How ugly is my body ???

How ugly is my body ???

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You fat shit.


why haven't you killed yourself?

Look, I don't want to hurt you or anything but your body is very neglected.

uglyUgly as f***

you have a presidential body

Donald, is that you?

Hey High Pitch, how ya doin'?

just as ugly as your insides

I wonder why you chose to hate yourself, though? You could be anything with effort, but you chose this?

thiccer than timby

Right now it doesn't look that good. But with a little diet and exercise you'll look and feel a lot better!

You're plump but at least you're not saggy

Not as bad as mine :/


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It is beautiful.

As how you are today only an equally disgusting shag or a deviant crazy would fuck you, get to /fit/


At least we don't have to see the peen


Lucky for you there are those who have a fetish


too fat to do a mass shooting.

basically, if u cant even do that, you are not a threat, and because of that you are full of estrogen, and because of that you have no future.

i would recommend stop eating.

ur cute

Ugly? No, it's fucking disgusting.

don't listen to the haters you have beautify tits

Timby made me fail no nut


I honest love it and would love to see your cock, do you have Kik?

All bodies are allegedly beautiful you fat disgusting cunt

Why don’t you care about your body user?

My kik is kekorn id love to see more of you


If you identify as female it's good enough for me.

Looks like homer Simpson sucking on a warhead candy.

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Fucking repulsively vile.

Honest question OP: have you considered that you suffer from food addiction?

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that is really fucking hot do you have kik

LOL beat me to it

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