Trap/cd/femboy thread

Trap/cd/femboy thread
oc's encouraged
pic is me btw

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how is your hole spread that big? Is that a black plug inside?

looks soo tasty, more pls

Tastiest balls of the day

Ya its a butt plug, I just took the "gem" out lol

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What plug is that? Could you sit on a chair with it in comfortably?

i would probably have little trouble eating that ass.

Got a pic of ass and soles?

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i'll encourage you to kill yourself faggot. kys


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beautiful 10/10


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sneaky or violet ples

Older picture but i still think it looks great

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...i want to lick all of that


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My virgin butt

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>you walk into the room to find a naked boy offering you a dab

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good slut

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could you pull over to the right lane please

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Damn, sexy.

Fucking faggot.

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I'll take both

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>This thread
This thread makes me feel weird, and not in a horny kinda way. More like a sad and disgusted kind of way.

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trap threads have excessively declined in quality. It used to be traps actually posting and talking, now it's just image dumps and sad dudes on hrt wearing wigs v__v

I miss the trap threads from 2ish yrs ago

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I'm so fucking hard. If some trap or faggot wants to make me cum, kik smanload

Me in garden think I could make femboy tinycocc on kik

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Looks like a cursed image ngl

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It does. But if you are delusional enough to think men can be women, what's the difference?

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I'm not delusional enough to date Trans people
I just like cute looking boys, I'm a faggot I admit that much
But tbf Spidermanposting>>>Trapposting so I'm not even sure I'm that fond of traps

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fair enough

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There's a lot of spidey in here, but is there enough? Probably not.

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Got a tag? I think I want more of your cute butt

If op still here, got any shaving tips?

OP here I had to do things...
My kik is blueduck42 btw

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Uh, I usually do it in the bath and it takes me 1-2 hours. The best results come from not shaving for awhile

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Needs more spiderman and less faggots

Very few traps show their faces yet the ones that do are fug ugly

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Do you only enjoy it for a day at most?
It seems to me like a lot of work for prickly bum 16 hours later, unless there’s some trick to it?

Are you supposed to do this everyday? Take hormones? I’m clueless

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you are indeed clueless
gormless really

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Ya for a day or 2. You can get laser hair removal to stop it from growing

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Reinforcements have arrived bro

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go spidey

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Ngl I'm so fucking glad Spidermand and Hitler are here

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kik me

Now this is a trap fags

I like how everyone thinks ur ugly dont pass etc
ur better looking than 90% of trans
without make up or photoshop
get a cute hairstyle and ditch the wig
cute boys over all

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Shoot the degenerate
God I can break your bones with my hands fag

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Dope. Ignore the spam, post moar.

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Theyre all on twitter/instagram making that chaser money

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Is it expensive? Why haven’t you done it yourself, assuming you haven’t from this shaving experience

Or they found someone that gives them the attention they want without having to post online