Me busting a nut, enjoy

Me busting a nut, enjoy.

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Thought niggers were suppose to have big dicks?

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if only u weren't a nigger... or a jew...

Bruh you're dick is no bigger than mine and I'm microscopic. Kek, get rekt

good one


Where’d you record that? Or do you cum on ur own toilet seat like some degenerate?

It’s the bathroom sink, how high are your toilets user? Lol

Ooooh, still looks like a toilet seat cover but i guess it could be a sink

Did get pretty hard towards the end of that. Any more?

Nah that’s the only cumming video I ever made

Make more. I wanna see that cum spray across the room!

hot, are you black


Mixed with black

First length

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Lmao I'm the same length and girth

I don’t get why that’s funny? That’s a good thing if you are

It's weird to see someone with the exact same measure lmao

one day i would like to suck a penis that smooth looking. im saving my blowjob virginity for it

post smooth cocks please. any race is fine.