>inb4: in McDonalds you don't need calculus anyway

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Don't give up, man. It's difficult but not actually impossible. You'll get through, believe yourself!

If you're really bad at it there's always Calculus for Dummies book. lol

There is no book for complete retards.
I better get a rope, or go train surfing and touch wire, idk. ENOUGH.

Wait till this kid hears about Green’s Theorem

Do your professors a favor and drop out of the program. No one wants to deal with a complete retard that needs their hand held all through university.

Calculus is the mathematics of things changing in real-time.

is your question about how to do fractions? like "how do I solve [f(x+h) - f(x)] / h" because that is just Algebra 2 level math with a new hat.

or are you struggling with the 'concept' of dynamic motion? Let me help you user

Ah yes, the simpler version of Gauss's Theorem. Do yourself a favor and just learn it in n-dimensions then you have FTC, Green, and Gauss all memorized.

At this point either I suicide, or do the uni shooting with DIY gun or shit in country with no guns.
I don't know what I don't know. I can't even google shit.
I got lost. I knew how to do limits, f(x)' (forgot how it is called)... Maybe even undefined integrals, but thing is, I don't remember a fuck, and I can't learn it again.
But now I can't even do limit.

Lets start with sets and elements and show you how epsilon-delta formalism works. That stuff is pretty basic.

They are getting paid for this, they MUST explain shit.
But no, first half of the year was like kindergarten shit, and suddenly boom, difficult shit, nobody explained.
What the fuck you mean?

>What the fuck you mean?
First we need to define what real numbers are and talk about open and closed sets

it's not their fault that you can't understand the material; don't blame them just because YOU don't understand what they're explaining.

What are numbers. Are those weird things after ">>"?
Checked, btw.
It is their fault they are making everyone relax their bums due to kindergarten shit, and then explain shit when 50% are fucking ill/missing and other 50% are asleep.
Professors are fucking worst people. Don't do anything useful, too stupid to do stuff (i.e. works as an engineer or do research, idk), and too stupid to explain shit. Only niggers are worse.

f(x) is a funtion that uses x as a variable

f '(x) is a function that describes the rate of change of f(x) at point x

f(x) = x^2

the derivative of f(x), called f'(x), is a function that describes the rate of change and is created by taking a limit

f'(x) = limit as h->0 of f(x-.000001) - f(x) / .000001 = 2x

what you see above is the formal definition of a derivative for x^2

but that shit takes too fuckin' long and I ain't got no time for that

so later on we skip out on using the formal definition and just do shortcults -the derivative of x^n = n*x^(n-1)

it turns out that there are shortcuts for all of the things - even when there are two or more entire functions multiplied or divided

>explain shit when 50% are fucking ill/missing and other 50% are asleep.
not their job to hold your hand through everything; you're in college and you're an adult, so it's your responsibility to show up to class and pay attention.
>(i.e. works as an engineer or do research, idk)
doing research is a part of any faculty position at a university you fucking mong; they're doing research when they're not teaching

it sounds to me like you thought you could take it easy at first so you let your guard down, and now you can't hack it when the material is getting harder. don't blame them for your shortcomings. go to some of the student resources to relearn the shit you forgot, or go to office hours to have the professors/grad students clarify shit for you.

how the fuck do you expect to do higher-level calculus if you can barely do derivatives and defined integrals? linear algebra and differential equation classes are going to wipe the fucking floor with you if you cant even grasp the basics.

But seriously though user, the fact that you say "f(x)' (forgot how it is called)..." makes me think you really aren't putting in the effort.

f(x) = 9x^2 + 7x + 31

tell me what f prime is. If you can't then this shit is on you. Also, go to khan academy and start at pre-calculus and do it for 4 hours a day until you are cuahgt up

I don't give a fuck if 4 hours is a lot. College is expensive - stop being such a fuck up.

what's your major, OP?

This is cool, but it has no use what so ever.
I don't need concept. I need cheatsheet, that contains shit like pic related, but for everything.
Concept is useless without this.

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>not their job to hold your hand through everything; you're in college and you're an adult, so it's your responsibility to show up to class and pay attention.
This is what professor would say. This is fucking wrong.
You buy a laptop which doesn't work as it should, you get warranty and shit.
You pay for uni and process of learning doesn't work... You get expelled. 10/10.
>" makes me think you really aren't putting in the effort.
Word derivative doesn't matter for exam. Way how it is written matters.

>I don't need concept. I need cheatsheet
nigger you obviously don't understand the material because you're refusing to even learn the concepts that the material builds off of. you obviously just want to take the easy way out for this class and for someone else to do the work for you, but college doesn't work that way.

>You pay for uni and process of learning doesn't work... You get expelled. 10/10.
Typical zoomer attitude. Expecting to get something that you need to work for by just throwing money at it. You don't just buy degrees, you also earn them.

false equivalency, bro. paying for an education isn't just a simple transaction; you have to put the work in to actually earn it.

go get a degree from trump university if you just want to buy a certificate to wave around.

>You buy a laptop which doesn't work as it should, you get warranty and shit

Closer to "You buy a laptop, and it doesn't work when you don't press the on button to turn it on"

You're dumb then. Calc isn't hard

Concepts are useless.
For ex, integral. I know that this is area under line. Now what? How it is gonna help me solve shit?
Right, you need Newton-whatevernazidudename shit.
Bad example. Imagine an electric drill that doesn't drill a fuck, until you rotate it manually.
This is uni.
Sure im dumb.

that example is also bad. something more accurate is like
>imagine if you bought a drill and you didn't know how to operate it because you didn't read the manual, so you went to the hardware store and yelled at the people there because you can't get it to work

There is no manual for uni.

if you're in a STEM-based major, OP, seriously consider switching to something else, because it only gets harder from here, especially if you're barely able to do derivatives.
>sincerely, user with a bachelor's and master's in engineering

it's called your textbook you fucking retard

kek. Exact same thing that popped in my head. And yeah, OP they're called textbooks. Try opening one and read it.

OP still hasn't told us what his major is

Odds are it's some retarded Freshmen engineer
>doesn't want to learn concepts
>wants everything given to them
>can't do basic math

Then, what is the purpose of prof.
Unis are shit. Out of 100 professors, only 5 would explain shit in manner, every fucking retard would understand. Even monkey. Most of them can be replaced with audio recording, nothing would change.
EE. So your next iPhone or television will explode and put house of fire, if you don't teach me calculus.

lol, brainlet. Just watch youtube vids of you can't read a book....

Why do I have to tell you this?

>read the textbook pages your professor tells you to
>professor goes through concepts and examples to help strengthen knowledge
>also a resource for questions and things that are unclear from reading and lectures
i know this is hard for you since it sounds like babby's first experience where he actually has to try, but you actually have to put in effort to learn the shit.

>EE major
oh dude you're fucked

this kid seriously thinks he's gonna pass calc-based E&M if he can't do basic, first year calculus?

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aw... this is the part of calculus that starts to get hard. wait until you have to memorize derivative shortcuts. then, near the end, they want you to use that little non-jewish brain to do it BACKWARDS in preparation for calc II.

So you bought a hand drill but expected an electric drill when it just said "drill" because you'd been use to electric drills all your life, but you're an adult now and you have to work hard yourself?

well, the world always needs more ditch diggers.

Yes, because I always take good glasses on exam, so I can copy shit if needed.
I've been trying for months, I had it enough. There must be an easier way that gives better result.
I prefer spitting in burgers, so I'd go in McD or shit

>wahh wahh i can't cheat my way through life anymore so im gonna take it out on everyone else

>So your next iPhone or television will explode and put house of fire, if you don't teach me calculus.
well that obviously won't be a problem since you ain't gonna graduate at this rate

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OP switch your major to business or economics or some bullshit like that. just end the suffering for everyone since i'm sure your teachers hate you as much, if not more, than you hate them.

They still have same math shit. Like exactly the same program.
What's the purpose?

I used to teach calculus at a university.

OP, go to the library and bust your ass studying. Anyone of ordinary intelligence can pass calculus if they study enough. The only students I ever saw fail were the ones who gave up. Ask yourself: Am I a failure? Only you can choose your answer.


Yes, I'm a failure from day zero. Never use chinese condoms, if you want to avoid such accidents

OP when finding a derivative of a function like that you take whatever the exponent is like 3x^3 and you multiply the constant(in front of the x) by it. So the derivative of the function above is 9x^2, if there is no exponent than you just drop the x. If there is just a constant and no x then it goes away completely


>f(x) = 9x^2 + 7x + 31
Yes, I accidentally missed this.

This is easy (except I always forget trig. shit and log shit). Real pain in the ass are limits.

>watch recording of lesson
>fall asleep

This, you could try khan academy