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Tie up and fuck that ass.

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Commit to a monogamous relationship where we marry and have 4 beautiful children and then die old together


make her suck my cock, gagging her with it until tears start pouring down her cheeks, then i begin to go harder and just as shes losing breath, i unload my balls down her throat. wwyd to this Milf?

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Blindfold and call 4 buddies to gangbang her, leave her with 2 throatpies and 3 creampies.

plot twist her three daughters walk in on this happening...

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Guess it's an orgy now ending with everyone in that family getting pregnant.

Which one would you go for first?

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Wwyd to this mum and her daughters ?

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2nd or the mum , hard choice

2nds pussy will probs be tighter..

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Age ?

My order.
Not this guy lol

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Tie up the mom and anally rape the daughters as she watches.

Eat and then pound that ass

God damn, how old is she?

18 im assuming, saved her from B so dk her personally

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1 and 2 join the fuckfest, 3 grabs the camera.

Wwyd to these 4 innocent cunts? Better yet, what would they have to do to eachother?

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2, mom, 1 and 2, mom and 2, mom

1 and 4 share me
2 and 3 fist and eat out each other.

1 she looks like a good start.


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Make sure the mom is gagged with both her daughters panties stuffed tightly in her mouth and a vibrator and butt plug taped in both her holes. Each of the daughters should be bound and gagged while being analy raped aswel, their muffled cry’s would be south a turn on

Human centipede. Nough said.

Damn, gave the details I didn't, tho I'd love to hear the mother screaming to stop raping her daughter's. Shit would egg me on n keep going. More she screams the harder I fuck their asses.

Please tell me how you would degrade and ruin this bitch

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the blonde girl on the left apparently let her ex record them having sex and it spread like wildfire throughout the school. she ended up having to move to another state to start a new life

Tell me how you'd destroy this little slut please.

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More of them

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That’s actually not a bad idea. The more she begs the worse it gets for the girls


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After the daughters are full of cum, id go to the mom and grab her by the hair. then id slap her a few times and tell her to clean her daughters pussy. if she refuses id start kicking the daughters in the bellies untill she'd comply. then while shes licking id stick it inside her. maybe let some dogs in on it to.

Take those stupid fucking cat ears off and give her a time out

pump this bitch full of xtc and abuse her pussy while her eyes roll to the back of her head. then slap her awake and spit on her face. and cream her useless cunt full of seed.

WWYD to this one?

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Yum stick it in her while she’s cleaving her daughters, would be so humiliating for her

That's it? You would cut off one of her daughters hands and use it to finger her other daughter. Then right as you about to cum lean over and bite off her clit with your teeth?

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that's a bit much.
got me a lil hard tho.

Ginger daughter

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Blonde daughter

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If anybody wants to write hardcore, no-limit whatsoever wwyd’s for me, Kik johnadams4333

I'd throw that bitch on that bench and cuff her hands to it, I'd proceed to fuck her pussy, till its filled with cum, then I'd go for her ass, pounding it until I cum again inside, id slap her tits till they're red, I'd put the key to the cuffs up her ass and leave her there hoping people pass by.

anyone wanna reply for reply with me?

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Same stuff I said earlier, can't get over those thighs. Catch in an alley, beat her until she is limp then keep going, stomping her goth cunt face until she's a pulp, then as she fades in and out of consciousness rape her ass, drag her home with me and keep her, continually beating and raping her Rape the left bitch's ass until it bleeds and fill her tits, cunt, ass, and asshole with needles then force the right bitch to lick her, bite her, and have her face pushed into her ass. She'd get her tongue and face poked and sliced by needles Tie them all up and rape the mom in a seperate room, making her ass nice and bloody. Then drag the daughters in, rape the left one first, make them take turns licking their mommy's bloody asshole and making the mom watch as they're violated. Then do the same thing as above with the needles except its the mommy's ass. Then move onto beating the blonde daughters legs with a bat, untying her and making her crawl and try to untie her sister and mom as I then move onto her arms. I'd then use a plier and twist at her cunt lips and clit and make the sister and mom eat whatever gives. Shove her down the stairs, if she's still ok drag her up and throw her down until she isn't, then rape her injured body and choke her while she wishes she could struggle. Anyone can email me at [email protected] for brutal WWYDs, usually longer than the ones here. Just send pics, and if you're comfortable with giving some info I can work in, I like that too.

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Wife's tits wwyd?

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Wwyd please


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Oh wow, think I need more

expose them as a trap


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Forced blowjob with unwanted cum in mouth followed by forced swallow

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Exactly, love the way you think user

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more of left
i'd fuck her in the men's toilet

Which daughter gets it the worse, and why

Anything else? Love to hear more

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shoot a video and leaking it on the internet

pimp her as a camwhore for me

That's a hard choice because I love ginger chicks and hate blondes. So I would more than likely brutalize the blonde, as in ass raping her cut off all her hair and turn it into an ugly mess, and humiliate her by setting up a camera and hooking it up to as big of a tv as they have and force her to watch her holes being used and abuse by various animals. The ginger would get a less harsh punishment. Still brutalizing her holes but I'll leave her hair alone. Maybe use it as a cum rag when im done

Yeah blonde gets it worse. Various animals , go on ?

WWYD to this slut? Loves to show off and has a rape fetish

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which one and wwyd?

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She has fucking huge jugs

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Threesome with 1 and 2, I would finish inside 2.

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Would fuck the young one in the ass while I made her mom and sisters watch. Then I would impregnate far left.

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Take em to a secluded farm in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, rape them, then let the various farm animals have their way with them when done. They will Never see the city or Sun again. All they'll know is when feeding time is, and when breeding time is. Blonde becomes a pig slut, where the pigs can flood her womb for 30 min each, The ginger takes care of the horses, and the mother becomes pig feed after 5 years of being a dog slut.

(I find these a creative outlet, the more you ask for the dark I'll get)

That all? Seems a tad tame iyam

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My friends slut gf wwyd to her

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Wwyd to my wife?

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them are the first tits I have ever seen

what is his name?

looks like she was punched in the twat by a nigger

All chained in separate pens I assume, with little to no interaction with each other ? What happens next definitely need more ?

Ben why lol

Sir this is a WWYD thread, please stay on topic. That was probably taken after a night out at the club, unfortunately idr the context of when that was taken


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Of course in seperate pens. After the initial ass rape of 12 hours, they'll have no contact with each other. The end of this story can go two ways, one where the farm of horrors is found out and as the police are on the way I brutally murder the blonde with a hammer and axe for the pigs to feast on and the ginger is strapped to a chair and forced to watch the murder of the blonde, upon which I Kurt Cobain myself after finishing. And the other ending where the farm isn't found out and the blonde continues to be a pig bred whore that is slowly starving to death as I cut back her food and water supply while the blonde is GIVEN said food and water in an attempt to fatten her up to be my personal breeding bitch.

Wwyd to these two?

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Both endings great. But would prob be leaning towards the farm not bring found :)

All me. (Think I tagged all my posts)

Rip 3 I posted aren't counted as me

Wwyd to Her?

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