Favorite amateur panty shots

Favorite amateur panty shots

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She wouldn't last too long in those panties if I was there, if you know what I mean.

Inb4 Mel


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The princess of Cred Forums - inevitable

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Who is she?

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I'm the OP for her. Thanks for sharing her. Here's another one in her panties.

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Known as "Geek Girl"; there are set that give her name as Katlyn but that's unproven. There are several sets floating around the web that seem to date from around 2006; in some she's engaged, in others married. There are no nudes (and if someone posts the two known fakes - they're fakes or not her).

Very comfortable in her skin, good body and looks fun. Called Geek Girl as some of the sets have her with games controllers and Unix text books

great body on her. more panties?

wife thong

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>great body on her. more panties?

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Hell yea, nice body

My pregnant wife in her tiny polka dot thong.
Sexy slut has no idea how many men have seen her fat preg ass.

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Fucking love girls in pink panties want to cum all over those

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Maybe a handmaiden

Wife's tasty butt. You like?

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I was trying to avoid using "queen", because everyone who has been here for a few years knows who that is

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need to see those tits


Either way, you’d still be wrong

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>need to see those tits

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do you have kik or snap?

Fuck that. She is the panty goddess

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>do you have kik or snap?
I do.

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add me on kik at jjhhardy69

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That’sa nice shot

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Thank you, noble historian of Cred Forums

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God I would fuck her

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would love to see more of her in vola r/15yngyt0m