937 OHIO Thread. Who has wins or stories

937 OHIO Thread. Who has wins or stories

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There's always this one

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First name?

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330 bump

Courtney, you got wins?

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I live in dayton. The women here are horrendous.

I wanna skull fuck her so hard.

They really are. I'm from darke county


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Ive found that most good lookers go to college in other states but the ones that dont are poor and end up on drugs. So the Ohio equation for attractive females is basically are you hot? Yes and my parents have money. Leave the state for college and dont come back. Are you hot? Yes and my parents dont have money. Stay and do drugs become a gremlins. Are you hot? No. Settle down with someone that has low self-esteem.

When someone posts wins or stories I’ll do a massive dump of all I’ve got

Heres a win

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I was hoping it was of the girl I posted

Theres like 5 or 6 here gotta tag your post bro

1st girl posted on the thread. My bad I thought I did

Shit. She looks exactly like a girl I know from there. Only with darker hair.

Her hair pretty dark what is her initials


The state is getting uglier each generation.


All the poor hammer swinging industrial people stay and inbreed all the good looking or rich people move south or atleast somewhere more interesting


Ingurss that I am one of the former. At least i have the self awareness to know that my life sucks. Most people here are too stupid to try harder.

every single thread
Just fly out to Cali and murder her already

Ohio is full of all the kids that never did anything or went anywhere. No college no military just truck driving factory working farming good ol boys. So yeah if you want a hot girl in Ohio, reverse babytrap her in HS. She'll turn out to be a druggie though, probably.

I should get out of here anyway. There’s no money left in this shitty state.