I'm voting for whoever will do the best job of making sure Trumpfags remain one of the poorest demographics in the...

I'm voting for whoever will do the best job of making sure Trumpfags remain one of the poorest demographics in the country. So, pretty much anyone will do.

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Hate to tell you, but you aren't allowed to vote for the US presidency, Tenda, you're Eurotrash

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whoever he is, he's not wrong. The poorest states a republican states.

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they do it to themselves

I'm voting for the guy that's going to get fat bitches off the couch and back on the streets. My boy Donald J. Trump.

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Thats pretty pathetic, OP.
Voting out of spite instead of voting for someone who actually represents you, is something deranged manchildren and hysterical women do.

You mean the guy who shut down backpage, and made all the whore sites move to european hosting? You mean the guy who gets blackmailed by the pornstars he fucked, but doesn't want anyone in America to be able to find a prostitute on the net?

The only issue I really care about is making stupid lazy incompetent people stay poor. So, everyone represents me.

I thought all Republicans were white, rich, non-tax-payers?

No user, republican voters tend to live in vans.

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Doesnt that imply that Dems the liberal party that cares about the working class, doesnt care about the working class?

Man, you’re so fucked.

IDK. I don't/can't speak for what dems care about.

But you just said u’d vote for anyone of the dem’s that’ll keep the poor trump working class, which including all working class not just trumptards, poor, and then implied all the dems candidates will do that, meaning at the least, you think, they dont/wont care about the working class.

You’re so retarded.

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Retard misquotes. I said I'd vote for anyone who will keep Trumptards poor. I never said dems. Trump is doin g a fantastic job of keeping trumpfags poor.

You're just making shit up because you are a stupid incompetent trumpfag.

The day that Donald Trump got more women active in one day than Michele Obama did in 8 years.

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Wait.... so youre gonna vote for Trump, to stick it to the trump voters?

And im the incompetent one? Okay, retard.

>Trumpfags remain one of the poorest demographics in the country
You mean after niggers and spics right?

You don't need to do that OP theu do that themselves. Only 2 groups support Trump, one group lives on welfare and the other group wants to get rid of welfare

And Native Americans. Right. That is exactly what I mean.

Well you clearly must be confused, because last I checked it's your pets that are the poorest in this country. Pretty sure they're all voting for the slave masters in the DNC. Any reason you left that out?

Aka trump supporters

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Trumptards are the poorest demographic of white people in America, because incompetent.

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Why do you need prostitutes so bad? Are you incapable of picking up a normal girl and fucking without paying for it? Pretty pathetic shit snowflake.

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Pretty sure Trump voters werent voting out on spite, but hey, some biased retard asserted it baselessly online, so it must be true.

Everybody pays somehow. You're stupid if you think otherwise. If you pay them up front, they go away after. Cleaner, simpler, more pleasant.

I'm voting for the gay guy or Elizabeth Warren. We need some cultural changes in this country.

Hey, as long as ur dumb enough to vote for trump to stick it to trump, i dont care.

It’ll help spread more chaos, which’ll be hilarious until its not, which will also be hilarious becuz its not.

The best way to make America stronger is to have Trump supporters continue to have to live with the consequences of their self imposed lack of education, intelligence, and competence. Keep not getting laid suckers.

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So you’re definitely voting for Trump then? Cool.

Trump 2020

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How come you're not able to just read what I said without adding the word "dems" in your head? Brainwashed, or just incompetent?

But we all live with the consequences of people who lack education, user.
And unlaid trumpets have a bad habit of shooting up places when their sexual frustration boils over.

Perhaps we should start a new government service, the Pity Fuck Corps. Send gap year liberal girls into highly trumpeted areas armed with condoms and wine cooler goggles, and just see if we can't get these shooting numbers down a bit.
One year of service in the Pity Corps in exchange for a free college education. It could work.

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Becuz most sane people would infer from ur distain of poor trump voters, that you wouldnt then turn around and vote for Trump, but hey, if it means ur voting for Trump and keeping the meme going, i dont care.

seethe harder faggot


Trump. He's been making liberals richer, and trumpers poorer.

Thus Trump's the only choice. Republicans ALWAYS vote against their best interests. Republicans have kept them the poorest demographic in America since they lost the civil war.

This meme is in fact --- A FACT.

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The fbi shut down backpage, not trump

So you have trouble just thinking your own thoughts freely without wondering what most people would infer? You can't just think about the meaning of what I actually said without filtering it through your skewed world view? You sound like a good Trump soldier.

Should I do the one about blue states and crime rates? Murder/rape rates? How about homelessness rates? Sanitation? High taxes and cost of living?

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isn't trump the best choice for that?

>FBI doesn't work for the president.

Better fact check that a little, retard. Trump hires and fires the Director of the FBI, and the Attorney General who is the head of the Justice Department, which oversees the FBI, moron.

How about the fact that EVERY blue state but Michigan is an enormous economic success

But red states only have ONE (1) successful economic story: Texas. Your kind are ALL on welfare. Moreover your states have the highest rates of child rape in America.

We give you hundreds of billions in welfare and farm subsidies (socialism), then you call US the socialists! :))

THEN you come to our GREAT STATES to be homeless for our benefits, and shit in OUR streets!

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LMAO WHAT? my inference was my own based on people like you that despise Trump and his electorate, its not crazy or incompetent to presume you’d not vote for Trump with how much you distain his specifically poor voters, claiming you vote specifically to spite them and keep them poor.

Excuse me for not playing 4d underwater bingo where you colluded that voting for Trump is how you stick it to Trump voters. Im just not that retarded, sorry.

I don't think you understand how population density works, you massive retard.
90% of pedophiles are homosexuals and I think we know blue states have more faggots than the red ones do.
You do realize that you would starve to death without the red states too right? And it's your own citizens that go homeless from the cost of living, none of you morons own property or your own houses either.
Your disease rates are climbing too, not looking good for the blue states honestly.

>I'm voting for whoever will do the best job of making sure Trumpfags remain one of the poorest demographics in the country. So, pretty much anyone will do.
>Amongst Jews, in 2016, Modern Orthodox Jews had a median household income of $158,000, while Open Orthodoxy Jews had a median household income of $185,000 (compared to the American median household income of $59,000 in 2016).
jew have the highest median income in the country...

>jew have the highest median income in the country...
because they are inferior, right?

of course. they cannot compare to the trailer park master race

Turns out the opposite is true. Maybe you haven't heard but Democrats represent the unemployed, impoverished, border jumpers and want to give them your money. Nobody intelligent, or with anything to lose votes for a libtard. Those days left long ago.


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lying idiot

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So you're voting for trump then?

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You never been to the south then. Trump flags and welfare since all the good job when over seas and worse in the last 3 years with most manufacturing job lost to trade. Was 20,000 steel workers now it 300 with fucking 2000 robots.

we don't care about you, you are not important, you are obsolete....

Hmm, also states filled with niggers and mexicans. Really gets the noggin joggin

No one says they are inferior, we say they are the enemy of humanity, you brainlet