Oh Bois, let's start a G/fur thread. Knots and Red Rockets make my boissy wet, send them if you got them

Oh Bois, let's start a G/fur thread. Knots and Red Rockets make my boissy wet, send them if you got them

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I have this saved, from 2012.

This too, from 2015.

You might want to bake a fresher bread, you know.

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I was hoping other people would have some fresh stuff, I know my stuff is old but it's still hot to me, I love the sight of a K9 knot.

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How's this OP? You like this big boy?

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Oooh sexy

Should I start a zoo thread? Or should I post zoo here? I have a lot of it, and it my be in OP's intrest that I have some quality knotty zoo content...

bumparoo. I too would like to see more k9 cox

Happy Friday

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meant more drawn ones, but whatever floats your boat...
hey, while you're here, have you tried any of the elypseart dildos? can you tell me about your experience wiht them, if any?

i would drain that every day 3-4 times

Wouldnt mind helping him out - but not the prettiest Ive seen

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Post your butt.

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>Post your butt.
If you commit suduko

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I want to try one but can't afford one right now, I bought one off of wish for like $14 USD. It's ok but I know for sure the ellipseart one will be way better because you can put it in and then inflate the knot like a real k9 cock. I'll post some pics of the one I got from wish so you can see it.

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Here you go, I've got a few for you, had to screenshot my own god damned pics because Cred Forums says the file is too large, wtf.

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Spreading my boi pucci

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I did not need to see that

In the hole...

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Hot, moar uwu

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About to take the Knot...

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You asked for my butt, you received my butt lol

Mmmmmmmm and knotted UwU

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You want moar doggy cock? Here you go boi

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Doggy cock is best cock

Dis big boy #KnotMeDaddy

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So right uwu
Älskar det

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wow real dog penises are disgusting

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Leave the sacred place. You are not worthy of the true knot

you can have all the dog penises youd like

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Always wanted to try that


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My. Fucking. Fetish.

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