Waifu bread

Waifu bread

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What is POWAHH you ask? Well you're probably not asking yourself anything at all but let me tell you about POWAHH. You are not allowed to go under 140bpm, if you go under 140bpm nothing will happen but you lose the POWAHH.


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>cringe communism propaganda
Häng dich auf scheiß Ivan lole

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Do you even hardbass?

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i fucking hate edm and techno

how much more horsepower do the waifu decals make?

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I may try studying abroad in Italy in 3 years or so
Just do it!

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then just metal

>how much more horsepower
(warning not a joke)
It depends on the waifu. It's about how much money you're getting paid to actually add those decals on the car. Based on the sum of money and the base engine of the car you can upgrade up to 800+whp in case of the 2JZ since the base engine is strong enough to withstand 30psi+ of boost on stock internals.

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Too bad for you... I know these streets better than anyone! Power isn't everything!


Nagatoro a cute

Like 10 billion

Thank you for finishing!!!

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hardbass muh dick faggot

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Hey guys it's me Kotori. It's actually me and not anyone else pretending to be the same poster. Who wants my lewds?

Unless you've delivered tofu all your childhood or had sex with a 35k rpm turbocharger you're just an afterimage in my rearview.

Italy is literally the gayest country in EU. Don't. Go to germany... we have BMW's.

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It'll be around a decade at that point big oof
np, it was in the last thread but I wanted to make sure whoever needed to see saw it.

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Sorry I didn't catch that. What would be a decade?

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Being able to take a trip to Germany or anywhere that isn't Italy

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Tyty, ily fren

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Nobody has said no so imma post my lewds
-actually Kotori

Ohh, but why Italy? I mean I was not joking... it's literally the gayest country and it's full of gypsies. I can't believe you don't have other alternatives.

Honda S2000 with 16inch wheels. What a joke lol.

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Don't underestimate what's under the hood! That's why people lost against the 8-5!

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A weedwhacker engine cranked by a dead hampster.

But all this talk about cars remembered me that I didn't actually raced my car in over 1 month ... since I crashed it because I was too sleepy.

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You had to ruin it, didn't you.

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Why you do this?

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Gotta agree with big tiddy ninja. Why even!?

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nuke germany


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Apparently I am also good at ruining shit

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hope u crash again and paralyze yourself

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cease and desist

Yes it me. Actually Kotori. Hello~

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I'm finally getting good reception on my cell. Welcome.


Heyhey Soppo!

Ty for the check, my Ninja loving fren!

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ly2 frien

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If you go to Italy you'll be a Jojo's reference!


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best girl

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At least you can shag sum eu grills, just keep ur anus plugged when going out.

Imagine emilia staring at you blankly while wearing cat ears the whole time you shower... That would be creepy as fuck.

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Golden wind
Lmao hopefully

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>best girl
Can't even get quints. Git rekt ded'o

Anytime cute

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I hate to admit this actually made me laugh... never seen TriHard but with sunglasses before.



No u, cute

Du-dun dun dun dun dun dun du-dun...


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I was actually being serious. It scares me...
Also POWAHH goku judging dick size...

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I should have waited 0.024 more seconds to post

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Uuuh, who dis?
Hello there!

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Yes das Tamamo. Changed to booty cat so now it's meow meow!

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Thank you :D

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nice image
thank you

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Hecc, is Rory maid!? Heyhey!

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Heckin christmas tree
Heckin not best girl of series

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eat this

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*Pat's head*

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ohaioooo evening waifus :3! how are you all? i hope you're all full of food and feeling well

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Dat no important. Quality reception important.

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Dubs of fake news


69 of pats? Yes yes!

That's one way to look at things!

Heyhey Lina fren!!

And Chi fren too!

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Its not fake news. Emilia a shit

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Howdy-do Rory
The cri is big sad

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anus got rekt even without hammer lol

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Jordie claimed

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Hell yeah

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No it didn't because Rory is just wrong.

Very big sad

Pats are good civilization

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I'll sleep in here
Night night

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You dare argue?


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Oh! Heyhey fren! I think I know you from the other threads!
Also nightynight

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Yes :)
You probably do!
Goodnight nice fren

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noooo not the heckin pupperino

Indeed, I just got some pizza hut :)

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I'll gladly take the hammer if it means standing firm here!

Am officially known as rainbow fren over there!

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I remember you rainbow fren :)
Come say hi more often, you're nice

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FINALLY. Nothing personal kid, but I just wanted to use that hammer. I liek hammers.



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I said hi last night or maybe the night before. I think last night. Either way, nobody was there ;-;
I never know when those threads go up sadly


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!? Wrong pic silly!

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There was nothing wrong with that pic. It was exactly your hammering.

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Am waking up
No you

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;-;-;-; ty fren

Dubs of I like you, but you're still wrong

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bro im an akarifaggot bro i cant stay in one thread bro
please give me attention



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You'll never know what this frisky cat can do. You were expecting a colon enlargement procedure and only got disappointment

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But Im not wrong

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Don't be mean just because they don't frequent this thread...


Takane from Idolm@ster!

Umu! (No not a face. A Nero quote!)

Would definitely say not a disappointment~

Heyhey paintbrush girl fren!

You are! Can't really knock on your taste tho because Rory good

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But Im not wrong at all about this.

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But enlarged shitter makes farts go woosh and not prrrrt.

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Fuck knows

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So close to dubs!
Also you are! Emilia is best girl in Re:Zero hands down!

Beyond debatable

This just in: thicc ninja grill powers her inner strength

How's it going?

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Fine, I guess.

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Big fat [X] right there

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Rory pls. Do I shit on Rory? You're killing me here!

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Now you understand why you didn't get the hammering from me? Roricon does the posterior pain therapy just fine :3

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>large-breasted catgirls discussing shattered shitters and gaping anus farts
Magical thread, this is why I come to Cred Forums

Im a bulli, its what I do

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Love you too

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So close to quads...
How about... we strike a deal?

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>no mikon
I am depress now.

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Dubs of love!

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You can kill yourself. Ascend to the higher consciousness. Resurrect like Jesus did using juju magik. And appreciate the totally superior Catian creature called Eris.

Long story short: acquire better tastes.

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no you literally sop is a majestic creature that we are lucky to be blessed with

That's why resurrection!!

So close to trips ;-;

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Happy friday my niggas

Attached: Sonic_1.jpg (850x896, 113K)

>no you
I'd actually kill for sum Jesus resurrection juju majik. Even if the respawn lag is abysmal.

I am a failure.

Attached: 1581072177588.jpg (1921x2125, 1.63M)

idk about that one

Hi 'a failure', I'm dad.

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Friday dubs checked!

No you are not

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If this post doesn't get quints it means I am a failure.

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It's not opposite day

Attached: kcixa0lw588z.jpg (1080x900, 111K)

I prefer the term "Dad's Dubs."

If that's so true then prove it.

jokes aside, how goes you?

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No deals. Only bulli.

Attached: __itami_youji_and_rory_mercury_gate_jieitai_ka_no_chi_nite_kaku_tatakaeri_drawn_by_sao_satoru__4a8e3 (1000x1414, 253K)

Bored, sleepy... Can't understand why a hdd is clicking like a retard.

Of course it's not. The only day I am a successful human being is opposite day.

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Shes just projecting how I feel about life rn

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put the hurt feelings in the bag, Emiliafag

That sounds like some kind of TV special lol



Attached: 36f12564b2cd8f41712505a54c25c67cd64cc117_00.jpg (362x512, 29K)

Nonono. It's Not. Opposite day.

Ohhh I c I c.

I think... you pingged the wrong person?

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no, I didn't

But... that's Rory...

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Your DPS is bad and you should feel bad.

Attached: artem-borovik-finnflint-fal.jpg (1920x1280, 317K)

As much as you try, it won't change the fact that I'm a loser.

The strongest argument is:
>left fox goddess with fluffy tails and kon kons for stray cat alien butt with no fluff

But I am ok with that.

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I mean uh, that doesn't sound so cool! I guess!
Honestly, I'm the exact same as that..


That's cause I'm gonna make it exactly that.

you're the mother.

Attached: 15e4696a9f5c6883c829f4c21b6bd80e.jpg (800x800, 384K)

bread says thats lood.

thats lood.


lood is this cat's middle name. the other middle name is butts

I'm gonna go to sleep soon. What else I could do?

Attached: 1581071564240.jpg (480x1500, 219K)

Ah yes, time for the sluts to post sluts. What an unexpected turn of events

Noticed, but I'm not saying I don't like it.

You could stay awake, but that's no good!
so slep.

or else.

wowee, what a surprise! man, never seen it before on waifu threads!

Attached: 76552939_p0.jpg (1240x1240, 134K)

we need our own, small, waifu thread moderator to ban sloots

>or else
That's my line.

I could stay a tiny bit more to just make the sleep feel more like a knock-out instead of a comfy sleep.

Attached: 1581067850323.gif (540x300, 1.86M)

no, that's my line. I'm the one with the knife.
I mean what?

Well then, what's your day been like, other than wanting to slep?

Attached: 3c59cbb0911880d748f893defce61c2c.jpg (724x931, 110K)

smol lood mod here

Attached: 1580872305352.jpg (577x581, 159K)

we need the threads to die

Is mai a sloot?

Attached: ZZWSQmL.png (1108x1650, 1.61M)

Heh, it was long and hard no schlong pun intended. I had to find and order some ingredients for a paint extremely hard to mix. In 2 days i have a paintjob to do on one of my cars. It was stressful since people don't actually want to cooperate when you're not a certified service.

Also I needed to find some other parts for my rekt sports car to improve when I'm finally ready to start getting it fixed. And that's also hard because the market is filled with a fuckload of knockoffs and you have to actually request and analyze every technical sheet to assure quality.

Attached: 1580872270386.jpg (850x686, 379K)


then we need Cred Forums to die

So close to quads ;-;

!? I... when did I sign a contract for a TV special!?


Mai is a lood ninja

Attached: re_zero_emilia_render_46_by_novanx_dd4tf9t-pre.png (710x1125, 734K)

Nope. Just POWAHH

Attached: 1580873522030.jpg (1280x720, 583K)

does duke even have a job?

paid thread entertainer

Yes I have a job you fucking neanderthal. What do you think I'm doing all day?

Attached: 1560335358084.jpg (1632x1224, 381K)

Do you get paid for roasting people?

Attached: 0fe4ea99-7105-4818-9516-eb07a3c13260.png (1142x959, 443K)


Attached: img_20200101_162433.jpg (689x900, 340K)


Cat lover detected.

Yes, yeeeeeees my child. Let the powahh engross you.

Once this 404's I'd be free.

Attached: 1580871571896.png (800x700, 704K)

Hirasawa Yui
too many brown-haired waifus

Attached: 1580650118810.jpg (738x1200, 158K)

Thanks for all the big fat cat tats. Night.

i honestly thought you were a neet

Free!? You're trapped here!?

Heyhey Yui aka brown haired waifu

Heyhey Kumi aka Weh haired waifu

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Attached: 1580873017671.jpg (3000x2988, 1.58M)

I fucking wish dude. I certainly wouldn't wake up at 6:15 all week for fun

Is that you Kaguya poster?
The more the merrier

Attached: 05bb1f63.png (423x364, 163K)

I ain't no trap nigga.

Attached: 1580872060169.jpg (1000x1342, 223K)

No. Who I am doesn't matter anymore

do you at least make good money from it, or are you slavin'?

why don't you just go to bed at an earlier time desu ka?

Attached: __iws_2000_girls_frontline_drawn_by_anparu__c7fb385d5285fd21ba518fefba3aa995.png (747x1000, 630K)

I go to sleep when my body lets me sleep. Stop whore posting
I make more than I need, if that's what you mean

That's not what I said!!!

Lewd detected!

Attached: JFjRwLc.jpg (288x531, 33K)

do you have trouble sleeping for real or for fake?

Attached: __g36c_girls_frontline_drawn_by_rebe11__3af93284ce16442bfa23cdb58f3531c5.png (620x877, 791K)

You said if I am trapped. No I am not trapped because I am not a trap you trap.

Did you just... okay then!

Legendary final image lol

i was summoned by the tiddy

If I don't take something, I sleep 2-3 hours and have had dead looking eyes since always. Interpret that as you will

you a trap

Why bulli me? ;-;

jk jk meow meow

not bulli! asking!


>yukuri the floof

Oh, finally repainting/repairing the beemer, eh? Nice.
Good luck with that, ya dingus

you didn't. but you're going regardless.

The new one, I have to test-paint some damaged elements. The sports one is still untouched and still damaged. But I'm kinda' planing on a wide body... even wider than I have it now.

I... okay

whoever makes a thread gets a kiss from his waifu

Ya useless maggots