S/fur feral

s/fur feral

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oh hi sorry almost forgot to bump

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It must be new, I love the work of jambalaya and haven't saw this one.

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so how are you all doing today.. Whoevers here so far

Hes a great artist. Just needs to drop his obsession with piercings lol.

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I'm just fine.
Tested the kiln I builded today, it work so good that it melted my pot.

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I think it's her. I remember someone speaking of her as a female. Maybe I'm wrong?
I like the piercings, even the numbers, it's cool for me. Never ever I will like it irl, but in there it's great

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Nala would make such a good wife

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I fucking love this

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Just say
>Post drawn bestiality

S/feral, furries mad?

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This is slow tonight

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i'll try to contribute tomorrow, too tired today

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No prob, will go soon too

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Didnt know that. Really? Lots of feral.

Yeah but so do any dogs too if you think about it.

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Middle of the day here

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Yeah, I was amused by this information. I was thinking there were only males in the art

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sure, why not

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Confirmed, it's a female.L
At least on social medias

More big kitties?

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I've never heard of a female furry artist much less one that focuses on female dogs. How can you be sure?

Very unique

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itsunknownanon makes great art

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Its hard to find new art in this genre.

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Facebook, twitter and patreon says she's a female, plus I remember someone saying this to me.
I could be wrong though, I don't know the person.

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Too bad I dont like spending money on commissions. Maybe I should,.

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I never have, but I will make one with her next month. I just love the style

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You draw feral?

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Sorry my last sentence was sketchy
I will commission her next month
I don't draw at all

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god i wish i had a feline gf to cum in

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Why is it called feral if all these animals have human characteristics?

They don't, that's why they are feral

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Too many female ferals, where is the gay stuff!

nm just saw its s/feral x.x one drink too many. Or just slow in general idk.

oh cool yeah


Too much gay, not enough straight stuff. Just repeats.

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oh what a cutie

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This one is fucking hot

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Hottest thing I've seen all day

There's a whole series

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Bless you user

You should sell those if you know how to make them.

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Feral usually implies a character of sapient intellect. I do not consider myself a bestialist.

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Dogs already sapient and mares too

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It's a silly misguided term. "Feral" should mean an animal that's just an animal. But it's used in the furry community to denote characters who are anthropomorphized in mind but not in body.

They may still have certain humanoid attributes like a distinctly human smile or a certain look in their eyes, but the term is there to separate the bipedal Mickey Mouse style animal from one that is quadrupedal and perhaps less likely to wear clothing.

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they are simple as fuck, I don't think many people will buy this kind of shit
Just from an old gas tank, and a mix of cement and vermiculite. Charcoal powered, I guess I can go at least at 1000°C. Melted my pot, it was a fire extinguisher.

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Sentient, not sapient. Only homos are sapient. That means us.

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Anyone will buy it once you perfect it and sell it at a flea market or something.

Dogs are sentient.

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I'll try that, thanks.
It cost near to nothing to make, plus It's expandable, so it's nice. Will make another one and put it on the market. Thanks for the idea Cred Forumsro!

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Yeah dude it's a cool thing. Kilns melt metal right? Like a foundry? That seems like a cool thing not many people can make.

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That's what I said. Dogs are sentient, not sapient. A real dog could never do pic related.

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This is a pic of mine, I will soon make another.
At 1000°C you can melt many metals, and charcoal powered so it's not a big deal to work with. Just have to find pots that don't melt and I'm allright

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They are both actually

That's really cool dude. I wish I had one of those as a kid just to mess around with, and a yard to do it in.

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Yeah I'm lucky to have space and tools to do and make stuff. I'm like a child and I got many projects. If only one is successful enough I'll have money!

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yeah thats the way t ogo. By the way nice new pic. Source?

The feral discord

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Didnt know there was one. Can you post the link?

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Look up feral forest, you'll find.
And btw if you want to do some foundry stuff there is no need to much space, jewelry use small amounts of metals, smaller kiln...
I will aim at that since it's really cool

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They are not.

>"wise, or attempting to appear wise."

Just because your dog knows the names of its favorite toy and the answer to, "Who's a good boy?" / "Who's a good girl," it doesn't make them human of level intellect.

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Cool I found it.

Dogs are wise. Also mares.

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There is some good stuff there

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The mare in your pic looks like she's smart as a box of rocks. *This* is what a sapient breeding mare looks like.

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Why the fuck is this so hot!?

Internal temperature of bitches is around 38-39°C. That's why

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Thats a mean thing to say about animals who have souls and are intelligent. Just saying.

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Lot of good stuff on that discord. But you really have to dig through it.

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Because Sasha La Fleur was designed to lead you down the path of animated zoophilia.

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I bet Sasha fucks humans when Charlie's not around.

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disney needs to work on making that canon

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Fuck this is the first time I wanted to dick down a bear instead of having one dick me down

All you have to do is slap some anime eyes on it and people perceive it as sapient


If someone at Disney got the guts to slip in a human/feral relationship, I wonder how they would manage to pull it off.

It'd have to be subtext. Nobody could keep their career if they put that out in the open.

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sexy bird

Wait about 5-10 years and it'll be semi-normal. Gay lesbian and furry relationships already in some.

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Furry won't be considered normal, much less zoo.

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they said the same about gays like 20 years ago

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20 years ago, you had gay and lesbian characters in motives and TV shows. They might've been subject to comedy and stereotype, but they were there.

In terms of furry or feral representation in movies and TV shows.... it's insanely limited and most confined to shows from the 90s and 2000s before furry became a big taboo.

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That is a fantastic pic, btw.

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I would be so terrified.

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The ultimate fear boner

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What about the sexy animal orangina ads? And other sexy furries. Like the lactaid milk mascot.

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Aren't the Orangina ads French exclusive or something like that? I've never seen them here in the States.

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I'm loving this character. She pulls off the canine character with human intelligence aesthetic so well.

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what about cartoons with sexy female furries? Rescue rangers, oliver and company, johnny bravo?

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That was before people were on the alert for furries. Georgette's song would never happen today.

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2 furry 4 me

2 legs good
4 legs better

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forgot her name unfortunately but halbean is the artist. He's on e621.

What do you mean by that? Zootopia had gazelle plastered all over every commercial. Obvious furry bait. But she only appears for like 30 seconds at the end.

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I guess.

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thanks for a fantastic thread

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that's all for tonight
keep on yiffin' in the free world

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As soon as bestiality is legal and more accepted, commercialism will find a niche just like gays, trans, etc.