Britbong here studying in America. Americans, why do you allow the blacks to behave like animals...

Britbong here studying in America. Americans, why do you allow the blacks to behave like animals? They commit the highest amount of crimes of any race, are statistically more likely to carry a STD, loud and obnoxious human beings, yet they still get put on a pedestal in the media as being marginalized and abused by police. How about you all hold them to the standard of not committing crimes, just like everyone else, rather than continuing to allow them to make excuses? Why does society put up with this filth?

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all pyramids need large foundations

Same could be asked about the fugees coming to your town with a knife in one hand and cup of acid in the other

Because Americans fucked up and are too scared to fix it and the media praises liberals; deep throating their 2 inch dicks on tv and online every chance they get

Because wicked jews and liberal collaborators first declared them "equals" in the 60's. Now the jewish occupied media push them down our throats non-stop. The System also made groids a protected species with its "hate crimes" laws that come down very harshly on any White man that deals with this scum like during more proper times.

As foul as niggers are they're ultimately a mere symptom of an even greater (((disease))).

Gots to feed the Niggers.

It's because your ancestors brought them to this country as slaves, treating them worse than animals. After they had to release them from slavery, they still treated them like scum. What would you expect these now free people to behave like?

Because if we round em up and do what really needs to be done it'll be considered genocide and people aren't that tolerable when it comes to that.

chink certified

I'd expect them to be thankful that they're no longer enslaved. The irony is that they demand reparations for something that had absolutely nothing to do with them. Blacks love to get handouts.

Liberal Democrats let it happen.

Why do you allow "Asians" to rape your underage daughters?

It's because they have the IQ of an earthworm, the heart of rabbid animal, and the body of apes. Perfect recipe for black people to turn into crazy niggers.. Always have been always will be

Thats the big issue is we just let them do whatever they want. Society has also taught white girls that being with a black guy is ideal so white guys are getting more and more shut out. In 30 years this country will be like another Africa. I hate it here. White privilege is dead.

But who sold them to our ancestors? Whites didnt go running through Africa collecting slaves their own people made slavery happen by putting them up for sale to the highest bidder.

Its not like you dont have the same problems with them over in the UK stupid.

That and the Jews

Maybe in your city or state that shit is happening but I dont see much of it at all except for a couple landwhales or other undesirables and I live in NY. Mixed relationships are a very very small minority over here.

Well, youre not wrong. Personally id support it the only backfire we could possibly receive is other countries not liking what were doing and them trying to start shit with us which would just require some elbow grease and some good old fashioned ass kicking for us to resolve those problems.

Watch that edginess Muslim or your race is next.

Lol I'm white...

Because of........JEWS. They have an agenda and push it through with their Media, Hollywood, music, etc. The biggest coverup of modern times.


Thumbs up to you, unfortunately..

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Come on now you cant tell me none of you wanna be gangster wiggers arent buying their rap albums and downloading their soundcloud shit. White boys are hypocrites.

LOL, entertainment like bullfighting. Besides, they chase our women like a lawyer to an ambulance.

>now you cant tell me
I most certainly can tell you that I loathe anything to do with niggers including rap "music" and hence I do not buy or download rap albums.

Enough said.

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How are those acid attacks working out for you? When was the last time you held one of your pakis accountable? Fucking cuck

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Blacks want any woman other than their own. Strange and quite funny. But once white chick walks that road, her life is forever changed. Like a rotten apple.

My friend knew an obese girl that felt she had to settle for a negroid. It ended up stealing her credit cards and car.

Lol damn spooks.. Sounds about right though

Couldn't say it better.

Once you go black your credit never comes back

Ahhahahaha I'm dead

Come visit Ohio sometime. I hate it here.

>Normal white guy
>wigger badly tattooed co worker asked what music I like
I say rock and heavy metal
>treated like trash and called a faggot on a daily basis because I'm not just like him

Its not socially acceptable to not be like everyone else like sheep. Honestly I think a big part of white people listening to rap is just wanting to fit in.

and you just take being called faggot? grow some balls and fuck him up outside of work

You let him call you a faggot so...

Last I checked, the ethnic people situation over in England ain’t so hot either homie. This bait is gay as your dad on hrt. Kys faggot.

Fuckin britbong talking about American blacks.... rich

You get your state mandated Quran yet Muhammad?

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