Is climate change real? Or is Greta Thunberg just a little brat?

Is climate change real? Or is Greta Thunberg just a little brat?

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FACT: Ben Garrison is a shit cartoonist

>climate change real
sure, but its not man made.
>Greta a little brat
more like a puppet.

his shit is so corny, then you look at a picture of him and it all makes sense
he probably hangs out at playgrounds

Maybe. Maybe it’s manmade maybe it’s not. Maybe only a tiny percentage is from humans. Regardless if every American, Chinese, Japanese , and European country in the world cut their pollution to 0 it wouldn’t effect the coming changes. If we want the climate to stay the same we have to artificially force it to stay. People get scared and turned climate change into their god thinking that if they just stopped offending him the crisis could be averted or mitigated but unfortunately climate change doesn’t listen.

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Even if climate change is a myth there’s literally no down side to reducing pollution and waste and investing in alternative energy. It shouldn’t be a partisan issue at all.

I hate when people say the human race is destroying the planet. Bitch, the human race can’t even invent a permanent system of government that doesn’t eventually lead to societal collapse, what the fuck do you think we could possibly do to worry a giant billion year old rock? No, the only thing the human race is destroying is the human race, and life on earth goes on regardless.

It's real. Data shows it. Data does not prove what causes it. No data to prove that carbon tax will fix anything. It's being used to generate ungodly amount of tax money. Money equals power. Globalists want power . Even the reduced pollution ideas won't sliw it down if it is man made. Greta is a pawn being used by her parents to sell books and by globalists to sell worldwide carbon tax.

>Cutting pollution to 0
You must be joking.

Ok boomer

Only the edits. The originals are where it's at.

>Is climate change real? Or is Greta Thunberg just a little brat?

Are those two things mutually exclusive?

Yes. It's Greta Thunberg who talks about climate change. You don't see Donald Trump or like sportsmen talking about it its just her.

It can't be both?

>it its just her.
wow, info bubble much?

Yes its real
>hurr durr but its not humans fault its nature itself
Humans is speeding it up very fast

Dumb question btw OP

Doesn't really matter Ben Garrison is a hateful little faggot that's still in the closet.

no. I probably listen to a wider spectrum of voices than you.

This. Entirely this.

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Are there not computer systems powerful enough to simulate 100+ years of past planetary weather if it were not under any human influence?
We're going to need a quantum computer? and plenty of data.

climate change is real, man made climate change is a complex topic and one of contention, the issue with non condenseable green house gases is that they do not condense, hurr
the ozon hole alone is a massive manmade thing that does a lot of fuckery, killing of all bison damaged the eco system and climate of a massive area, the first burnings of the forests and the first industrializations over spears, fire, ships and so on, changed the landscape forever and changed the climate of the whole mediterran
this planet is huge, we're many, our impact is easy to measure, doesn't matter if it's the ocean that's three times as acidic than 120 years ago

thunberg is a massive cunt, but she's a victim, by her parents, by soros, one of the most evil people if his public records on being the most successful hedge manager are to be trusted, there's a long list of countries he fucked over, over massive amounts of money, the damage soros caused to this planet is hard to measure and it's massive
thanks to sediment and ice cores as well as gink fossilization and many other things, we have an idea how the climate was with really high co2 levels and it'll be a climate human society will hardly be able to survive as we are, but not because of the climate change itself, what it would do to this age of cement, the era of beton, man fuck everything would crumble, the upkeep costs would explode, cement poisoning is a really big problem anyway

They have to otherwise she would be buried under the mountain of people who do ACTUAL work instead of getting free cruises around the world and awards for literally just fake crying on camera.

She's an evil symbol of regret and degenerate Gene hypocricy

Climate change denial is on the same level as flat earthers and anti-vaxxers.

Just people who wan't to feel special and believe something that's not the norm.


it's not that much of a partisan issue everywhere, for example if you check research on raptors on wind energy you will find that there is massive amount of data from countries like China, Germany, India and that they're often produced by the left who want to tackle the problem before it becomes even worse.

While in the US it's just the conservatives who somehow heard of it, use research by people who are pro and then the idiocy sets in and you have all those pretend left crumpets say it's all a lie and look at how much prey and songbirds die to completely different causes and how windmills only kill ~90%+ raptors

there are many special things about the US that makes it one of the worst place to live, it's population and the hate it has now for each other is just one and how you all dance to the tune of the rich people supporting this anger, damn

Global warming is real, it's 100% impacted by man. Mountains of evidence for it. Mountains of studies on the negative impacts that will come from it. Only an idiot would ignore all that evidence

Why not both?

Tell the niggers in Africa to stop there pollution and we will be fine

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The climate does seem to be changing, since temperature and precipitation records keep getting broken everywhere in rapid succession, at both extremes.

But even if it's anthropogenic the consequences seem to be property damage and readjusting agriculture, not the fucking apocalypse.

You have to undermine capitalistic foundations of greed to make a change in Africa. It's too late.

Climate change is real, it's caused by miniscule changes in the Earth's orbit around the sun. CO2 levels rising is a trend that follows these rises in temperature, not one that precedes them. Man-made climate change is a massive hoax designed to control people through fear and alarmism, they've been giving the same false predictions for the last 50 years.

Not really. Just force them to scale back. That can be done with sanctions, access to abortion etc. You're just a leftist

Something that I've never seen any research on is for the potential for giant wind farms to alter weather patterns. One or two windmills probably don't matter but if you have hundreds or thousands in one area how much does it reduce the wind force coming through that area?


Why are you so sense minded?
Leftists aren't more right than right winged angels.

Until she goes to China or India and bitches at them I really dont believe in any of it. She makes alot of alternative fuel companies alot of money though.

Its an accepted fact everywhere in the world except half of the population of a country where the companies mostly responsible stand to lose if action is tsken are, and a country well known for its really shit public education system and susceptiblility to political rhetoric over facts.

Its just the strangest coincidence I know, but that's for some reason the only place its contested. No one knows why.

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>it's the fault of third world countries
You milk them dry of all that is good in their lands and then you blame them?
These are the same leftist people you see acting all leftist irl
These people have the opposite thoughts as actions

This. Admittedly it may cost billions but its not going to lead to the extermination of life. I'm more worried about the extinction of pollinators and bacterial resistance. Both issues before the latest cause-de-jour to panic about. Yes decreasing pollution is a good thing but all you have to do is listen to them talk about carbon markets to know the real motivation behind this.

I always need to link a fox news article with this because yall scream fake news every time you hear, but china is the world leader in renewable energy growth and and investment. Theyre doing more than anyone. By a lot.

So when do you believe the earth is blowing up? Gores prediction of 10 years passed with no change to the climate already so Im guessing youre going to go along with AOC and move the goalposts again to 12 years? After that doesnt happen what next?

You are retarded, using faulty predictions to ignore basic research into rising co2 levels

It's happening 2020. The collapse of global society and ww3 is imminent

Nice source retard. Tabloid news is fake bullshit and you fell for it..

None of that has anything to do with climate change though.

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>Is climate change real?

Nah it's just your imagination, and it will continue to worsen year after year..but it's a hoax, and it will get worse and cause all kinds of socialeconomic issues, but it's just a theory dreamed up by a huge majority of independent scientists who get kickbacks on chinese solar panels.

its real but were not in dire straights, shits not gunna hit the fan in 10-20 year it will take like 200 years to see any real effects

You are a retard and should be ashamed.

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Not the point dumbass. What I am suggesting is that it is possible for Greta Thunberg to be a little brat and for climate change to also be real at the same time.

Ok pedo, now go jack off to your climate change waifu. When she turns 18 nobody on Cred Forums will give a shit about any of this.

This. And anti climate change rhetoric is to blame for this misconception.
The 10-20 year mark is the point of no return to mitigate the worst of the effects and potential apocalypse that will occur over a couple centuries.
Ans scientists are pretty clear on that. Just.. just left wing news sources sensationalise those time frames and the right wing news sources capitalize on the world not ending when we reach these timelines.

The two aren't mutually exclusive


wrong hes a good cartoonist but otherwise a moron.

Fact: "fact" is used by plebitors
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You forgot

> both

The climate changes and there isn't much people can do to influence it in either direction. The climate has been changing for millions of years and it'll continue to change long after we are gone. .

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Says the guy posting on a Vietnamese cartoon website.

Pollution in Africa is caused by european companies tho

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Rule of thumb: Ben Garrison is ALWAYS wrong, no exceptions.

Personally I believe climate change is a thing but it's not as bad as lefties and Hollywood celebrities make it out to be. As for Thunberg she is just a puppet for the liberal elite to spew their propaganda. They will abandon her when she is no more use to them. When that happens she will go back to Sweden and we will (probably) never hear from her again.


Climate change is bad denialfags. These next 60 years are make it or go back to stone age

You idiots really think they predicted some intense instanious change in the world. Climate change is slow damage. The oceans are becoming hotter and more acidic, seasonal fires are lasting longer then they should. Places are experiencing temperatures that get more intense every year. The artic is getting smaller. But hey you listen to the propaganda that coporations spend billions on so you believe that they aren't royally fucking us.
What idiots are looking for is tidal waves, super storms, and pure hellscapes.

Calm down Greta

of course there are down sides. not that they couldn't be easily dismissed or outweighed but how fucking retarded are you hippy faggots that you would say that? ffs


Greta is an underage with fetal alcohol syndrome and asperger who is being told lies since she was a baby. Her parents made her a public figure and big politicians play along to get an opportunity to raise taxes and reduce our rights.
Somehow, if you critic what she say, you are attacking an underage girl and it's mean, and the only way to not be a bully is to accept the taxes and regulations.
Fuck that.

Photovoltaic pollute more than coal, wind turbins only cost money and produce nothing and the projects that could work against climate change have no money because all of it was wasted on feelgood projects.

Not him but in 2000, Al Gore, a nobel peace price winner who won the presidential election in the united state but didn't became president because of a mistake told me temperatures would rise by 2° and the ice cap would be gone by 2020. Last year he bought a mansion at the sea level.

You are not the last generation who can save the world. We were. And so were my parents.


Yeah, yeah, in the 80's they were saying that about the great freezing.
So far, every prediction was false.

>ITT : flat earthers, trump voters, children, right-wing extremists

pic corrected

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why did he draw the child sex symbol as a tramp stamp

You gotta admit there's something endearing about Greta's enthusiastic naivate. Reminds me of my first gf, she had aspergers too. The sex was surprisingly good even if she was goofy

>child sex symbol

yeah .... roight ... arent you supposed to binge-watch fox news or something?

Yes it's real and man made co has a direct impact on climate.

Based take

The only credential I have here is a B.S. Chemistry, and almost completed M.S. Chemistry.

Here are some things I have found in the 12 years I’ve studied.

Is warming due to greenhouse gases normal? Yes. Experiments with gas phase carbon dioxide, in the early 1900’s, proved this.

Is this warming normal? No. The earth is warming 8 times faster than it did during ice age recovery.

There is no other explanation for the rate of temperature rise other than carbon dioxide. Solar events etc., don’t have as much of an effect.

Can we do something about it? Yes.
We have until 2050.

What we do in the next 30 years will effect humanity forever.

Hummers are about to be EV. So are Jeeps. Teslas are beating Lambourghinis at the 1/4 mile.

We’re fixing pollution. It’s getting better.

Oh and there is a Canadian company that built swamp coolers that can absorb CO2, and put it back into water. Thus making calcium carbonate heavy water.

It’s all good fam bam.

Don’t trip. People are fixing it. Just buy an EV, and stop throwing your trash everywhere.

Oh and according to my Kinetics profesor, Greenland will be beach front property. Florida will swamp out. San Diego is going away. And jet fuel additives are already fixing the atmosphere. So chem trails turned out to be a good thing. Upper atmospheric chemistry...chemtrails.

I asked the chemist who invented the 30% linseed oil green-cap, Dasani bottles, what he thought was going to happen. He said eventually you will have no choice. The linseed oil plastic bottle will be all you have. Oil will run out.