What is it? you know a similar case ?

what is it? you know a similar case ?

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That’s the mark of an Anal fuck pig

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I'm no expert but that looks like a butthole user.


WTF? Here's what it's suppose to look like.

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its this

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I get em if i try and ride my dildo to much without enough lubricant alternatively after a long stretch of taco bell

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its where the poop comes out

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>what is it?
An asshole...
you know a similar case ?
The POTUS, yes...

a normal anus?


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A delicious opportunity to tongue-punch some asshole. There's nothing wrong with this butthole whatsoever.

Need more


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This.My wife's has that shade.

Gf after anal

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looks like a female, but you can never be too sure

Not very well endowed user?

She is tight, it has closed right after took off my cock

Second time she did anal