Wtf did you buttplugs do now?

Wtf did you buttplugs do now?

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The usual

No one did shit everything can be covered up these days by blaming the internet and Drumph supporters. Sanders wasnt supposed to win is what happened.


Just ran some 1337 scripts from behind 7 proxies. Shit was so cash.

What is a Cred Forums troll?

Well played sir. *slow claps*

all i did was call and ask for bernie, they told he was busy and i called them dirty subhuman niggers

Yeah, I guess the phone lines were flooded by spirits calling from beyond
Fucking retard

just rick rolled some boomers

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If your entire democratic process is brought to a halt by some phone calls, I have some bad news....

"Democrats say"

This. If they can’t handle some phone calls who’s gonna believe them there able to handle a country?


* they’re

Making Apps Great Again.

I wish. As if /b does anything besides troll and jack to tranny porn.

Democrats: Trump supporters are idiots. Everything that we fuck up is because of Trump supporters

nothing happened like that, i mean at least nowadays everything on here is scraped and archived in ten minutes, i wonder if any faggot will care enough to prove the negative

the hotline has also nothing to do with the voting process, unlike republicans you do not have a secret ballot and need to be physically with the candidate support group you want to win, overall very undemocratic bullshit that keeps working people and many others away

the phone hotline has nothing to do with any of the voting process, it's a public, non secret ballot voting process where you have to spend hours at the same place and physically stand with your voter group

Better to make an app where the results can be changed on a whim by anyone with access to the servers.

stupid fucking asshole
google "caucus" next time before you post your faggotry