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Gtfo off of b faggots

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Attached: 961ecf94a2664f08ec153511af3fafdc43c474c2.png (2621x2000, 1.45M)

Fucken autist kek

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Autist incarnate

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Attached: hitler_1881083c_trans_NvBQzQNjv4Bq6f7LZ7seCW96zliyTYX6ViIMpBIiS72GQ3QPBtusw-s.jpg (459x287, 25K)

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Adolf, my darling, how are you today!

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feels bad man
i gotta go food shopping here soon
have a good one, whatever that one is.

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You guys are the reason Cred Forums is so fucken gay rn

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I'm convinced nobody is actually turned on by crap like this and it's just a lame form of being accepted into an "exclusive" group

Flat earthers
And all the other gay subcultures that are so retarded no sane person would genuinely follow

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Attached: 9c6bc5f64627f8bc4d890c23eb38441b.png (1000x667, 960K)

Yea definitely sone sort of mental illness.

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They just str8 spam too no sort of communication, maybe its autism.

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More big asshole plz

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I gotta sleep, see y'all later

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Hello closet f├╝rry user :3

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Who's the artist?


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Yes, the only things that people like are all the same things that you like. Nobody can have a different opinion than you.

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I dig the pretty anthro girls but when in comes to furries as a culture, no sane person would want to be part of it.

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Attached: 1389423353101.jpg (700x750, 425K)

Attached: 1389428249040.jpg (1200x1068, 214K)

I find it very amusing when furries judge other furries as if we aren't all in the same group lol

Attached: 1389429388917.png (821x1207, 611K)

Attached: 1389430173976.jpg (813x1000, 278K)

Attached: 1389430230384.jpg (671x1300, 571K)

>as if we aren't all in the same group lol
caouse there's quite a lot of difference between fapping to non-conformist material and actually having a fursona, a suit and going to cons

Attached: (argonian).png (540x1000, 186K)

If you jerk off to furry porn, you're still a furry. I don't have a fursona, a fursuit, and have never been to a con. You aren't better than what you define as "furries" just because you don't do all of those things, you're a furry like the rest of us and there's nothing wrong with that so get over yourself.

Attached: 1389430448862.png (549x843, 278K)

Attached: 1389431421819.jpg (900x720, 244K)

>You aren't better than what you define as "furries" just because you don't do all of those things
hey, i'm not judging not was I trying to imply some are "purer" or better than others, but the latter is definitely on another level. deeper down the rabbit hole, if you so will.

Attached: [1511807703279].png (2200x3000, 1.66M)

What animal is that?

obviously a dragonflyotter

That's fair, but to say "no sane person would want to be part of it" is very ignorant when a lot more 'normal' people do those things than people realize. People are so stuck in this idea of "I wanna be like *that* guy, but *those* guys are crazy!" which is so incredibly stupid to me when people are faaar more alike than different. It's damn near delusion to think an entire group of people are insane, but just those people who jerk off to it? Nah, they're totally sane, normal, well adjusted people, when in reality, there is no strict side and sanity and insanity presents itself in every group as well as varying degrees. Fursuiters are probably better adjusted and more rational than the people who try to talk down upon them, probably because they hate the fact that they like sexy animals and think others judge them for it when it's really other closet furries that do it.

Attached: 1389435575575.jpg (1090x1600, 174K)

>Fursuiters are probably better adjusted and more rational than the people who try to talk down upon them
Not on the whole.
>probably because they hate the fact that they like sexy animals and think others judge them for it when it's really other closet furries that do it
Why are you talking down on your fellow furries, Dash? Those guys are crazy?

Attached: 1389472969790.jpg (1000x1050, 567K)

>"no sane person would want to be part of it"
that was another user, don't bully me
I still think that outside-fursuiters are weirdos, but so is anyone that makes their sexuality a big part of their appearance. bdsm fetishists, over the top gay guys, people who fuck dolls. all that I don't care about in the slightest if you do in the privacy of your home/swingers club/cheap motel room, but putting on a show, a pride parade or some form of formal outing is uncalled for.

Attached: 1494069677833.png (1280x1210, 491K)

then again, I'm not the one restricting thier rights on marriage... idgaf who gets to marry whom, I'm not involved in it, I just don't get the people who adamantly protect the "sanctity" of an absolutely worldly affair.

Attached: 1435804342664.jpg (905x1280, 86K)

Yes, I know it was a different person. I just get very frustrated with how hypocritical and judgmental people are for no reason other than stupidity and ignorance of their own behavior, and how they would appear to others if they'd stop hiding behind said judgments.
For the most part, fursuiters only their suits at cons, and don't fuck in suits because it's hard to clean and stains. Even the 'murrsuiters' are a different kind of furries who obviously don't go around fucking in public they'd be arrested and put on sex offender registries, so the fursuit thing I couldn't care less about.

Attached: 1389473129627.jpg (593x1000, 140K)

Poor Colin Mochrie. It all went so wrong.

I can't words right now. I'm still half asleep.

Attached: 1389477591068.jpg (1200x790, 494K)

>I just get very frustrated with how hypocritical and judgmental people are for no reason other than stupidity and ignorance of their own behavior
says the user that literally judges people by the t-shirts they wear

>I just get very frustrated with how hypocritical and judgmental people are for no reason other than stupidity and ignorance of their own behavior
It's unreasonable for everyone on the planet to be a closet furry. It's even more unreasonable for everyone on the planet to be a closet furry because they don't like something. It's just as unreasonable to think that, and also think that it's near delusional to think an entire group of people are insane. It's slightly more unreasonable to mention that sanity could present in every group to varying degrees, but not take into account the comorbidity of x and y. It's just plain odd to make the claim that furry fursuiters would be more adjusted than those who demand they be nailed to a cross, when in reality, it's supposed to be that there is no strict side, and sanity is supposed to vary equally across all groups.

>It's just plain odd to make the claim that furry fursuiters would be more adjusted than those who demand they be nailed to a cross
lol ok retard, you're insane too

Attached: 1389479414579.jpg (1005x1290, 524K)

You're doing it again.

get a life

Attached: 1389479515410.jpg (927x1200, 482K)

Am I dead?

brain dead

Attached: 1389481849309.png (750x971, 996K)

That would mean you accepted the words of the brain dead at some point.

No, just tolerate it because sometimes even retards and lunatics say things worth considering. You don't, however, which is why I'm done wasting my time with you. Kill yourself.

Attached: 1389481990624.jpg (1280x845, 179K)

more rimming?

>sometimes even retards and lunatics say things worth considering
A broken clock is right twice a day. Ironically...

>You don't
Yes I do, Dashie. You suggested I was brain dead. That would make me at least a broken clock. You just happened to relapse.

Attached: a7bb26096e6d61ba6be159ee62e387ac(1).png (1720x1972, 1.6M)

Attached: 8db89bc71fd5c5cd5fb6e4e1d38e5f90.jpg (2048x1657, 344K)

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Attached: 08bb1da7178ef9853aba7aa4b6703c84.jpg (1280x862, 159K)

>arguing with manlets
the most beloved of s/fur activities
sure, I love a cheeky finger up the bum

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Attached: 1389485167125.png (1328x2000, 1.09M)

Attached: 1581103862607.jpg (450x331, 126K)

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Attached: 1581103752201.jpg (500x367, 45K)

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Attached: 1581103801568.jpg (260x194, 55K)

Attached: 1502c3434ab864e3cffba255d527a262.jpg (1600x1520, 497K)

Attached: 1581103825988.jpg (500x336, 97K)

Attached: 1389486716783.jpg (800x800, 215K)

Attached: 1581103845471.jpg (620x452, 190K)

Attached: ed541224954cf9ed1bc585d4f63d0090.jpg (1200x927, 822K)

Sup Dash?

How's it going, pedantfag?

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My dick. How about you?

Attached: 1389488061250.jpg (918x874, 305K)

Attached: 1581103922572.jpg (720x459, 43K)

jeez that's awful writing

Attached: 1505067434239.png (2520x2600, 1.18M)

>my dick
Fucken autists

Attached: 1581112567467.jpg (700x638, 64K)

Attached: 1581112495628.jpg (513x510, 29K)

Attached: 1389515201216.jpg (1300x1300, 1.1M)

Attached: bc66c74dfc3c821b7595afbe3ef5dfe4.jpg (1485x2294, 1.72M)

Attached: 1581103949290.jpg (1024x770, 101K)

lol, not much. Took the day off and have been a piece of shit all day. I enjoy it though.

Attached: jn-Beth20181.jpg (1094x2027, 744K)

Attached: c34dab7b1230b5746b0969eb8470fea1.gif (900x1238, 1.75M)

Attached: 541c0161de19cecd72536b6a32a07e5e.png (1200x960, 1.88M)

>pert pucker intensifies

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Attached: f5e5ee9107216a7b028e5e932b146ea5.png (750x1200, 746K)

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Furry life and the insanety that ensues is all about what level you live on.
>glossing over all the subgroups
1. furry art, enjoying art and all that intailes
2. Con life, goto a few conversations or living at every conversation
3. fursona, creating a custom life, race and back story
4. Fursuit, making that fursona real

The deeper you go the more odd things you find

Attached: dbffa0a988d2d857e80628eae0156bbd.jpg (1280x896, 185K)

Attached: 1389520157512.png (913x696, 394K)

Yeah I personally just jerk it to the porn. There's also the level of actually-fucks-animals furries, like feralfag.

Thanks for spamming with me autismo

You're welcome.

hey, that's funny, my furry-scale has the same four categories. now, where'd you put having/using BD or similar toys (eihter by yourself or with a partner)?
that's off the charts furry

new bread?

get in