I cut open my penis ;(

I cut open my penis ;(

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Looks normal from the top

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why the fuck did you do this

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scary monsters and nice slices

I'm also curious. What was the endgame here?

I'm diagnosed schizophrenic and I was delusional at the time I thought I was doing some type of alchemy or something


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want to suck it dry

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This is why u dont jam dildos and shit in ur piss hole

some people just want to be more special than others

>cant piss normal
>big disadvantage in getting infections and all kind of nasty things

but hey, the person in the pictures is one special mothertrucker

Looks like you had an unlucky piercing

I did it daily with a straight razor for about a week or two until it got that deep

when you piss does it come out in a nice big semi-circle?

Can ypu make a video of you pissing i wanna see how it sprays with a fucked up urethra like that like do you ruin every bathroom you go into

It sprays everywhere so I have to sit when I pee. I have a appointment with a urologist next week to hopefully get this fixed

If you tell me how to make a webm as a phone poster

you are so much stupid, it hurts over the internet

You dont deserve medical treatment. You should be forced to live with your crazy shame.

Are you a grill

why do you want it fixed? isnt it what you wanted in the first place? tell us more about you

Is this you.

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Abilify has set my mind straight and I now realize that I've done to my manhood. My doctor says it's an easy fix.


wow i m schyzo and broke 11 of my teeth for alchemy

Wtf bro its insane!