Celeb thread

Celeb thread.
photo portrait edition

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I want to see the portrait of her ass

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there's always money in the banana stand

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whew, that portrait I like too

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$400k up in flems

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mmm, lewd Lipa, I like it

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only needs her glasses.

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She makes me feel so good

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Oh, I see. You know too much, my friend.

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I want to take off her choker and kiss her neck: 3

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My goddes

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She won the genetic lottery.

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BD horny Anony. ; - ;

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Imagine STILL talking to bd

That will be our little secret.

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kira is so fkn hot

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that so?
na I don't know enough.

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She is going to win something else in a few minutes... hhnnggg

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You seriously better not be advocating blazing up in my thread.

O 3 O I'm gonna need a few more pics to confirm or deny.

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come on if dua lipa is not a fucking tranny, post op or not, i dont know, this is a man on hormones

I guess I could see the appeal for some...
Not me tho, she WELL below my standards.
(・u ~)

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I love them tiddies on dirty diane

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If two people know the secret, it's no longer a secret. You know what I mean?

Hell, I don't have any threatening ASR photos.

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I'm depressed :(

Should I be scared?

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If you drink mar*juana in celeb threads and I find out, I call the SWAT team on you. We DON'T do that here! ( - - - #)

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why user

pixel upgrade

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Just look into my huge, pure, innocent eyes and be honest. Should I REALLY be scared?

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I want her to put her tongue in my mouth

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What's wrong?

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Welcome to the club buddy

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( ' v ') You don't have to be scared cause you a GOOD boy.

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Relax and understand that you are not able to change anything

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Yay! Now I feel great! Thank you =3

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>me on the left

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You're welcome. :]

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she's all knocked up

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That's a great pic. I like it.

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God, she looks like an alien. But, I'm just more turned on. It's funny, isn't it?

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I just wish it was her tbh

moshi moshi

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Would you like if she lived with you and wanted to wear your sweaters like this? :3

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Shining hello!

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Turn on those spam filters boys, add this to your comment filters:

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Such a ray of sunshine!

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AnnaSophia? Hell, I'd give anything to live with her, clothes don't matter at all.

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if that were ASR it would go past her knees lul

Awwwww =3

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I'd ruin busys mouth tbh

You don't think they...

My DICK goes past my knees. :P

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I know right? At first i thought she was just some weird qt that got posted but theres something about her eyes that is starting to get to me

When ASR smiles, everyone around her feels the wave of happiness.

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posting god tier now

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oh, yeah, wore her like a hat.

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Did they?

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Imagine the contrast... OOF

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She was always pretty.

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Aesthetic and adorable and sexy

Shes so special

I'd say she's got the wrong face. But it's wrong face looks amazing. There's something Lovecraftic about her.

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God yesss just get it over with and spam me already, it feels so good

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this post brought to you in part by

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If you're happy, I'm happy. And if we're all happy, I'm sure Anna's happy, that's how I imagine her.

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Kira gonna make spoom tbh

anyone know any of those?

More then pretty. Perfect, if you ask me.

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I'm already full of joy myself, but every time I see the lovely ASR I just get that much happier. Yes, she feels like someone who likes to bring happiness to others.

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I demand an italian dessert

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I think it was this girl that gave me my love for super fit girls.

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You need to stay off cancer


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so she is not any famous or athlete?

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Call the devil. I'm willing to sell my soul for one smile of Anna Sofia, which will belong to me personally.

Maybe Anya can help with that, huh?

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if you know tell us

Anything on the Sophia Bush, Jennifer Morrison or Deborah Ann will leaks?

She isn't

someone yesterday remove that pic in some minutes anyone know who she is?

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We are off the soul business.

One hope is, that she lands a role in one of those big and nerdy franchises, so that there would be a chance to meet her at a convention.

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I hate that this is always the pic that starts it for me

This photo is really creepy. But even so, something is mesmerizing.

> One hope is, that she lands a role in one of those big and nerdy franchises, so that there would be a chance to meet her at a convention.

Unfortunately, I probably won't make it, I live on the other side of the planet.

Oh, honey. I have to go away for an hour. In case I don't see you around. I wish you all the best and brightest.

Someone should do the same to other pics of her.

Love you, bye!


nothing wrong with me

smug but qt




nothing wrong with me


nothing wrong with me


nothing wrong with me


something's got to give


something's got to give


something's got to give