If you're white, right wing and spend more than 4 hrs on Cred Forums daily, you're probably a terrorist

If you're white, right wing and spend more than 4 hrs on Cred Forums daily, you're probably a terrorist.

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If you bully Cred Forums nazis you probably love blacks way too much

What board does bottom middle shitpost in

define "right wing".because nobody cared about this bullshit until trump became president,and he and his supporters are not right wing

You must be new here

I hate Nazis more than I love NIGGERS. That's why I bully Nazicunts.

If your white,left wing and spend more than 4 hours on Cred Forums daily you have blue hair and should probably go dilate before your fauxgina gets infected

>he and his supporters are not right wing
Imagine believing this

Says the libcucks freak that cries over a successful president, with a real diagnosed condition of trump derangement syndrome, that makes threads every single fucking day complaining about your president without constructing any type of logical argument and just throw insults like poop like a fucking literal chimp.

the glowniggers got to gookmoot long ago so every right wing domestic terrorists mac is on the list already. more get vanned that youll ever know

I fit all that criteria. Disagree with you. AMA


Dilate isn't an insult you fucking cringey newfag


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I didn't know 50 cent was a mass shooter.

What race are you?


Nothing wrong with /k/ but that recipe is self-loathing right-wing domestic terrorist slam dunk.

Why is Corey In the House dad on here?

I don't really hate black people, I just find more often than not the people who hate Cred Forums nazis are liberal simps because for the most part the worst thing a Cred Forums nazi will ever do is say nigger. Keep in mind that there are white people who would agree a black person who beat up someone for saying nigger on this board right now, probably even apologize for his race or something. All I'm saying is anyone who doesn't understand why the word nigger exists and is used so often doesn't really understand the world and probably doesn't realize their entire culture is dominated by black people, or the implications of that.

Technically discharging a firearm accidentally and not hitting a single person is still counted as a mass shooting if enough people are around.

Do you suppose your rage comes from your parents' poor choices and you hate the "nazis" because we remind you of this fact?

Well that's fucking retarded.

Really? In all states? Is there a name for this law?

Rage? No I just like to laugh at how pathetic and out of touch with reality you are.

I'm not sensing much rage from that guy. Just sayin'

Most of those people are Jewish though

shut the fuck up

>domestic terrorist detected

>no argument

Cool story libcuck

Ah yes I'm a threat to society because I like to talk about cars, drawing, and anime on an imageboard.

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>Complains about insults instead of arguing
>Makes no argument and name calls
>Assumes others political ideology
So not only are you hypocritical but retarded as well.

>stating facts = complaining
>trump is your president (fact)
>on a thread talking shit about Republicans implying not a liberal

Who's the real terrorist faggot, now go sniff some 3 year olds panties u fucking degenerate

You missed out the americunt bit, yous are the only fuckas in the world who think it's brave to go into schools and hoot innocent kids to bits with your big boys toys. Remember this please americunts are only a fraction of the world population. In fact if you add up all of the negros, Mexicans, all the other Latin Americunts, Asians and rednecks americunts are only a fraction of the shithole that is known as the shithole of the modern world.

Can't be as pathetic as being a mutt
>out of touch with reality
School shootings are very rare. Mexico has them too.


>Nobody stated he wasn't president
>The claim "your" president wasn't in your orginal statement
>Assumes anyone who disagrees with him is duh libururls
>Has terrible boomer insults
Whatever you say retarded faggot hypocrite.

>Can't be as pathetic as being a mutt
>Doesn't realize he's an Amerimutt yet
>Still believes his gay ethnostate can exist thus ignoring reality
>Still believes he's white thus ignoring reality

>Thinks being a mutt is pathetic
>Is still a virgin despite being 56% white

There's only two white people in your pic

Nice army of strawmen.

BTW, isn't 56% a right-wing Cred Forums meme? You don't get to use our stuff in an attempt against us whilst actually being in favor of what you're attempting to use against us who really are against it and what you accuse us of being.

See if you can figure out your illogic and cognitive dissonance. This will show you how far in touch with reality I am.

Not a single person in that image is white.

Why is the guy I buy lottery tickets from at CircleK on there?