I hope that I never have a daughter Cred Forums

I hope that I never have a daughter Cred Forums

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Society would turn a kid into some sort of trans abomination. Im just not having kids atm

Bitch is at a festival leave her be

You have to fuck women to conceive a child.

I don't think it would be possible aerodynamically for her to fly with such tiny wings

>I hope that I never have a daughter Cred Forums
>posts pic of hot woman showing her ass
>implying op would have to resist the urge to rape his daughter if he had one

i hate women also this bitch is cutting herself probably a junkie


Can you imagine raising a daughter for 18 years only to have her make a premium Snapchat...

She's young and i imagine you are too, both retarded. only difference is she's having fun and getting fucked

>having fun and getting fucked
This means nothing when it comes to women. Guys will fuck anything with a hole.

Well, I hope you'll have some. I promise I'll take good care of them

If you had a daughter would you fap to her?

Since there's zero chance of you touching a woman....

Most definitely user
Imagine the unlimited access to worn panties

Cue the having a daughter is the ultimate cucking copypasta

Because you’re a fucking beta? It’s disgusting you would even consider the thought of your non existent daughter being used for sexual acts.. hears to your gay son, may he love endlessly

im know a guy who has a daughter, he workin a lot and i don't have a heart to tell him he have to be a better father and play with his kid instead of working all the time.
i guess he will learn the hard way when she's searching for love in other ways

this a trap

This. Just because the ((internet)) tells you every woman is whore doesn't make it so

Would you rather see your son wasting his youth playing videogames and never move out of your house?

I concur, fellow anonymous user I highly doubt her wings are even capable of creating any lift or Thrust whatsoever however, as they do not seem to be powered by anything.

Is that what you've been telling your parents

You have to have sex first, so don't worry OP. you are protected from this happening.

Good thing faggots can't breed.

yeah no, but nice incel think

I actually follow her on Instagram and have talked a bit with her. She's pretty cool and sweet and actually seems like a decent person. Was kind of surprised cause you never know what to expect from the IG model aesthetic types. But she's really cool.

inshallah i never have daughter, Cred Forums

look this slut feet on show. it' normal now here in saudi. the world is coming to hell.

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She does it for the money or she likes the slutiness ? how and why you started talking ?

I sort of want to have a daughter so I can teach her MMA. I think middle school and high school would be hilarious.

Plus I want my wife to deal with a carbon copy of her.

I hope you never do too..

And your daughter hopes you are never her father.

My daughter is turning 6 next week. We're taking her to Sea World. Grow up, lose weight, dilate, and have sex.

>I want my wife to deal with a carbon copy of her
to bother her with a tiny bitch or cause she's cute and you want cute^2

>Cutter scars on the thigh
Surprisingly common hobby these days


My wife is pretty chill, but she has her moments where her mind goes completely off the ranch and nothing makes sense to her. She then gets frustrated because she doesn't understand what's said (blonde moment) and gets bothered with me that I didn't explain it in a way that she understands.

I want her to experience that.

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Not wanting to have kids is fine for the right reason. But because you posted that with a picture of a girl in a outfit that shows off her body I'm assuming your reason is because you're so insecure you can't possibly fathom raising a human that is more outgoing than you. Or is it because you're jealous you can't do the male version and go shirtless cause your body is a pile of mush you basement dwelling troll?