Friends you want to drench in cum thread

friends you want to drench in cum thread

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I want to rape her while she's high out of her mind

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my best friend. I just wanna paint her face.

anyone with me?

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Is this the one in Vegas or are they all exactly the same inside

This little lady

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Face perfect to take a bukkake

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More from this cow

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I refuse for a second to believe any of you fags are friends with these women

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Was friends with this one

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But I decided to fuck it up over $250 in weed that she owed me.

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Would you too?

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Holy shit op she is hot drop some more

Holy fuck she is a hottie more

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I’d make her unrecognizable

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Great tits

Can we see body

Stroking my cock for her holy hell!!

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don't get too excited, I don't have any nudes I'm afraid

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Dang, all good though she is so hot

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very, every time I see her in person my dick aches for her perfect ass

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so good.

Yeaa I get that holy shit

More full body pics of her would be nice


dont have alot sorry

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Strokin so hard to her fuck

Love lil teens

She’s 20 actually

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Damn hot

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oh wow, she deserves it please more.

Got kik? I need more

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mmm so fucking good!!

This slut is hot af

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I can't believe someone who looks like that wuold make shortsighted decisions.

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i wanna fuck her doggy in that dress, then cover her face in cum on the right.


her body is so tight and fantastic.

no im basically out after this

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she might be the perfect woman.

Dang thanks

She's a total dom, too.

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Ditzy girl I used to work with. Annoying, but fine AF.

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i love the idea of either tricking her into thinking i'm a simp and then dominating her myself, or being told what to do and it including nutting all over her face please more.

fuck yes.


great bod.

She's probably go for either.

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show me more.

my coworker

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fuck yes.

I wish I had my old phone, because I'd post what I wound up doing to her ex BF after he tried to threaten me over said $250. Here's a hint:

>Almost put dude in the hospital.

nice dubs.
show me the cleavage?

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Friends daughter

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I'd pay to watch her fucked.

Everytime I see her I think about shooting my cum all over her tits
Same. A lot of money.

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That body

She needs to get them out.

She needs to show them puppies.

Perfect amount of thick. I would last maybe a minute fucking her from behind seeing that fat ass jiggle

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please more i'm so hard.

more chest?

alright buds

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mmm so good.

She really does
Notice the clit poking out here

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oh fuck she's perfection please more tits!!!

Fuuuck holy crap more

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Mmmm fuck

best girl of the thread. i need more. she's so sexy in that swimsuit!!

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omg so incredible.

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what's her name, she's so fantastic.


oh yes. thats hot. more front, face and chest?

I drain my balls to her constantly.

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Turned on

More then decide

love her


before and after weight loss, which one do you like more?

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I love both, but left is better.


nice dubs.

after, her tight body is so hot.
of course wouldn't mind some younger pics.

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i might start doing that too.

No nudes but have lots of her here

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kik jonmase if you wanna talk her more

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Are you saving and stroking?

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please just post more here.

Sexy body

One from her college days before she discovered her dom feelings.,

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Sure, i'd love if she went viral someday

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thats hot.

with a body like that. definitely. damn so hot.

What sitr

oh my.


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need to fuck the living daylights out of her

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those are some DSLs.

I am interest.

Keep going

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need more.

oh yes,

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my kind of bird.

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I'd love to slip my dick between those tits all oiled up.

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No doubt.

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oh so tight.

>Was friends with this one
>Fuck it up over $250 in weed that she owed me.

she makes me so hard.

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I just want to rip those tits out and mount them.

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all of them

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Gorgeous. Any full body shots?

Yes I sold her pot and was friends with her in HS. I nuked said friendship when she decided to start duckin me for $250.
Never got the money back tho.

so good, she's incredible. just blowing my mind.

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fucking her must be the best thing ever.

fuck yes.

Before weight loss

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so fucking hot!

more tits?

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love her tits too

1 please post 1 so we can jerk to her.

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i'm so close.

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Would like to jerk to

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Mmm hot

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sounds like she was the one who nuked the friendship by trying to steal 250 of weed from you. better off without her

Anyone saved her ?


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not my friend but a coworker id happily drench

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would drench in cum too, fuck

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Definite slut, think she would like it.

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Fair enough

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Would anyone else?

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Her for sure

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there with you

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I wanna cover her cute face

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