What’s your fetish /b?

What’s your fetish /b?

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Hotwife, ballbusting, whipping, BDSM, gangbangs,

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What specifically about it?


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Hotwifing, cuckolding.


see my partner having sex with other while I'm totally denied sex and being humiliated by her in front of her fuck-buddies and/or in public.

Ridiculously smelly feet. Trust me, I've tried to find the point of too much, and haven't even come close.


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I like seeing my wife with others but I'm not into the humiliation part.

listening to my mom being banged upstairs

Nice to put a name to something I feelz

My fetish was HLB but now it is dead and buried. Anyone know what replaced it?

fucking based as hell, care to share the worst you've experienced?

Crossdressing sissy boys, love fucking my boyfriend while he's locked up

That’s hot. Ever seen her Or pics of her in lingerie/stockings? When I was like 13 I stumbled across a ton of pics like this on an old laptop, 100% sure it caused all of my fetishes

Hate fucking liberal women while talking shit to them to bring all their hatred to the forefront like, Hillary is not your president, russian collusion was a hoax. and Trump was aquitted.

Not untreated decking, get the power washer out for fuck's sake

This girl I dated definitely loved indulging it for me. I told her that I liked when feet smell, so she'd wear the same socks for a few days before I could enjoy. Slowly started upping how long she'd wear them until she'd do two weeks straight, never taking them off (unless to shower, in which case she'd take them off but not wash her feet, then right back into the same socks). She also liked to wear big leather boots that don't breathe at all, during the summer, so her feet would get super sweaty.

Combine all of this, and I was in heaven, but still never had the thought of "wow this is almost too much", like I said, not even close. I felt bad making her do anything more than what she did, but my God the smell between her toes was to fucking die for.

no sadly never any sexy pics of her but I found her porn stash as a horny teen.
She is a true slut and I love that shit

>see my partner having sex with other while I'm totally denied sex and being humiliated by her in front of her fuck-buddies and/or in public.
Cred Forums in a nutshell.

feet and shoes. if a woman is dangling her heel like that i cannot NOT LOOK. i have to watch.

Nice. My mom apparently was a lingerie slut at one point

this makes no fucking sense to me. but i have a foot fetish, so to each his own.

anal - worn out, wrinkly, wrecked, puffy butt slits.
bimbos - the ones you see on the street, real human women who dress like toys.
big butt, big tit bbws - i really miss pounding my fat ex pulling her cheeks apart logging at her ass getting fucked.

my moms pretty feet, painted toenails, and flip flops 100% caused my fetish
>used to get so hard giving her foot massages

Sharing my wife with other men and watching her be a total slut, also foot fetish

me too

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damn thats hot as shit, closest I ever got to was a once-off with someone who had vans they wore sockless for years, and they smelled so fucking strong that they made my room fucking reek of feet

buying used bras from my friends and making it clear that i intend to jerk off with them

God damn that picture is so hot

>What’s your fetish /b?
Older women with younger guys, sometimes mon/son or aunt/nephew, teacher/student, etc.
I'm older than some of you and was a pervert kid and somehow able to convince quite a few older women to meet up with me using prodigy, irc, local bbses, and then yahoo chat later on. This was when i was 15-18ish and it's remained a big fetish ever since. I was surprised that any of them were even willing to hook up tho now that I'm older i realize that almost anyone is capable of being "bad" if they are certain they won't be caught. I'd argue that mentality has had a negative effect on some relationships but that would be armchair psychology so who fucking knows.

To be clear, the above isn't necessarily boasting. A few of them were lightyears out of my league but most were very very definitely not. Age difference was the prevailing interest, not attractiveness.
No interest in my own mother, btw.

mmm those shoes

you ever suck her toes while she gets fucked?

Yeah I’m sure my mother was the cause of this for me too. She was always wearing pantyhose and high heels, even just like around the house

Breast Expansion

Fuck yeah man, how can i not, look at her toes, theyre perfect imo

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still fantasize about putting her soles on my face and just inhaling the scent. i massaged her beautiful feet many times, but nothing more. wish i could suck her 65 year old toes right now...

Glad to know there's other dudes on here that enjoy a good foot stink. Vans are always good, never tried sockless though. Also yeah, that lingering scent is always awesome. I'd always fuck the same girl I mentioned, usually with my hand around her foot, sucking her toes, and my palm would smell like her feet for a while. She'd also leave me her socks when she left and tell me to hold one to my nose and cum inside the other

beautiful. my sis in law knows about my fetish and teases me all the time

no pics but a lot like your pic

Watching my gf suck off bigger cocks, especially if they have big balls too.

Stories about this?

Pantyhose, lingerie, high heels, ballet flats, maledom, bimbofication, bondage,

oh yeah, my wife knows i love her feet, she will often just stuff them in my mouth and make me suck on her toes while she masturbates, i also love when she wears heels and sandals cause her feet look great in em

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my wife knows too. will put her feet in my face or wear high heels in bed if she wants to drive me wild

doggystyle with slutty heels, im finished

big titties

I like the idea of my wife fucking and being submissive to a black guy. I am positive I would never want her to actually do it but the fantasy is hot. Sometimes we role play the idea, and she has a realistic bbc dildo I fuck her with while she talks raceplay shit. I always cum buckets


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Delete this shit and gtfo

Vans are the worst (best?) for going sockless. Whatever material they're made out of mixes with the sweat and stink and becomes almost irremovable. Converse are almost as bad. I knew a guy who'd always wear a pair sockless and you could always faintly smell the same smell on hot days. It's a really distinct rubber/corn type of smell.

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fuck, i know that feeling, my wife shows up one night to bed in nothing but a thong and heels, i came so fucking fast

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I love my wife and life right now, but I miss getting dominated by old man, even more if they were big and fat.

Because if Cred Forums, I have a panty fetish. I’ve even stolen from my landlords wife

Dressing up like a woman and letting others have their way with me. It must take some imagination because I am not attractive enough to be participating in this.

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I haven’t really done much (it’s hard to find people that are into stuff) but I find the idea of pissing on/in a thirsty filthy girl

id gladly sell you some of my wifes used panties, drop kik and we can talk..

Your parents are likely in a severe depression.

God I hate you so much.

Thanks for the info. Just started dating another girl, she knows about the foot kink but not yet about the smell kink. Might ask her to do this when the weather warms up.

tall girls with gentle femdom. More abstractly I like younger boy with older woman.

My older brothers high school friends sexually teased and abused me when I was early middleschool. It fuked me up socially but I miss it too in a weird way, a lot of good memories mixed in with the sexual stuff.

This, but also while being locked in chastity, and verbally humiliated while waiting my turn (which is always last)

so angry

Just tell her straight up, don't force her into it but if it's as enjoyable to you as it is to me I'd just tell her.

Glad to know I'm not alone. That's like sex cocaine.

Posting pictures of my incredibly hot wife

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being treated like a kid, by a big tiddie oni

Pic of hot wife? That last one was just a pic of fisherman hauling a whale into the back of a boat

My fetish is coming to Cred Forums to read all your fetish posts.

Especially reading those beta cuckhold posts, you really empower me. Why the fuck would you want anyone else fuck your wife while being humiliated? The fuck is wrong with you? I do enjoy fucking your wifes tho.

Weird motherfuckers, keep it up.

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No worries, I've told multiple girls what I like and all but one of them have been happy to indulge. I think girls get an odd power trip seeing a man lose his mind with their toes in his face.

A line of cocaine on top of a smelly sole - now THAT would be insane.


fucked my milf coworker.
got a huge age difference fetish
basically convinced her to have sex with really young horny guys for me
life was pretty good back then anons

I've been having a hard time getting off to anything other than feral shit and beast. That is one of my new fetishes.

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hang yourself faggot you dont deserve to live

lmfao those big ass feet

Man in leggings


it has been a week or month that i started being sexually attracted to dogs and horses, i dont want to be one of them i need a cure

How do you even go about approaching friends with that? I would feel creepy as fuck.

Big dildos. I like seeing my wife using them on herself and I even use them on her on occasion.

Those toes look oddly like mine lol
(I know they aren't)


hucow fetish. Although I don’t know how I would convince a girl to be subjected to this.

Yes, I said that. or at least implied it.

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Yes, yes I too am interested in this. Anyone have real life experience doing this to someone?

One of my best sexual experiences (and only gay experience also if that matters) was with a guy i met online who also wasn't necessarily passable - but his "roleplay" game was so strong. He really felt like a female in a lot of ways, and then afterwards was able to snap right back into a normal dude. It was strange but fun.
We're still friends but it was just the one time, he lives a few states away.
Anyhow my boring personal story aside, i think your fetish is a fun one, user. Your legs look nice.

Thank you! I find because of how little I can maintain the visual illusion I pour myself into playing the role as best I can with everything I have to offer. its a trade off

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Me too

Though every so often I see nice feet/legs/shoes and it gets me going

What is hlb

I have a fetish for being pegged by an overweight black woman with ginormous tits. It’s very specific but hey, one of my university professors was all about it, so that went on for a while.

I also like to be in the bottom end of a gangbang.

I really like age gaps as well. I’ve had sed with my fair share of women in their 40’s

my mom fucking a black dudes

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no clue and a girl i know was "leaked" and its driving me crazy not being able to see the pictures.
normally that kind of thing doesn't do much for me since its not like tits are rare on the internet, but knowing her makes it different.

Girls (especially sitting in school desks) with their thongs sticking up over their pants

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Treefiddy, that ain't the fucking Loch ness.

Women getting their shoes cummed in then walking in them

More. Fucking love natural women.

let me suck them then ;)

Hot as fuck that gets off on getting her toes sucked, girls with foot fetishes are god's gift to this earth

love fucking her while sucking her toes, shes honestly great, even better when shes taking a strangers cock and im sucking her toes shes cum multiple times in one night that way, heres one of her in her favorite outfit, just heels ;)

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gentle femdom. lots of encouragement, teasing, intimacy, and an overall sense of fun around sex. love the idea of my girlfriend waking me up by riding my face or making me give her head while she’s working at her desk. no obscene pain, no pegging, and i want her to be submissive sometimes too. is that a fetish or a fantasy?

Holy fuck! You suck her toes WHILE she gets to please another man? We have a winner here gents. Any stories on this?

Dad daughter roleplay

you misspelled incredibly fat

Sober missionary sex with the lights on, for the sole purpose of procreation.

Loyalty and love~
I’m obviously gay

Best one, we went to the club, she starts to get a little tipsy and grinding on me hard, another guy there notices this and starts to come over and when he gets close i signal for him to swap with me, she doesnt notice at first but once he got hard from the grinding, im assuming she noticed he was much bigger than I and turned around, she immediately started kissing him and I knew this was the signal to leave, we get back to the hotel and shes ripping off his clothes, and hes ripping off hers as I am just watching enjoying the show, they start to fuck after they service each other orally and as hes drilling her, she says to me, "babe take off my heels and suck my toes NOW" so i oblige and as soon as I start sucking them she lets out a huge moan, which instantly makes the guy explode inside her, he gets dressed and leaves after a few moments, and then, she tells me to fuck her and suck her toes, we continue to talk about her getting fucked all night by another man which makes her have orgasm after orgasm, safe to say sleep was very limited that night but the sex wasnt...

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My ex loved to be face fucked. I broke up with her, but now I go to gay bars to get face fucked because I want it too

Except the fiction about having a partner


Watching girls pee .

Fuck, nice story. She most definitely has a foot fetish. I assume the other dude wasn't into feet? Otherwise you could have sucked on one foot, he could have sucked the other. Also, I guess out of curiosity, what's it feel like to fuck her pussy while it's full of another dude's cum?

Feels good, just very slippery and my cock isnt huge, so unfortunately its easy for it to slip out lol but id do it again. And no i dont think he really was, he was younger so i assume he just wanted to fuck and go

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How often do you share her?
Do you ever join in the action?
How many men has she taken at once?
You might have awoken something in me. Never found this hot before but there's something about it that's getting me hard lmao


>How often do you share her?
Not really into a routine, whenever she sees something she likes, we go for it
>Do you ever join in the action?
Depends, i have DPd her before she enjoyed it
>How many men has she taken at once?
Me and another only, she hasnt wanted a full on gangbang yet

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Post your favourite pic

chastity and feet

Fuck me, being a dom with a foot fetish is lonely. Seems like every dude with a foot fetish is a sub and is able to much more easily satisfy their needs by playing to a woman's sense of power over them.

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latex. i want to lick a woman in latex.

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I want a girl from work to suck my cock and swallow my cum in the office bathroom.

why are these two fetishes always linked?

I fantasize everyday about my 3 best friends gangfucking my mom in the most degrading fashion. I want tons of hitting, slapping, choking, spitting, and pissing. I want to sit in the corner and watch as they hatefuck her and toss her around like a fuckmeat rag-doll.

Thats not latex mate.

Here, have some.

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Any kind of shoeplay is an instant HNNNNG for me.

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170 KB JPG

Fuck yes. Satbim a training class all day behind a woman do dangling her show all day and couldn't take my eyes off of it and had a 6 hour hard on. She wasn't even hot, but that foot dangling that shoe tortured me.

I like seeing girls I know cheat on their boyfriend or husband for a big cock. What makes me wierd is that if I ever tried cuckolding myself I find it to be a huge turn off, so much so I'm repulsed by them and I have dumped girls in the past I tried it with. I just like getting off on watching other girls cheat without their boyfriend, husband or significant other knowing. The more faithful they are and loyal to their partner the better because once they succumb to a big cock or their inner horniness it's just super hot to see. The problem is I cant find porn like this. I want a story behind it with some build up. Blacked, vixen or any of those kinds of sites just dont do it for me unless the story is actually good. My fetish is very specific and most porn in this genre is about cuckolding the husband like a sissy and I hate that shit. I'm even at the point were I write my own erotica because I enjoy it so much more than any other porn and I just add pictures to make the story more fun. This probably sounds super stupid but it's my fetish.

Ass sniffing and feminine odors


Switch with foot fetish here, unfortunately I have to agree. When I'm being more dominant, there's not much I can really do aside from grab a girls foot and suck her toes while fucking her, or tell her to give me a foot job. When I switch, it's way easier to satisfy the kink, honestly kind of prefer it that way but some days I just feel too aggressive to let a woman domme me.

a fellow man of culture and refinement I see

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>I write my own erotica
You have to be 18 to post here

chastity cages and female feet

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No fetish. But my sexuality is zoo so I prefer plain sex, just with a dog.

patterned/lace hosiery
cute shoes (not pornstar heels, just mid heel, peep toe, ballet flats, etc)
leg, inner thigh, behind knee
small delicate hands

these are all my fetishes

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I bet you like getting shit on.

they both play into femdom, having your caged cock teased by sexy feet is pure bliss

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Damn, are you me?

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Damn that’s really fucking hot. Are her feet oiled there?

There are others? Weird. I basically like anything that maximizes/accentuates femininity, youth, and innocence (in the context of clothing fetishes)

I go bonkers when I see a girl in patterned hosiery in public. I have to walk away or I will stare.

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yes, just finished a 90 min foot massage while she drank and watched a movie

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Yes, I especially have a thing for ballet flats

At the moment it is collecting used and filled condoms from streetwhores. I use the cum and put it In the strings of my wife letting it dry. Than I wait till she wears them.

I prefer 'pretty' over 'hot' and have suffered dearly for it amongst my dude circle. Ballet flats are especially pretty.

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not body builder size, but cut/fit women

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Traps and Feathers

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cute painted toes a part of it? i love when girls do a really good job painting their toes. It shows they love being fem and put a lot of work into being fem.

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One piece swimsuits. Gets me everytime

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Muscle girls.

They are the Übermensch of women.

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absolutely, hard to find good pics of that though

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More like this pls.

all i got

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Imagine the warmth

>What’s your fetish /b?

-young girls
-sniff on girls used underwear
-nylon panthose etc.
-pregnant whores
-rape vids
-a lil bit necro
-face fuck
-white trash girls
-dirty crack whores
-3rd world whores

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Traps and Feathers

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I love to cum in the shampoo bottle and toothbrush of my both sisters (10 and 12 y.o)

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I am terrified

D. None of the Above

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Sex dolls

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