She turns 18 and now no one cares, what gives

She turns 18 and now no one cares, what gives

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she's so fucking hot


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plz more, i want to cum to her big tits and ass

Because shes a fake and gay degenerate jewish puppet. And now 18... too old.

Didn't know anyone cared in the first place

She looks like a ragged whore that been playing that game for the last 8 years or so. YUK and who the fuck cares about that thing?

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Cred Forums is full of pedos. All the young girls who are fawned over on here are immediately dropped on their 18th bday. Shes not the first and wont be the last.

Alice Cooper on his worst day looks better than that ragged whoar.

she is very petite, 5’3” 120 lbs. dancer firm ass and legs and killer sexy af calves. cutest nose ever, sultry gorgeous blue eyes and peaches and cream flawless skin. cute laugh, sexy voice, funny personality. you couldnt create a more perfect angel girl if you tried. dont forget her beautiful lovely tits. omg, she is a real boys and mans dream.

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Because her turning 18 means the same thing it did when she was under 18:
She’s not fucking you.
You’re not getting nudes from her.
She’s not magically going to start doing porn.

What does her turning 18 really mean to you? What does it change in your life? Ask yourself this.
>sHeS lEgAL nOw
And? You fucking her? I doubt it lol.

Shut up you illiterate moron. How about learning how to spell. Get out of here.

she was an idiot.
she turned out mature and actually respectable. Watch some of the latest inerviews of her and start respecting a bit

I’m jus tryna see som tidy

trying to see the whole tiddy son

she's ugly white trash

I don't think we will care until she gives up the tits

When do her nudes hit the net pedo?


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Bitch looks like she'll hit the wall like a train and SHE'S FUCKING 18
The soft skin is what's playing the trick in your mind, because everything else screams old hag

I bet she rims well

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theres a mild conspiracy regarding the lack of Billie Eilish hentai and animated/drawn porn of her, since nearly all other celebrities as popular as her have loads of hentai. THATS a 'what gives'

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nobody ever cared about her, only pedos


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Another degenerate that will die early.

She's trashy and talks like a nigger.

She's been prostituting herself for years and years and now all of sudden wants to be noticed? PISS OFF BITCH GO TO FUCKING HELL! I don't care and wont pretend to.

Mate, I want more of her now that she's legal

Maybe the whoar should get a gofundme

I hope she shows off soon. I like her feet too.

...why exactly? She currently has more money than you'll make in your entire life. Not sure why being 18 and having multiple grammy awards and a successful mainstream music career somehow equals financial ruin in your eyes

Her music is so terrible
But it’s cool she was fucking her manager when she was 14 so I guess that’s just how the business works

Don't ask for more

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Nice, but not her.

thats not billie retard, more faggot

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Who is this "billy eyelash" yall are talking aobut

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You don’t even know what the fucking word means you fucktard.