Based or cringe?

Based or cringe?

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Shouldve been a threesome

Whites. Even your women are pedos.

absolutely based.... where were these sluts when I was in high school? fuck my life

Where where these horny and cute teachers when i was in school

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cringe, 9/10 these are nigger children and insane women.

fuck off nigger. 49% of Blacks have Herpes.

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Absolutely fucking based

Having sex with your black peers, white boi

They were there, but they didn't want to have sex with some inept, pimple-faced cretin like yourself.

>Had sex while child was in the home
Jesus, why does that fucking matter? As long as you're in another room and not screaming your lungs out, it's your goddamn right

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>projecting this much

When I was in school there was only one black guy in my class and he was chubby and had a pretty small dick. God i miss the Sweden from my childhood

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No wonder whites are all so fucked in the head.

never trust a teenager!!! Male or female.

a..anyone got sauce on the texts?
asking for a friend

Women do it, it's having sex
Men do it and it's rape

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female teachers are the new Catholic priests

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Blows my mind how he would ever tell.
And the kid was clearly NOT in the room. What a piece of shit student.
SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH AND ENJOY and don't tell your friends you idiot.

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She's probably the hottest one too. Lucky little fuck.

Why would you want them? are you a cop?

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Is your fucking Google broken?

FBI here. I need you to post more, son. Working on a big case.

she basically looks 12 so i really don't see the big deal

Tip: Google Brittany Zamora

and you too

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There was no Tinder back in my day
but if you make an account 2/5 girls on there are slutty teachers.

The police released them you autistic fuck

Join now before it's too late


Quads of a real one. Checked, brother.

yeah, sure... "rape"

Wow! I can't believe this worked! 10/10

This is a good upload. I am a human(not a bot) and really enjoyed these photos.

LOL that title is hilarious. As if to imply: "HOW DARE SHE PREFER IT WITH THE TEEN?!"

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why so many female amerifaggs are so often pedo? espacialy teacher whores?

It's no issue here in Germanistan

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This. When I was 15 fuck even 14 I would have railed her over and over again

pandemic in burgerland

Why are you sounding upset? Dood you're thinking from a horny adult mindset. Your child mindset would have been mentallly fucking scarred.

12yo me would have loved to be abused by my cute Geography/Biology teacher

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That’s one way to look at it. Also says a lot about your state of mind.

>12yo me would have loved to be abused

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Why? I'm not twelve anymore

About time someone does the right thing

Because you don’t hear about it you dumb fuckin cumstain.

>you don’t hear about it

how could I hear about something what never happend here you fucking jews loving amerifag

if the 15 year old was one of her students he's a real scholar

My 8th grade Spanish teacher looked exactly like Salma Hayek and gigantic tits. Every single guy would have gladly let her """""abuse""""" him.

aint gonna lie, would've been my dream when I was 15.
15-20 were horny years
but not if I were any younger than that.

When I was 13, all she would've had to say is wanna fuck