Cuck thread

Cuck thread

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I'm always interested in stories of how dudes got into sharing their wives/gfs or being cucked, stories of best times, or text message screenshots talking to bulls or talking to the husband about who she's gonna fuck that night, or how it went.

Also a huge fan of cucking snapchats but they're so rare

same...would love to screenshots of stuff...snapchat pics of her with her bull many fake captions going round

if anyone wants to share their stories/pics

Make me a slut


Hell, even fake captions are fine by me. Or some actual greentext stories instead of these threads turning into a fucking kik fest

Got mine into I just by telling her that's what I wanted to see. We were fucking and talking dirty and I told her I wanted to see that. We talked about it more and more and finally decided to try it. Been doing it for about three years now.

true... but alot of people prefer kik,,,and i do as well...not as many dicks on there and most people appreciate some good OC and stories..whereas on here if a girl isnt a size 0 or youre not showing face...b can be brutal

these threads normally end up turning into wwyd...which piss me off...theres plenty of those threads all the time...i wanna chat to actual cucks/swingers! not look at IG pics of a girl user kinda knows and has a fantasy about

> While 74.3 percent of all White children below the age of 18 live with both parents, only 38.7 percent of African-American minors can say the same.

> Instead, more than one-third of all Black children in the United States under the age of 18 live with unmarried mothers—compared to 6.5 percent of White children.

Good luck even getting child support, lol.

Hot as fuck, thanks for the details dude

Interesting... honestly never really gave a though to what goes on through kik, mostly because I don't have one. Considering it now though, from what you say.

its worth downloading whatsapp but anonymous..ive had some really good chats and shares with cucks/hotwifes etc on there
but yeah...still looking for amatuer pics/vids of it...snapchat stuff idea...but a vid/pic being sent on snapwith a caption to her hubby/bf...fucking hot

Agreed, especially if it's without the whole humiliation thing which I'm not into. Best I've seen was a gf snapping her boyfriend sucking a huge cock
>"Oh my god baby, look how big it is!"
or a pic of a facial
>"Hope you don't mind, but we couldn't resist!"
Shit like that is HHHNNNNGGGGGGG

Closet sissy cuck with a gf. Put me in my place and dominate my gf. Kik surferkid32

For me sex became boring with the wife and I. Was always talking to her about spicing it up. But she never wanted to do anything except sex in the same boring position. On her birthday one night we went to a bar and just hung out. We started talking to people next to us. She got pretty drunk and we were talking to 2 guys sitting next to us and I said like lets go back to our place and have a few more drinks. She agreed and they agreed. A few beer later at our place, they tag team her. When they finish and leave, we fucked like crazy. We invite guys over to fuck her from time to time now. Not so much into that crazy cuck stuff though.

Hit me up on kik if you're down to share your wife.
I'm from FL but I travel a lot, so it's easy to meetup.

Pic is my coworker's wife giving me the full service.

kik: plumbs

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Damn! Do you join in while they're fucking her or just watch? Any particular type of guy she enjoys?

I sometimes join in. Mostly just watch. I mostly enjoy watching and then when they leave we fuck like rabbits. If she is attracted to the guy then she is usually game.

Do the other dudes cum inside her? On her?
I kinda want to watch my girlfriend suck a really big cock. I'm above average at 6.5" but I want to see her handle at least 8", then get fucked until she screams. Also wouldn't mind filming her in a gangbang, getting used like a piece of meat

Depends, have to make sure the guys are clean first. If they are clean she'll let them go raw. They will cum either insider her or on her body. It is pretty hot to watch her take a bigger cock then me. I'm only about 5.5" and we only hooked up with one guy that was considerably bigger then me. He was a legit 8-9 incher and coke can thick. Watching her stuggle to take that was very sexy, and having sex with her after was super hot though.

I can greentext some stories, what do you want to know?

greentext pls, they're the best

What do you want to hear about, how we got into it? What its like when we have a guy over?

Everything mate! I guess start with how it all got going, but I'd definitely love to hear about your perspective of when she and him start fucking

Have you ever fucked her while her pussy was filled with another dude's cum? Ever eat it out of her, or off her body?

I've watched my gf fuck 2 guys she met on tinder. It's the hottest shit in the world

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>married for a few years, been together for 8 years at this point
>sex is great, I think my wife has a ricking body, but frequency has been lagging.
>Bring up porn to try to spice it up, wife never liked watching it.
>SHe shrugs and goes along, we start looking for different kinds of stuff to watch
>start out tame, amateur stuff, new positions, etc
>watch a pizza dare video.
>wife's interest is way up on that, for some reason she thought it looked fun and sexy
>fuck like rabbits to pizza dare vids
>after a few weeks, wife wants to try the pizza dare
>order from big chain close to closing so last delivery
>Guy comes, wife is waiting, giggling and a little drunk, stark ass naked.
>opens the door, tits proudly out, and asks the guy to come in so she can get some cash.
>they both blush and he walks in...

Yeah definitely have fucked her with another dude's cum in her. I love it, so wet and used feeling. She's not really into me eating cum. But every now and then if she is drunk I'll eat her pussy when the other guy/guys are finshed. If they cum on her body and we start fucking, I'll usually kiss and lick her tits/body and there has been time when she was covered in cum.

More of her! She's super cute, bet she looked great taking two strangers' cocks

love the pizza dare stuff! trying to talk one of my fuck buddies into doing it...dont think she'll fuck/suck the guy but she wants to flash him at least

enjoy your AIDS

Thanks man!! Will do.

The first time she dropped to her knees and started blowing someone else is the hottest thing I've ever seen

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>SO this was supposed to just be a flash/grope
>wife does the bend to flash ass and pussy as he puts down the pizza and grabs a handful of ass
>She turns around and arches her back to let him tweak her nipples.
>he unzips and pulls out his cock and starts stroking, wife looks at me and smiles
>He strokes with one hand and plays with her tits with the other
> after about two minutes asks if he can cum on her tits
>wife silently kneels down and he quickly explodes all over her
>thanks us, zips up, and leaves

thats fucking hot not gonna lie
what does your wife look like? how was her reaction?
im gonna be on eof those annoying kik guys now, but only because i have to go
if you fancy sharing more stories later on etc, would love to chat

i think thats also the reason girls ive told about this dont want to...your wife was fine with it, but the balls oin that kid to just grab her ass...

Love those snapchat captions, keep them coming! I'd love to see my girl on her knees like that

Definitely continue!!

How many guys has she been with at once? Bet you wouldn't mind seeing her take on a handful and get completely covered in hot cum

She stuck her ass and pussy out begging to get grabbed. She even wiggled it. He knew what she wanted and went with it...

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Did she send this to you, or to one of the lucky guys that gets to use her? I like her pretty pink nipples, wow

3 including me, but I was after they finished. So not sure you would count that? Not sure I would want to see her get gangbanged unless we knew for sure all the guys where clean.

That one she sent to me. Shes sent this one to a few guys from tinder shes talked to.

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Bullforyourwife90 send me your sluts on kik and or have them snapchat me and make me cum

Any thug bbc on here for white women j102991

Such a pretty slut, good to see she shows you what she likes to get up to with other people. Does she ever send you anything when she's with them? Maybe of her sucking cock or taking it?

She records it for me and then comes home and blows me while I watch the video of her and the other guys. Shes sent them snaps of her blowing me and taking facials.

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I would definitely cum buckets seeing that. Most I've gotten was a picture of my ex with cum all over her face, but yet to receive more. You're a lucky man. Able to post any of what she shows you here?

Nice factory, but where are the workers?

Post that pic of your ex and I'll keep posting. She sent this one to one of the tinder guys a few hours before she went to his house and fucked him

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I want to, but I'm honestly kinda freaked she'd find out and then I'd never see anything else she does. Do you think it's worth it to post?

You can kik me. Omega2200. No ones ever recognized my girl but I wouldn't post here if you're uncomfortable.

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Oh dude please keep posting!

I'm really turned on by the idea of sharing my gf with a bigger cock

Kik parsleysagerosemary6 to get off to her. She's hot af

Convo with a guy from tinder

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damn man! stroking over here
whats the dirtiest thing shes done

Alright fuck it, sent a message lmao

Not sure lol. The second guy from tinder when she went to his house 2 of his aunts were awake. They were supposed to be asleep when she got there so she had to introduce herself, then go fuck the dude, then walk past them to leave 30 minutes later.

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gf snapping one of her friends

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Wanna see a group of men take my preg wife and return her the next day

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God DAMN! The snapchats with captions, and the message conversations, get me every fucking time. Hard as fuck reading that, knowing she's setting up a fun night for the both of you

haha wow!

you have any just fully clothed pics?

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Have her snap me kik first bullforyourwife90

Feeding bulls of my slutty friends I know I have no chance with. Show me what a real cock looks like and tell me what you would do to them. I can also roleplay as myself and one of my friends in a Cuck Roleplay if you wish. Kik: its_ya_girl7

she only snaps dudes she knows

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>Get asked to be a bull several times
>Turn it down because the only way I'd be into it is if it involves impregnating the sluts and having no obligation to raise the child while the cuck does it all

I will never understand the cuck fetish.

amazing, i wanna see different dicks in her

She can snap and get to know me

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I want to be Eric

Can anyone shoop out the writing please? Those tits are hot but I'm not into beastiality.

Anyone interested in sharing their wife or gf Kik me at dodgerfan4200

sent this to one of her coworkers before coming in

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Bulls message me! Ddarrangement is my kik. gf is starting up onlyfans

I'm looking for cumtributes for my wife. Nice big tit milf. stephenwilliam314 is my kik

Send me your girl and I will tell you what I would do with my thick cock.


Will post the pics here this bitch is hot

my gf continued talking to her ex when we started dating. i guess she liked getting attention from him. she didnt really tell me any of this

she recently told me that she told him about our dates, and even sent him a video of me taking her anal virginity

he's a little asian manlet with a tiny dick, im white with an 8" cock. he said he jerked off furiously to the video. she cut him off shortly after that and is now devoted to me

im really turned on by her doing that. i guess he's the one who got cucked though. what turns me on is her being slutty and wanting his attention, getting horny at sending him that. i want her to do similar shit with other guys and eventually get fucked, but she's completely faithful to me now

wat do

Do it. Expose her

I want to see that too user.

Fuck man im jealous. Need a relationship like this

More vids?

She doesn't need child support, she just needs a white boy. That's what we're here for: to help her look after Tyrone's babies

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Making cuck comics of your ladies kik kate105105

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sharing my gf kik: qwzer0

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Bull in MD/DC/Virginia area wanna fuck
Kik tokyoghoul99

I've had girls fuck ex bfs a couple times but I always end up being the cuck.

>wife and I into swinging/cucking since early marriage
>few years ago wife's high school ex starts texting out of the blue
>we're pretty successful/affluent but he's still working construction, has an illegitimate kid
>she tells me how hot he was and how badass he was
>wants to talk to him
>tell her to go for it
>tingles, giggles, acting like school girl again
>she never hides what she's doing
>eventually start's sending him nudes when he tells her to
>he knows she's married, she tells him all about me
>he loves that she's sending him nudes even though she's married
>eventually tells her he's gonna come to town and fuck her married pussy because she still belongs to him
>wife doesn't even think twice
>she meets him after work one day at hotel
>he takes her out to strip club
>wife gets tipsy
>goes back to hotel with him
>he fucks her savagely
>he fucks her again in the shower
>she spends night with him
>they wake up, he fucks her again
>she comes home, can't stop talking about what he did to her, how he just didn't give a fuck, how he's still so bad ass
>he lives out of town but he comes back a few more times, takes her out, she always sleeps over with him
>he takes her around places with his friends/family
>she always wears her ring and he doesn't hide that she's the married ex gf he's fucking
>he never meets me or lets me watch, even though she told him she's cucked me before
>tells her he doesn't care about her looser husband, that he's just there to fuck the pussy that still belongs to him
>eventually things petered out
>occasionally he still texts her and tells her to send a nude, probably just to remind himself/her that he's still got her on the hook, but it's been a couple years since he last gave her a booty call
>still think about it all the time though