything to get their kids roles.

One stayed with us while driving all night from ATL to ILM so her daughter could get an audition in the morning. She wined up that evening and said she would be willing to blow whomever it took to get her girl famous.

With a role model like that...

>Bella's mom basically whored both Bella and Dani out from a young age. I honestly blame mom for what's happened with Bella.

The PARENTS forced to.. they are originally came from hispanic country illegally
>they were the price

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this is /b home of the deprave and sick shit like wreked and gore threads ... u come in here wit ur normie attitude. user u got a fuck shit to learn to know this is all
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

u havent seen fucked up shit .. go outside

So we sometimes talk about the gay mafia in Hollywood. There are absolutely rings of guys who go after young boys (12-15). They lure 'em in with drugs and booze and take on this very fatherly nature. So often the parents don't think anything would ever happen. Then they pass around the same kid for a while like a fucking cum rag. They definitely favor their own and try to keep shit a secret (obviously).

In a lot of these situations, kinda like with the girls my wife and I drum up, you roll in with a little power, money, give 'em some weed, coke, whatever. You basically can turn pretty much any girl into a little fuck toy for a day or week. Some of these people are truly desperate for any sort of love, affection, acceptance that sometimes they'll do whatever you want. Conversely, sometimes they're just party girls who wanna suck some dick for fun. Those are usually the ones I prefer.

when you see celebrities who have been in the light since age 10, and they are falling apart at 25, thats a sign. i was friends with a prominent child actor (male) that was NOT abused, his mom went to everything with him. the dude in music that was abused by jackson, his older brother is in an extremely popular boy band, and when he told his parents about the sleepovers being uncomfortable, the parents just kept sending him back. his brother is extremely successful, and he is an absolute wreck, but sometimes still in the media. face tats. hope that helps lol

whatever mang

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Bella's dad was from Cuba, her mom is as white as can be. They weren't here illegally. Tammy was just desperate to make her kid famous, so she had Bella model and eventually moved to LA for acting. She knew what she was doing. But she was too disconnected from Bella on the day to day stuff.

how many parents do u think KNOW about the abuse and how many of them fuck someone for their kid and how many of them let someone fuck their kid for fame

have u ever waanted to stop the abuse

What happened with fixer?

Aaron and Nick Carter
This picture says "Please don't suicide me, I'll be silent"

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fixer where r u

Do you have your eyes set on anyone during Oscar party weekend?

Im just surprised the FBI didnt open an investigation after the video that got him killed surfaced. like 20 kids under 12 with barely any clothes/erotic clothes. shit made me sick to my stomach.

goddamn clintons and other powers that be scare me. Imagine if that cunt runs again and gets the oval office?

i think a lot of parents know. in music at least, there are always weird foster/no parent kids that come out of nowhere and are suddenly on a major label .... those were always the weirdest. weird backstories that were clearly lies, and the music was always manufactured and terrible. i think those kids were coming from a farm or some epstein type shit. they were always from jamaica or cuba or costa rica or some shit. yes i want to stop it.

>Bella's mom
in her pepar she was not american
but if you say so

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Ashley Matthau now that she's single again.

danielle bregoli gets whores out huh
rebecca black too

Well hopefully you'll let us know if it goes well. She's pretty fucking hot

if the parents have money, its not necessary to whore them out. there are a lot of rich kids that just get record deals bc their parents can pay for everything. i think rebecca black is one of those but not certain. there are some labels that are notorious ... like i said before, Sony is the worst. at umg i would say Republic, Island/Def Jam, Motown, Interscope dont have great records. cash money too

>Funny you mention that show. I overheard a pal saying he wanted to fuck Ava Kolker.

does ur buddy work on that show or did u just oveerhead him saying that. who was he talking to

Bella's mom was probably molested too and felt, in her own fucked up way, that it was ok if her daughter got diddled a bit for success. also, hispanic guys are some of the worst pedos, not trying to sound racist, but from my personal experience talking to girls who've had hispanic boyfriends, it's pretty common that they molest little girls.

An art piece the celebs frequent often to feel and appear "sophisticated".

they didnt even try to make that corn syrup look real. I would kill myself if I had to tolerate those snoody posh assholes on a daily basis.

I've fucked her several times. Just nice knowing I won't have to have her cheat.

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why do u think rappers keep dying all the time

i also hear skai jackson gets passed around all the time.. true or not?

Thank you for taking the time to write this I appreciate it

Understood, thank you.

We were at a party and I overheard him saying it to someone else. Said she's a little flirt.

By chance any truth to the rumors about Julia Roberts? Met her once and while she was okay her ex was a dick

>not trying to sound racist
that ok you are on Cred Forums

thanks for the info

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Haven't heard rumors about her. But her niece is a little slut.

i dont know about skai jackson. but yes on the rappers. just artists in general. its not hard to kill someone and make it look like a suicide etc when you have a ton of money

tell me more about her
2 what job does ur friend do
when was this. what after party was it or was it a house party
how often is there a party or after parties

do rappers have the same pedo problems like hollywood.. do they like boys over girls or girls over boys

Make a new thread

Well from what I've heard diddy and Jay z are bisexual

someone create a new thread and link to it here

absolutely. in that sense i think its sometimes a racial fascination. there are dudes in west hollywood with young black men drugged and chained up in their house. Ed Buck/Adam Schiff style. im positive most of the "LIL" rappers got the shit fucked out of them when they enlisted with the label.

i have to leave now, music dude out. pleasure my friends.

Something about Emma Stone?




with each other?

uh huh, sure user.


Not sure just heard diddy has been a freak for a long time.