Canada thread! Ontario edition

Canada thread! Ontario edition

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Any have her nudes? Will pay $$$

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Bumping Cambridge!


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Bro is her name jenna

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Sure is

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604!! come on! theres never any 604 except morphia and sam

or anyone got nicole s from toronto?

Definitely need more 604 agreed

Lol girls who do this.


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Do you have actual nudes?

Looking for them

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I feel you. Did you go to college with her too?

you know her?


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EH from Barrie, been looking for her op

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Keep going

Far right

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repping Vancouver

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finally! damn...dont know her tho...any nudes?

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going to pause at this until someone gives me a name

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send me that snapochat

Where's Ariel's OP at
If you know you know

what an ass...noi idea on name..i assumed youd know her name? is there any nudes or just more IG stuff?

Lol I know her. She took a fuck load of good nudes for her last bf before she started dating the fuckin nerd shes with now.


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Anyone recognize?

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Lol no it isnt. Stefanie.

I met her on a sugar baby site and fucked her a few of times...never got her real name though. There are definitely nudes.

Any of you 506 people know this Fredericton slut?

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Bump I think I know her

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Muskoka checking in

Fuck please more



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Hell yeah you got more? I remember the old anonib set, Selena is sexy af

More. NOW.

Anyone got more hamilton, or even onlyfans, just not bubblegum


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Know her?


faggots this is Ontario.

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Anyone got KW area. Specifically Res high school grads?

Damn she's perfect. But that area code is in British Columbia. This is Ontario thread lol

Im the op lol

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Any YYC gorls?

Nobody ever has Guelph.


Hey in the same boat with Oshawa my dude

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she's an escort...there are tons of nudes of her

What makes you say she's an escort


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I used to fuck her once a month for like 2 years man

Madison House!

Have you fucked a lot of escorts in Toronto? There are some hot ones.

Tons. Toronto is one of the best cities in North America for it. Montreal too.

I eventually moved on to SA instead of escorts but still come back here and there.

Who is she?

Do you have a kik? I have a question

Anyone got this bitch ashley from brampton?

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do any one of you canadians want to mail me some cannabis?

post yours and I'll add you.

I also have the insta accounts of a bunch of escorts...but keeping that close to me until I find someone who has the same

Hi im chinese canadian feeling quite sick atm. Thats why i go only out buy groceries atm. Nice to meet you fellow canadians

cough on a petri dish and send it to me please, I want to spread the virus

my kik is ceteseXM

Ive noted it down - will add you later. You can delete it from here now if you want

message me with the girl I posted and her alias so I know it's you

How the fuck hasn't someone with her nudes come forward?

NO fucking way she is from Bram-gladesh

Believe it