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Who's is this girl, cuz she looks very familiar

It's Amy

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Amy, she is hot, I need more pics with her, I collect her pics

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any vids?

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I have 5 short vids nude, but it is not possible upload here....

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make a vola or mega will do

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sorry, but i have not got

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heres a vola go here & dump the vids https // volafile org/r/15ym9ut58

Vladimir putin?

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I uploaded it, but I can't link here because it tells me I'm sending spam

go to the link i posted then dump there easy

I can not make it. This is an idiot system, it still says I'm sending spam, sorry

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open link
open folder on pc
select files
drag to links page

I can not make it. Why can't you give a link here normally, what kind of idiocy is that? I do not send any spam, but link to www pages

www volafile org/r/15ym9ut58
put a . where the spaces are

I do not understend it. I can only write to paint program sorry:

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im in the room i linked & see no files where did you post them?

I wrote a link in this picture

i know that but its not the room i linked

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i told you how to do it you do not need to post links here just drop the files in the link i gave you & ill download them myself

Computers aren't my field, I really don't understand, I don't really understand what you write because the translator doesn't translate exactly. What did I write in that picture, it doesn't work?

what language are you?

I know the basics of English, but my native language is Czech

nvmd the vola i made got closed guess ill never see the vids

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