Why to the Chinese people do this?

Why to the Chinese people do this?

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because they are primitive shit people. They only care about them selfs and are not capable of giving a shit about another

Could it be said that the Chinese deserve what is happening to them right now?

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There’s a chink in their decision making process.

Why do you eat cows and pigs? This is called cognitive dissonance.

Eating any animal is wrong.

>Why do you eat cows and pigs? This is called cognitive dissonance.
>Eating any animal is wrong.

But that doggo was cooked alive... and is not yet dead.

I only eat sustainable wild game and local farm meat where I can see the conditions the animals are in.





I hate chinese peoples. This... this is just... heartbreaking

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> Reddit level comment

I believe so

Kill yourself

If you want them to die just tell the chinese their stomach lining gives you boners.

Because there's a billion-and-a-half of them (and falling, lol). They can't afford to split hairs about splitting hares.

...that sounded more clever in my head, now that it's on the screen it just looks dumb.

the corona virus will take care of this soon enough

It's more likely it'll just create more people like this since the government is just going to wall up cities and create more poor people.

Old boomer fag detected.

how? you can create more children in the few weeks the virus needs to kill you. and if the virus mutates it will getting even harder to fight it

Because it's it's going to shit up the economy. A few million people dying isn't going to do anything about china's soulless bugmen low class.

To understand how a people can do such cruel things, you must understand the background of the Chinese people.

These people have been raped by the Mongols for centuries, maybe even millennia. Not to mention they're mixed beyond recognition with their southern and western neighbors. Notice how for hundreds of years after their golden age, they lived like shit. They're just Asian Brazil. China is a shithole because its people are shit themselves. They have no country, they have no nation, they only see profit and don't give a single shit about anyone but themselves. Unlike Jews who stick together in a tribe, the Chink will betray his own kind and even his own family. Only after Japan blessed this destroyed nation with their Empire did China ever emit a glimpse of civilization. Only with the help of the entire First World did China ever get to this giant industrial role in our global economy... and they still torture random animals to death because they've been replaced as a people, so why should they feel sorry for an animal who can identify with its own species when they can never know what that's like? They are missing something that makes the rest of us human. However, unlike Niggers, the Chink will take the technology the Europeans invented and reproduce it. Nothing new comes from China, they only take and replicate, and after a while it turns into a bastardized, mutated form of its self, a Cancer.

tl;dr: Chinese are basically Brazilians but it's bad on a global scale because we've given them our technology

so they closed macau, that's like closing las vegas. it's only the beginning. doesn't that shit up the economy?

It's already affecting the global economy.

I appreciate the word play user, even if nobody else did.

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wrong conclusions, china invented lots of stuff we westerners stole. and this food behavior stems from communism, the great purge from mao killed lots of people by starvation, so they ate everyting they got hands on. it's just a generation in between. that's fresh collective memory. the new generation adapt to western standard and like young japanes who don't eat any whale anymore, the chinese will follow.

cuz theres lots of not owned dogs and poverty, but not much beef and u gotta eat.

lol, so wrong on so many levels. if you want to spread propaganda do it more subtle, this is obvious crazy talk and everybody can see that.

Heartless. Or maybe it taste that good. We boil lobsters and crabs alive and dont bat an eye. Lobster taste pretty fuckin good.


>I only murder wild animals against their will.

>Kills innocent animals in there natural habitat with firearms...
Hunting is for pussies. Like seriously. And wild game is full of parasites you idiot.

Correct, since I have no plans on being a vegan.

You're partially correct.

Actual Chinese people, the Golden Ages, produced the things the West borrowed. Did the Chinese conquer the world with their technology? Did they create a civilization so productive it could not only produce things for the people that work for it and supply it, but also supply for foreigners who never worked once in their lives for the civilization its self. I think to say the West stole China's innovations is saying the Germanic people of the US stole the Midwest from the Amerindians. They weren't doing anything with it, the West did something with it, so therefore it's the West in my eyes and everyone else's eyes. This is why all brownies are so butthurt over white innovations, they are asshurt because they didn't come up with it themselves, and this is mostly because they're biologically incapable of thinking on this level as a people. The modern Chinese became these people, no more innovation from them. If white people don't fix their shit, they'll become China and Brazil.

Look at China, it's a mirror into the future.

i hope they all die

but then again i kinda wish Earth would just crash with another planet and quickly end our miserable existence

fuck china. china is asshole.

This was meant for you pussyboi

>dude, ur just... wrong...
>ugh... -_- ur just... CRAZY dude
Prove me wrong, Chink.
You're fooling no-one. Your history is so obvious and it's been repeated hundreds of times in hundreds of countries in all of human history. Your country is lost, the Chinese have no Nation. Your only wealth is what the West allows you to have. Eat our rice, baby bird chink boy.

Are you vegan?

Lots of misinformed cocklords in this thread so let me explain.

Dog meat is usually eaten during the winter as it is believed to warm the body up. There are certain foods eaten during different times of the year.


Wrong, not just wrong, but fucking idiotic. Chinese diet mainly consists of vegetables and a little meat. Their meat intake is mostly pork, chicken, and fish. They all all CHEAPER than dog meat by miles. Dog meat is more expensive than all of those. It is found in restaurants in specialty restaurants that raise dogs for meat the same way pigs and cattle are raised for their meat. Disgusting? Maybe, but they don't eat them because they're starving.

Get a brain morans

I don't care that the fucks are eating dogs, you don't gotta cook the poor thing alive.
just give it a swift death first.

Good shit user.

maybe fear adds flavour

keep off the lobster

That is why we have Coronavirus because they eat everything that can Move, Apeshit People.

This is why we need Hitler.

They think it makes it even more fresh, even though it would just make the meat taste worse.

"borrowed" lol. so the chinese have the same right to borrow western tech. but instead of killing each other which every western country did in 2 world war, 1.2 b people are acting as one. more people than europe & north america acting in unity. I guess we get steamrolled soon. because trump is losing allies left & right

Found the absolute retard. Equates a clean heart/head shot from a rifle to skinning and torturing a dog alive.

I'm not wasting time with fanatics. I'm not talking to insane rambling people. I ignore them like hobos in the streets.


>make the meat taste worse
thats subjective
u like beer and coffee? Bitter shit

god imagine the hell it's going through to become some mogoloid rape babie's lunch

why don't you get a lobster to lick peanut butter off your balls, and then you come talk to me.

why do we need hitler when we have the coronavirus

Yes, China is borrowing Western tech, but as I defended the West for actually doing shit with it, the Chinese cannot be defended because they're still a nasty shit race of people. Terrible sanitation, famines still occur, giant class divide even worse than the US, and you tell me China's tech and accomplishments should be held to the same regard as the West.

Nice. Meme.

If I'm so insane and rambling, what I said should be so simply incorrect you can immediately prove me wrong. Come on, smart boy, prove me wrong.

Or you can't because you know I'm correct about China.

Even if you're a vegetarian for moral reasons you still have to admit that causing intentional suffering an slow death is measurably worse than dispatching any living thing quickly.

Uncanny that Americans on here are frequently so derogatory about the people and culture of those countries emerging as economic competitors to the USA

because subhumans can't feel empathy - it's just a piece of meat without any feelings for them
they regard humane killing as huge bullshit

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some just ask for it, wearing all that sexy meat and fur outside and all, they know what they want


it must remain unclear at which point in evolution Asian people decided to feed on disguisting shit. And Chinese people also have zero empathy for every breathing thing that is not a Han-Chinese

dogs are such incredible sex partners, these chinks are complete morons for eating them when they could get their fuck on daily instead

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Considering the other ways wild animals die I think most would prefer getting shot.

Even if nobody ate the meat you'd still need to cull certain populations. Might as well let hunters pay to do it.

pretty sure they have zero empathy for han-chinese too

it could. based on their eating habits a virus formed that is nine times more deadly for Chinese people than it is for Caucasian or blacks. thats hilarious.

No just pointing out hunting with firearms is for pussies that want to do an activity without having to compete against others so they can pat themselves on the back. Btw I'm a better shot than you.

It happened because they're addicted to wet markets even though they're technically illegal. They definitely deserve it.

not giving a shit about other people means they are stone-cold killers, ice in their veins, "leave emotion at the door" super-soldiers.

Amerifags Navy Seals wish they could bottle some of that shit. Septics have more heritage in tech - so they got that going for them.

Please do not hate our race for what some mainlanders do who lost their way. Some of us are respectable buddhist who do not cause harm to animals and only aim to help people.
I'm sorry my culture has become this.

>grrr im a tough man i hunt mountain lions with my coldsteel katana
Nobody gives a shit larper.

They just recruit religious people. Feeling morally justified for killing is superior to not caring at all. Having an actual unfeeling psychopath isn't useful in combat.

who fucking cares.
you don't cook something alive because you think it's tastier
it's completely unneeded.
what do you expect from a culture that feeds live animals to people on the regular though?
they live to chime in that china's been there 5000 years or whatever, how the fuck are they still such pieces of fucking shit?
might well have let the japanese nanking the lot of the dirty fucks

Survival of the fittest. It'll just cull the herd, and make their gene-pool stronger.

A bit like the bottle-neck negros had on the slave ships.

I grappled with a Navy SQUEAL once. Fucker didn't even feel me cumming.

I thought that was Japanese...

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Unless you're vegan shut the hell up because all meat is "unethically" raised.

japs got that sweet weird shit, though
china's just got a disposable population they're willing to spend on making money for the small part that have sucked enough dick to get party positions

so endure the hate. it will go away like dark clouds. the mood is just down because that cooking doggos alive thing. let the keyboard heros cry out their hate tears and everything will be back to normal once they get hungry and go for a burger

>dude if you eat any meat at all it's exactly like cooking a dog while it's alive
found the chinese shill

killing them mercifully is a virtue. But in the end, they r dead, so how much of a comfort is it, rly?

>all or nothing
thanks for the retarded opinion asshole.

Everyone dies, why isn't torture legal?

because they are subhuman. The niggers of asia.

Beta Amerifags fail selection because they can't shoot their dog.

Alpha chinkies will happily murder the dog, the child that owns the dog, the entire fucking village.

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hungry i guess

Cool, so if i curb stomp some puppies/chicks/bunnies/calves i'm a good guy right? Because they all died within 5-30 seconds.

>chinese military not being a joke

You should move to china.

agreed i love fucking my dog. Chinks are subhuman abominations.

Who in the fuck boils lobsters alive? You're supposed to kil lthem first. Barbaric psychopaths wtf?

they exist because we have desired that they exist. we have fed them and raised them. I do not see evil in ending them.
but to force them to live miserably. to torture them out of hand?
these are the acts of the malignant, and deserve no place in this world.
death is inevitable. life lived free of unneeded pain isn't unreasonable.
and before anyone chimes in, yes, it's not natural.
nature is horrific. we don't create nature with our will
what we create should must be humane, lest we surrender our humanity

I don't even know what this blurry assed photo is supposed to be of.

Guess her name for nudes and maybe video of her being devirginized.

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Macau makes more than Vegas in casino takings per year. Also, a load of factories in mainland China have been shut for the next few weeks.

It is belived that the more the Animal suffers and the fresher it is the better the quality of the meat. With dog meat they belive that it keeps you "warmer" and is "healtyer" when the dog suffers. Same reason why hitler let the jews work before he killed them.

Half-black, half-white, virgin 25-year-old nerd who got devirginized that night.

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>Who in the fuck boils lobsters alive?
it did used to be common, due to the idea that as ocean bugs they lacked emotions or feelings of any sort, but has become unpopular over the last few decades. rightfully, I think.

Absolutely. There's even images of dogs and cats in cages at the Wuhan meat market, where this Coronavirus originated from.

I hope the virus does enough damage that these meat markets cease to exist. China just received a good serving of karma.

cuz u dont know when does your natural death happen

Ah. I see. And don't give a fuck.
print out your pics, ball them up and shove them up your ass.
we've got a country we're bitching about here.
your spam isn't required

I have literally never heard of this, and anyone who does it should be shot. You're supposed to stab them in the head in every video about cooking lobster I've seen.

>boils lobsters alive


Lobsters and other shellfish have harmful bacteria naturally present in their flesh. Once the lobster is dead, these bacteria can rapidly multiply and release toxins that may not be destroyed by cooking. You therefore minimise the chance of food poisoning by cooking the lobster alive.

Chinks ask Amerifags "what the hell is PTSD?"

You just kill them right before you put them in dummy.

>should must

>they exist because we have desired that they exist. we have fed them and raised them.
so that doesnt apply to hunting. It applies to farming.

>due to the idea that as ocean bugs they lacked emotions or feelings

no thats bullshit, its done because they have bacteria inside that can rapidly multiply when they are dead.

You're supposed to stab it in the head with a knife. Who taught you how to cook lobster?

They also ask

"what the hell is clean water?"
"what you don't use sewer oil?"
"you don't let your children shit in the street?"
"what's wrong with poaching to make boner pills that don't work?"

I'm guess this is because you're still a pretty new human. When I was a kid, it was a known meme that the lobsters "screamed" when they boiled them. lobsters can't actually scream, of course, but the boiling superheated the air and forced it out of them, producing a squeal.
it always struck me as pretty malevolent, but I was a kid, and had little influence over the nations kitchens.
yes, today they say to chill, knife and then boil them. and again, rightfully, I think.

i've heard my parents claim fish can't feel pain

my parents are morons

>this kills the crab
can u cite sth about it, cuz it sounds like bullshit argument to not look too good

>we surrender our humanity
humanity is overrated

theres like a thousands different types of dogs. imagine all the flavors

>posting on Cred Forums
>taking political shit seriously here
>opting to trash talk ANYTHING over getting hot titties and bubble butts

Uber Faggot detected in vicinity.

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Literally repeating some shit you've read on the internet while leaving out the most important substances of whatever article you are referencing to try and sound smart

Bacteria doesn't just fucking explode all over the place once the animal is dead, it takes time. A few days even depending on the environment. The toxins you are referring to do not develop until the bacteria has gestated for an even longer period of time. The same can be said for any fucking living creature we eat. Do we fucking throw live cows on a grill? No.

i don't even know what's going on here. was it grilled?

it was a common excuse at the time.
the bacteria thing is likely true, but won't change anything if you knife them before boiling to save them the unneeded misery.

and they are laughing at us being snowflakes about all this.

ignorance is bliss.

Because believing that eating dog meat warms the body up, is like believing rhino horn is an aphrodisiac. Inbred hillbilly slant-eyed motherfuckers. These people are disgusting and have a long way to go to attain civilization. Hell, a GOOD majority of them have a long way to go to attain humanity...

Pitbull would be delicious. All that meat.

why would I care about looking good or not, im just sharing what I know lol

here: sciencefocus.com/nature/why-are-lobsters-cooked-alive-and-do-they-feel-pain/

that'd imply they have emotions

I love coronavirus.

It was lightly sauteed and then left to grill on a low temperature while being glazed.

Source: Am Chinese, parents used to do this when we living in Hong Kong.

Why do Hawaiians do this?

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she's mediocre at best.

mocking us then

Life is better with Corona(virus) and lime!

lol I fucking hit the nail on the head you don't know shit moron

Because there's like 200 pigs to every human there and they'd be required to hunt them even if they didn't eat them.

Nice try Zhang

is empathy shit on over there, or do they just not consider the animals as being worth the worry?
I imagine those that love animals have a hell of a time getting anywhere in that culture
>how does it taste?

get triggered moar

they kill it first, jackass

shitbulls are the one dog that i am ok with getting boiled alive

maybe trump can make a beautiful perfect trade agreement with china where they get all the pitbulls and USA can have all the cute innocent meat market dogs

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They have underdeveloped brains... they lack the ability to empathize with other animals, and even humans.

This is why horrible shit happens to people in china, and the low IQ chinese just walk by not even giving a shit that truck just landed on a child, for example.


>get proven wrong
>lol u trigar

yeah k, easy 9/10

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wait until you see what white people do to pigs, a far more intelligent animal than dogs

>moving the goalpost to more and more moral grounds

They don't care about each other let alone animals.

People generally don't cook them while they're still alive.

let me know when they die so we can celebrate together

9/10 for me to poop on

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why don't you put it out of its misery first? dang!

rofl, yes they do

Cool source retard

slit their necks. they bleed out in just a couple seconds when its done properly.

get proven wrong? what exactly did you prove wrong you moron? it is cooked alive to reduce the risk of the bacteria. That is a fact

if you want me to educate you then pay me

i dont care that you're stupid

stop listening to PETA you fucking hippie

Sorry I don't pay in social credit, Chang.

PETA is dumb and so are you

vegan propaganda

ultra offended that you torture pigs before eating them

>ignores widely known factual evidence
>repeats his original point that was addressed and debunked
just get the fuck out

tiananmen square 1989


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There are not 300 million feral pigs in hawaii.

Yes, but you used a picture of the Vietnamese to provide evidence?

I failed basic because the drill yelled at me

one chink chonk killing a dog is just like all chink chonks killing dogs

>word association


widely known factual evidence? about what? and where is it? what is your point even?

Personally I'm on Corona Chan's side in this.. China needs a fucking purge, and that kill count needs to surge a few decimal places. It'd be a short term economic shock to the world, but a long term win.

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Under proper kitchen conditions, you can kill an animal and store it without the spread of bacteria. This virtually stops the gestation of toxins. Therefor, killing a lobster before cooking it is LITERALLY the same, but far more ethical and humane.
You seem capable of using google yourself, seeing as how that is how you have based your entire argument, even going as far as copy/pasting an entire article. So I wont provide the links on proper food safety and preparation of meats, as this is widely known and factual with scientific evidence fucking EVERYWHERE

to make it clear: boilng a fucking lobster alive is not the same thing as sauting a dog in simmering water and than slowly roasting it, still alive.
not the same aninals, not the same size, not the same treatment, not the same suffering.
also the dogs are turtured intentionally because its believed it would give the meat special qualities. lobsters a put into boiling water because its also the fastest way to kill them.

They believe the spirit of animal is best cooked live with it so it frees it from suffering faster. Once fully cooked the spirit is already beginning to cross to another plane.

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that's what I said. Culling the herd, makes their shitty gene-pool stronger.

did you just make that mumbo jumbo up, or is that really their philosophy behind this?

uncontrollable plague isnt the way - u already have infected on your end

You do not drop them into boiling water, you slowly boil them alive so they don't flee.

that's some delicious bullshit user, feed us more

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>Made up mumbo jumbo
>the meats soul is still there until im ready to eat it


ideally someone should drop a dozen nukes on them while they are too busy panicing to respond

thats a differnt technic. they dont feel the heat when its rising sowly and hence they dont feel pain. but really, usually you put them directly int boiling water. they wont flee

why's it okay to do it to cows/chickens but not dogs?

Not so, the animal like Kobe beef being better because massaged is believed to expel all of its anguish during cooking and thus no tainted meat is ingested. Like when you cook bacteria to kill it for the body the same for spirit.

because they're parasitic subhuman disease spreaders. duh

> "uNcOnTrOlAbLe pLaGuE"
The only phenotype getting their shitters pushed in by this virus are the Sino's

All the dogmeatposting is getting to me lads. Low key want to try out this fucking chink “delicacy”. Can I be saved?


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he's kinda cute.

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Checked & True
There are hundreds of case's outside China, and nobody is dying.. except 1 Chinese that croaked on arrival in the Philippines (that doesn't count.)

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no it sounds like you are destined to die of coronavirus

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But lobsters and crabs are the literal roaches of the ocean.

The Sino's what?

fuck off you cunt.

said the man who is incapable of giving a shit about others


Free Tibet, The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, The Tiananmen Square Massacre, The Anti-Rightist Struggle, The Great Leap Forward, The Great Proletarian, Cultural Revolution, Human Rights, Democratization, Freedom, Independence, Multi-party system, Taiwan, Formosa, Republic of China Tibe,t Dalai Lama ,Falun Dafa, The Xinjiang, Uyghur, Autonomous Region, Nobel Peace Prize, Liu Xiaobo, Winnie the Pooh.


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dog pussy is a fucking miracle.

That's a false equivocation. The dog was torched alive and left to suffer. The pig was killed, then cooked.

hey, at least that rat was already dead

guy has pretty high standards for an asian imo

dont apply your own emotions to the value of an animal. eating dogs for meat is morally the same as eating cows for meat. if you think otherwise you are a plebian normie hypocrite

Ok, sorry my friend. I don't hate ALL chinese peoples. But... do they enjoy to burn dogs alive... ? Ú~Ù

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eating dogs for meat is morally the same as eating humans for meat

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agree its cannibalism

Because communists aren't people

its sad because youtube channels like "strange parts" make china look really cool if only they could stop being degenerate subhumans

Listen here you vegan faggot take your 80 pound ass and jump off a bridge. I would fuck you in front of your mother and she would applaud me. No one respects you, your life is a joke.

Only thing white people need to fix is the nigger/jew conundrum. Only way to fix that is through a violent war that kills off all prominent jews and every filthy nigger.

I must be part chinese, because I want to eat that dog

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It's just their culture. However, over the years it slowly has started to stop on "feasting on dogs" but I guess the Corona Virus will make up for it.

>It's unethical to kill animals for food.
>Doesn't have a problem with killing millions of rats, rabbits, boars and insects for crop production.
>"Cognitive dissonance"

More like Canisbalism...

Believing that other animals are more worth than your own kind is the definition of cognitive dissonance.

If you believe that saving animals is more imporant than having enough food than you are retarted.

it's simple supply and demand, when there's 8 billion people on the planet a single human aint worth shit and nobody is going to miss you when you die


i have to admit i want to eat out that dog too

You wanna know why I'm racist towards chinks? Experience.

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People in India will ask the same thing of Americans, about cow.

That's how we know OP is an ignant, peach fuzz high schooler.

you are so close to coming full circle and admitting that veganism is the morally correct way to eat

What the actual fuck

Exactly these people are fucking hypocrites acting like they don't eat cows who have been mistreated.

not really, the earth is overpopulated with people as it is. if it wasn't for the diseases you can get from cannibalism, i'd eat people.

Cows are mistreated just like this dog and you know you're a dumb fucking hypocrite which is why the only thing you can do is name call.

>Sets standards
>Doesn't apply standards to food he eats
Found the faggot hypocrite

ehhh, the chinese cook those dogs alive. Cows get a bolt to the brain while they're calm and relatively happy to kill them before they're butchered. The dogs are experiencing the most excruciating pain imaginable, whereas the cows feel none because they're dead before they even have the chance to register any fear or pain.

Because they are not spoiled about what they eat. It's food. We eat food.

holy shit that looks ultra fresh as fuck kek i knew chinks ate living octopus but living dogs that is just too much

Idiots still missing the point and twisting things. If i had to kill you, would you rather i slit your throat/wrists and wait for you to bleed out, or cook you alive? None of us knows what that feels like and on that account we cant just be like "oh thats the same as killing cows". Unless u roast it alive, no its not

Before the cows, pigs and chickens are killed they're kept in filthy cramped spaces. I just find it amusing how people think there's a difference between dogs and these other animals and ignore mistreatment done.

>B-but it's a doggie and I was told those are no ok to eat because they're somehow different than other animal species

Why is cooking something alive bad if it's just going to die anyway? If this was done to a cow people wouldn't give two fucks.

Cows are treated pretty poorly before they're killed, just like this dog. That's the point.

Not the ones I used to take care of on a local farm. The only time they were kept indoors was during the winter where they had several nice, spacious heated barns.

As a proud meat eater, yes, I would still care. When I fish, I shove a filet knife through a fish's brain before I clean and cook the fish. When I hunt, I go for headshots whenever possible because trophies are retarded and I'm after the meat. I want humane kills, which is why I don't eat lobster, crawfish or crabs.

why are there so many chinks on Cred Forums, i thought this site got blocked in their stupid firewall


This kills the crab.jpeg

Because they think the meat has more power when the animal is cooked alive.

That's Communism for you.

If only the rest of the world didn't interfere. Might wipe out the entire chink working class.

> if it wasn't for the diseases you can get from cannibalism, i'd eat people.

its so easy trying to save face in a losing argument by claiming that you are too edgy to care to begin with

People are objecting more so to the practice of causing unnecessary suffering to the animals.

You can, and should, humanely kill anything that can feel pain before cooking - the Chinese think that by not doing so the flavor is enhanced. Suffering = More Flavor

In fact, it's the opposite.
>The key ingredient here is lactic acid: in an unstressed animal, after death, muscle glycogen is converted into lactic acid, which helps keep meat tender, pink, and flavorful. Adrenaline released by stress before slaughter uses up glycogen, which means there’s not enough lactic acid produced postmortem. This affects different kind of meat in different ways, but in general it’ll be tough, tasteless, and high in pH, and will go bad quicker than unstressed meat. (Lactic acid helps slow the growth of spoilage bacteria.)"

So they are causing mass suffering, for a shittier tasting meal, faster to spoil, meal.

It's not like they are taking the dog from the kid's arms.
These dogs are raised for food. Just like cattle and pigs.
Just like organic food there are no health benefits to being vegan or vegetarian.

Why...How much of a subhuman do you have to be.

You can kill a lobster with one cut to the central nervous system. Same with crabs.

We can only wish the Corona virus wipes them all out. Sadly the civilized world is trying to help eradicate it. They need to cordon off China and let the disease kill itself.
Just like in 28 days later.

Like niggers and their AIDS.

even if the suffering did provide a better flavor, the rest of the world would choose to avoid the practice, as we have empathy / mirror neurons

who gives a fuck if it tastes better if you're cooking something alive??

To much work. I'm fine with going to my local Walmart. Getting a big 50 pound bag of chicken nuggets that were pumped full of antibiotics since before they were even out of their shell. That's where the flavor comes from.

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Asian people are shit but Asian dogs aren't. lol got it b

In Vietnam they actually kill the dog then cook it.

Haha maybe. Especially if they are bug NPCs with no true morals. Dogs were domesticated to be working animals and pets. NOT FOOD. Fuck the chinks.

The torture is what makes them taste good.

not tryin to be edgy at all pal, it's the truth. Plenty of cultures have participated in cannibalism, though it's usually on the recently deceased, not so much killing someone just to eat em. The main issue is prions. Same shit causes mad cow disease if irresponsible, and frankly, abusive farmers, feed their cows the brain matter from other cows in their feed.

Actually very few have. They've also been pretty universally abhorred by their neighbors.

More common than you'd think. Granted, this was back in prehistoric times, but it's not super rare, just taboo. Also, it's pretty common in the animal kingdom too, and we ARE animals afterall. Besides, you've never been curious about trying out a barbecue long pork sammich?

This is done in western factory farms on a daily basis meatcucks.


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The difference is we don't torture them asshole.

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I always laugh at normalfags who hate the japanese for slaughtering these guys. They clearly didnt do it for no reason

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>make a bio weapon
>accidentally unleash it on your own people

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The Corona-VIRUS is GODS punishment for chinese cruelty to animals.

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Hunting for sport is autistic, death by firearm is the most humane way to kill an animal to consume that meat.

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Well no shit. Macau, the former Portuguese colony, is a hub for your rich CCP billionnaire friends to launder money out of your country, so that they can invest it in the West.

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Pain isnt something to worry about though. The brain is built to handle it.

Killing the animal means ending its life.

I see you farming primals in shadowmoon valley.
10 cents an hour is good money when you are chinese.

People in India have no right of asking anyone anything from all the shit in their streets, all the rape and cow-piss beverages.

You mean those people who burn bodies and shit in their sacred river?

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there is nothing wrong with eating dogs, different cultures, different tastes, you could argue about their preparation methods though. I agree they should just kill it before cooking.


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