No rekt thread wtf?

No rekt thread wtf?

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Sex is more better.

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Story here?

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seen this for a very long time now does anyone know what ended up happening dead/vegetable/fully recovered?

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Old african custom

She has past her trail and is now a full fledged tribe member.

Not many asiansin africa i think

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Full recovery im sure

RIP Kobe

is classic nerver gas

Bitch had it coming

I've seen this webm about 20 times in various rekt threads.

Am I the only one that thinks the person recording it is an asshole for not pulling up alongside the tire and pushing it off the interstate? Would still cause damage but it's all woods and fencing.

That is fuckin hilarious

Fucking beautiful kick.

Fucking niggers.
Those seconds before, It's like she knows this is the last "clear" thoughts she has before getting turned into a braindamaged retard

Some people recover from a bullet to the head


MAGA 2020


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kill yourself, jew

autism right here boys and girls

have fun explaining that to insurance when you fuck your car up with the tire

nerve gas

she cheated on her husband, this is from brazil

Not the only one. IMO this person is just as responsible as the truck driver. All he had to do was slightly nudge it, maybe it would cosmetically damage 1 panel of thier car, and it would have gone off the road and nobody would have had to deal with that. Insurance would have handled it. Instead he happily watches it possibly kill someone. He probably browses here.

no one's gonna pay him to fix his car after.

Uhhh?? Okay...

"A semi tire came off and sideswiped my car"

the end.

What kind of fly by night insurance company do you have?


Are you old enough to drive? Insurance companies are pretty familiar with this one.


according to US/state law, he would have been liable if after nudging it, the tire had struck a car.

ok did she died or what

Yeah, just leave it alone and don't deal with the headache and possibly killing someone. Once it's out of your lane, it isn't your problem.

But it wouldn't have.

Also, and more importantly, I call complete bullshit on that made up law you are referencing. That is not at all how the cops where i live handle incidents where parts of cars fall off and damage other vehicles. And I should know. I work for the DOT. Faggot.

>where i live
not everyone lives where you live retard

imagine the smell

Does being ostentatious run in their veins? He'd still be alive if he moved by car.

You are a cancer. Just like the dude in the video.

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>according to US/state law

Holy fuck you are thick

Yeah but how

yeah, state law faggot.

omg this! gonna trigger some nigger bois and jews too

You can't see the traffic behind him, he could easily cause a worse accident on his side of the road by trying that shit
Also other people not fixing the truck drivers fuck up doesn't make it not his fault

The kind that investigate accidents because they know niggers like you lie about it and expect others to pick up the bill,_Anthropogenie_Wellcome_L0023149.jpg


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late term abortion?

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god i'm glad fortnite dances came after the war. i love watching some good old war clips and videos of that shit, but just imagine how unbearable they'd be with fortnight dances included.

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>darkness imprisoning me

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Damn, son. Don't you know how easy it is to get infected by the coronavirus with an open wound? You should get yourself patched up, wouldn't want you getting rekt!

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>antenna installation

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What a great idea, try to control an out of control tire while you're going 60mph+ while there are cars alla round you. Yea no, I'd rather not put myself in danger to protect someone I don't know, plus it hit a jeep, probably took out some liberal faggot.

Yea Insurance companies are there to take your money and then whenever there's damage to your care they try to find a way to not pay for it. They'd say "It's your fault for trying to move the tire" or some shit and then you'd have to pay for it on top of getting a mark against you which will probably result in you paying more for insurance as you will be a "reckless driver".
Have you not dealt with insurance companies? They're fucking scumbags.

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Can someone post the webn of the gay guy eating pizza with a fork?

And good drugs are better than all.

>american drivers
Please get off the road if you are this retarded

this jerk missed the joke LOL wat an edgelord faggot

13th trimester

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Maggots coming out of a hole in his mouth. That looks infected.

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Holy shit what's the story here

Tonsil stones


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jesus jumped up christ how new are you?

I need to see the rest! How does this end

That guy is fucking dead.

Hahaha God dogy dogy haha

imagine fighting some turbo manlet, losing that fight and dying in a pathetic decerberate posturing spergout

You are a scholar and a gentleman.

very professional police. I expect that is Germany or Belgium

Nerve Gas

Looks like he had a face off with a rival

Maybe is dead?

this. I'd prefer to just be fucking killed instead of living without my fucking face and still maintaining consciousness

When you are going to go out drinking anywhere, always think to yourself, all the way there. I will not act like a twat. I will get drunk but i will not act like a total cunt

Fuckm that's what he gets

based. imagine adoring a farming utensil like a god just because he can throw a fucking ball. childish dumb shit

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Are the puppers ok? I hope they didn't get Super Nigger AIDS.

The endless, silent scream of the doomed..

Instant Deth.

dw m8 ww3 is gonna have plenty of that stuff

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R. Budd


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Dat feel when you randomly set on a neurofunk track called "rotor" and you click on a random webm and when the track drops the helicopter gets shot
Feels good man, thank you for the video

You have 10 seconds to name something dumber than travelling by aircraft.

This asshole thinks real life is like Hollywood.

deciding not to travel by aircraft mid-air.

>I should know. I work for the DOT.
Show me your badge, Deputy Dawg.

what's up you Faggot blaming every death on nerve gas even tho it obviously is not nerve gas


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Monty Python's "The Death of Mary Queen Of Scots" performed by the Brighton Islamic Ladies Auxiliary.

Good thing some asshole on the road nudged that tire out of lane so it wouldn't hit a car.

Insurance companies are in business for their stockholders, not to protect their customers.

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Traveling by hoverboard.

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you fine prometheus?


Unslaved failure


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100% not Germany. If you carry a knife and not drop it when asked, you get shot. And they go for the kill.
By the looks of it, they didn't have guns, so that would mean British police.

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it literally says пoлиция on their backs you fucking retard

But who presses "post" after the sniper sh

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fake and gay

its fake man, how can the second guy isnt deaf by the first gun shot right by his ears

where's the recording from the receiving side?

Fake and gay just like your dad.

Fraudulent and homosexual, delete yourself.

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Hey man nice shot was written about this. This wasn't actually live tv stations just decided to show this


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your pretty stupid arent you

nose bone stright into the brain serves the chink right

jesus fucking christ. look at that jaw and forehead structure. literal ape

You watch to many movies my friend.
There is no "nose bone". Its all cartilage.
And it definitely wouldn't go into your brain.

>bye dad

rekt on them democunts and libtards, 4 more years cause your party can get its shit together. you counldnt even get him convicted on some trumped up charges, lol get it trumped up charges.
now cry for me all you little bitches

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Gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8

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you actually answered that, lol
fuckn newfag dont you know bait when you see it. stick around more and stop being a fag

>I was only pretending to be retarded

Can't bump the trump

>He actually replied to call me a newfag
You just got baited son

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it is Policija and it is Bosnia

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guys, i'm pretty sure it's chinese

niggers be wanting the goodies

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>autistic reply from an autistic person
Yep you totally owned him.

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That's from Planet of the Apes, you fucking mongoloid.

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and where do you think Planet of the Apes got the footage from? they used real footage from Africa in their film, fuckwit

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He has downs, not just a normal nig


fucking kek

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So lone tires just randomly roll down the highway at high speed like that where you live?

If an insurance carrier refused to pay out in user's proposed scenario, they'd get their ass handed to them in court.

Google "mutual insurance"

Beat that chili choking pepper belly! And toss his ass back across the border.

Odds are very good the executioners were later taken out by a Hellfire or an A-10.


Why yes, that is absolutely correct.

Still way more professional than fucking American cops.


Imagine living this old to be killed by a an ugly fatty for the 50$ you have in your wallet


I'm pretty sure his doing ok now

Work accident

oh man that is so cool. Is that called the fire dance?

>first day of work


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It depends bro, shit ain't that simple as pushing it away, that tire is going really fast and weights as much as an adult, tire might go over your car and fuck the person behind, then you have to deal with insurance and bullshit

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Love how his skull changes after each boulder.

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ultimate kek

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Today was the first day I read his story, thanks for pointing it out.

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let me guess, the shopkeeper killed the hood's mother

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This is precisely the reason that ufc doesn't allow kicks to the head of downed opponents. The force you can generate down there is unbelievable.

This was in Mexico you fucking retard.

> I got this still, bro.

This made me gag. Holy fuck

Anybody have the full version of this?

they say he's still waiting to get bandaged up to this day.

shut up faggot. Eat them.

White person comes over and unplugs it, then black guy runs off screen left with the baby and it's newly developed trust issue.


Jesus Christ, who taught you fucking faggots how to edit?

Imagine the taste

Why do yall keep posting this sick crazy shit on a porn board??? GO AWAY SICKOS!!!

What's going on in this? Scared to click

You got btfo'd

lol..bin bags have a fight

Markass Brownlee?

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KOBE! kek

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Around blacks,
Never relax.

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His rule of thumb looks more like a rule of wrist.

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african mating ritual. tghey put up less of a struggle is you cave their skulls in before making sweet african love to them

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when you pulled up to the garage, did you notice a sign that said "Dead Nigger Storage"?

Nigger = Nigger

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Why he run in like that?

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He lined up for a face-off against Ovechkin.. and lost.

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Story is she forgot to cut the crusts off.

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Animal niggers.

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The effects of nerve gas?

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We should have never taught the apes to smelt metal.

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They have smartphones and other luxuries but still act like animals.

lol eurocucks


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What a stupid fucking nigger recording. Let me just cover the entire lense with my finger like a dumb fuck

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Yeah I really don't know why he didn't just run up alongside it and give it a Liu Kang flying bicycle kick off the road it would've been so easy

it's a longstanding scientifically proven fact that niggers can function "normally" without a brain. Blood loss here would be the biggest concern. Assuming he was anble to wrap the wound and prevent blood loss, he may well have been able to live a long and happy life. Of course, all other races do require a brain.

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Ah yes, пoлиция, the famous British police force.

ITT: niggers being niggers.

Fucking. King.


Sand niggers gonna be sand niggers.

Cred Forums nigger being Cred Forums nigger. die in a fire faggot.

she posted the wrong opinions on social media

Complete horseshit, german police rarely shoot and even more rarely shoot and kill. we use tasers and rubber bullets. kys

These threads make me hate blacks and look at them as animals, I never feel this way towards blacks. But I'm also rarely around blacks

>runs after nigger when he hits woman

>Immediately back up when nigger faces him.


Clever. Did your boyfriend come up with that one?

Category 3 chimp out

Vote Democrat


why do niggers even exist

I'z a nigga
He a nigga
We be niggaz
I axed ma moms fo some money to go to da sto

Niggers love violence

dont rob people and you dont get shot
stand your ground

Nerve gas is preferable to the effects of being black


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At least their not using it incorrectly.

Band teachers are the biggest fucking speds

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We call you that here because irl you would come up with 20 other niggers to beat our ass cause you too scared when you're on your own. Aren't you, you black piece of shit? Plus you're on Cred Forums anonigger. You're not gonna win any battle on this field. Why are you even here? You don't even deserve to read our word. Go punch your mom for your daily routine now.

Tonsil stones.

Your bait is weak and you should be stupid for even thinking about this...

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pushed his nose up into his brain. Picked on the wrong guy.

Being this fucking retarded omg kid read a fucking book.

Takes one to know one. Dweeb.

when ninjas attack

>newfag baited by newfag