New Celeb

New Celeb

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beach edition?

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who is that?

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Better luck next time.

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new banner?

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holy shit son the Roku Channel has all of HBOs shit for free

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>he doesn't know

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Still well worth fucking into oblivion

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How has your day been ?

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true words

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still got dubs, bitch.

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I’ve been sitting at the computer all day and have no idea what I should do ...
And how are you?

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you already know what i think of you..

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I'm back.

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Im great. Been to the gym and baked a cake for my mom.
You got any plans for the weekend ?

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It's too hot for me.

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what about your front?

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Yeah we go play football with friends,
Wow, you know how to make a cake, You're cool

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appreciate the named files

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Perfect sizes and proportions, of course!

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Oh , Football is fun with friends.

Baking a cake isnt hard tho ;p

PS : you are cool aswell

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if only

>the absolute state of chad nigger

tbh if your dick went past your knees that would be gross and you would be some kind of freak and i would not want to see it or touch it or anything like that

That's good

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that cute pic on emma roberts IG though

>Didn’t get the part in the movie but DID get an A+ for the poster I made #bridgetoterabithia

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You're pretty damn good too, by the way.

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Well, it's not that easy, do you like to cook? Can you cook something exotic?

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I love to cook.
As long as I got a receipt , I can cook anything.

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So fucking perfect :o

Well.. It's nessa... so...

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Worthy of respect

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I know, she's so perfect.

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Thanks Duanon. You are kind.

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Nessa owns me

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i want to nut in ASR's shave cream

>tfw she will never use it on her face

With good people, I communicate respectfully: D

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Wanna lick her hips, so fucking hot and cute

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Dat Guy

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Ha. Ha. Very funny.

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she's so pretty

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It makes me happy that you think I'm a good person.

Dua is a sexy girl

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Prime Johansson beats anything

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This silence is getting awkward, huh?

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We talked with you about our next lives, you are a wonderful person: D

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the greatest day, that i ever had, was when i learned, to nut on command

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only if you make it awkward

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Indeed we did , that was a wholesome conversation.

You are a wonderful person aswell.

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such a slut

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I have no idea what you mean =3.

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im jerking

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it is now time, to make it unclear, to make all the posts, that dont make no sense

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It's despicable. All I can think right now how that I want to kiss her for the rest of my life.

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Sex feels good because every generation before you has reproduced.
It's a defense mechanism of survival and you're abusing it. That's why sex life is awful. Just stop.

By the way, you didn’t answer what role Laura will play in your film?

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just one more special, image to post, and then im done, and i can go home

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me too

Lucky fucker

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good. go faster

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Laura would play one of the main roles.

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uh huh

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if i do ill explode

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hermione please no not yet!

you have to pretend to be gay for that to be allowed

Would you participate in this film?

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I would but not as a main role.
More a cameo or a little role.

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such a nice set of tits. loved her then.
hermione will kill me tho.

Open up bitch

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What a provocative dress?

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This is cruel! How can you be so perfect?

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Who fucking cares? Those tits are horrific. Delete this.

nudes when?

Why are those wrinkles on her nose so cute

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its not a dress, its a romper. the bottom is short shorts


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I don’t know, but her facial expression makes my heart beat faster

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Just got my cock out.

Imma majuh pussy slaya
scrounging up your data
race ya to the taste-ah
lemme show you the different flavahs

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squeeze it hard.

Laura has that effect on people

Dua does the same for me

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Feel it on your face like a breeze
I am me
I am free
Keep the memories the devil got from me
Smoke weed while vibin money trees

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Did that on purpose

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Yes mistress

When you see it you'll sit bricks.

I want to be her slave

Imma an hero I guess
fuck what i is
kiss amy adams in perfect bliss
She is red velvet topped with frosting of my jizz

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could be hotter... if it were see through

Attached: 1559075305725.jpg (1200x1467, 837K)

God yes. I really wished they'd had the sewer orgy with this barb.

Literal perfection. I hope she does some full frontal soon.

Oh, I see. Anyway, it's very provocative.

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and thats not ASR


Okay, you win. I'm getting down on my knees. Order anything, Your Highness.

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>I am the master
master debator
going to fast better get a translator
forget the haters
see you later gater
servin em up like a waiter
simpin like cpt save-a-ho eating dominos
I will be her savior

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This girl should've been naked in several films by now. She's wasting her prime time.

Yeah, I know. But if you turn on your imagination...

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aging like sour milk

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Sometimes a hint is more spinning than a confession.


i saw her in marriage story and god she hit a fucking wall

She makes me so incredibly weak

Feelin under the weather
perk up with her in leather
Mind on a tether when with her
Shame on my mind, but I forgive her
passion flows like a river
eat my words like its dinner
even if in last place she makes me feel like a winner

She's perfect without it. Let her be naked only in front of the one she loves.

Fuck that noise. I want to see her, Rosario Dawson style, full frontal, shaved pussy, on a 120 foot wide screen.