Operation: Flush the l0g

Operation: Flush the l0g.

For the past few weeks I've been building a word filter. It started with their favourite three letter word, but they've been evading it by rephrasing his name in various ways. Like you I'm fucking sick of this newfag cancer shitting up the board. Every time they make a new thread I'm adding one of their filter evading names to my filter.

So far we have: "the sultan of the slop", "the prince of the ploppers", "the sergeant of shit", "the fuhrer of the fart", "the duke of dookie", "the colonel of the corn", "the prince of the peanuts", "the curmudgeonly cornmonger", " the GOAT of the throte", "satan's slidder", "the imperator of the excrement", " the Kaiser of Crap", "the diabolical defecator", "The Doctor of Doo Doo", "The emissary of effluent"

I'm requesting that you provide me with more names that you've seen so I can add them to it and we can finally get rid of the logtwat menace that's been a blight on this board for over FOUR FUCKING years. If the mods won't fix this shit we'll do it ourselves.

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Someone has log envy.

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LOL clogged

>get rid of the top meme of the decade

LOL good luck kid

fuck off newfag cunts

>top meme of the decade
Holy fuck you really are retarded, aren't you?

Just give in to the brown tide. I promise it feels better if you just don't fight it.

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>are you eating now or taking to go?
she didn't like that,not one bit

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Where is her right leg, faggot?

i ate it

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where can i find a poop girl?

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God damn, what's she high on, heroin?

today is cloudy

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can you dump? These drawings are awesome.
I know we're in a thread with people eating feces, but I just love the way it's drawn.

looks like fetuccini alfredo and steak

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i'm a lumberjack.
i work with lumber.

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that's a fucking forced meme you whimsical newfag

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>note how they are 100% white

ty user based


high on steamy cream

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not sure where to find them, i saved them a long time ago along with some vids

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What vids

they're hot but low quality - mostly her sucking shit

Ashigei Shoujo Komura-San

yeah, imagine life without nigger....

Lmao you're that butthurt over log posts? If anything needs to be eliminated it's the chomos with the animated kiddie porn. You're getting enraged over this stupid shit and there's chomos on here. Stupid cuck.

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