Chubby/slampig thread

Chubby/slampig thread

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bro, woah

My sexy wife

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fuck me...not a slampig...thats awesome!

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She's not a slampig?

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I'd love to fist her

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Fuck yes, kik?

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great body

Mmmmm I I wanna spank and fuck that ass

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you need to post everything of her

Meh I'll come back when the nasty drud addicted assgaped pigs get here.

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Wife's tits

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By the way tinycocc on kik

She is actually gorgeous. I'd pay to eat that pussy

Yes tinycocc don't have many

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Many what?


she can sit on my face anytime she wants

Please more piggy. She's perfectly thick and has some amazing legs and tits

She’d love to, she’s a freaky whore


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Pics tinycocc on kik

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Nice little tummy on her.
Any of those tits or ass?

got any more pics of her?

I’d love to suck on those tits

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i want her to ride my face rough and hard

Reply if she made your dick throb a little and want more

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yes please


She loves to get her ass fucked rough

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Love it, how old?

I'd lick her asshole and then fuck it hard and deep...damn I'm fapping to her

Like this but fully nude?

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Late 20s
Her fat tits are pierced btw

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Lets see those piercings, she give good head?

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volafile dot org/r/15x861w08
Top 5 or so pics aren't mine, scroll to bottom and go from there to see more of her

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Fat women are unintelligent. How hard is it to maintain a healthy weight? You just stop eating when your stomach is full. Fuck these stupid whore cows.

You’re welcome buddy, she enjoys being dominated, choked, slapped hard

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She gives great head. Even better titty fucks.

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I bet, but id me more interested in spending the night sucking on those fat tits while she jerks me off.

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You sure you wouldn’t like to have these wrapped around your cock?

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Fucking THIS.

And the desperate men who fuck fat women and go, "hurr DURR its a SLAM PIG hurr durr durr" are so fucking pathetic. This thread is a disgrace.

What am i gay? of course i would love to have those wrapped around my cock.

Each girl is in a different boat dude, some get trapped into relationships with feeders and they just sorta blow up due to people like say me, just constantly feeding her.

(Yes my girl is trying to lose weight and im not helping any by feeding her shit foods to help make her gain weight.)

You know you’re gonna nut for her don’t you?

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Boi! She fucking fine! Moar!

Yeah thats what im here for

Look how fucking fat her tits are....

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>Look how fucking fat her tits are....
I know, i want to pull them out and milk those fat udders. Does she know you share?

Why are you so upset over what others like? Take a deep breath and go take a walk man.

A man of class and culture!

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No, She had no idea your hard for her right now

Everyone who’s fapping for her reply to this and say “flop those fat tits out”

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Slam pig Twins I know

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Fat girls are fucking godsent you niggerloving cuck go beat off to twinks like you usually do fagg

Flop those fat tits out my guy

mmmm i would bury my face in that hairy pussy

Flop those fat tits out based user, let me nut

I'd love those plump lips around my cock

Cum for these perfect fat tits

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Fuck yes. Driving so please dump everything

Any time any where my friend, those are some A+ udders

Here’s a better look at her whore mouth

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Damn those tits are amazing


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Wow...some of the sexiest lips I've ever seen


Cum all over her

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ill have my gf lick her all clean afterwards

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all over her tits and face

That’s moar like it

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Shoot it right in her eyes

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Moar my guy

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dump a hot load in here

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I'll shoot it everywhere!!

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Oh fuck yes please

Oh I love her, your girl user?

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Keep going..

Got kik?

Got kik?

Oh wow, got kik user?

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Post yours and I’ll message you

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no sorry dont use it

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Yes please, kik?

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naw its my neighbor

Holy fuck, yes

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Thanks :)

Got kik? Mines ooby82

Dirty slut...yes please

De tinder,si tenes mas pasá.Es un bombón

Damn! Moar!

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No sorry

Shame, you should make one, come and chat

Dont stop

With how quick my aunt goes though partners I'm pretty sure shes just a slam pig to them

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Nah im ok

She have kik?

My fat Piggy fucktoy

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moooooar ! any nudes ???

Gives the best head.

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Oh nice, got kik?

Show us. Got kik?

Interest in this chubby milf?

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I wanna see more, talk about using and abusing your toy


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Nice under boob. Keep going

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Some more ass

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I want to see a full frontal

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Nice nice

I'm sure you do pal

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Keep'em coming


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Fuck me! Moar!!

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Very sexy

Bless up

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imig dot es/c/hdmTAPa

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latina ex

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daaaaamn ! keep posting she's hot

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Too fat and insecure for front shots?

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full body nude standing up?


You’re damn right

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Gotta give us all of them

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Más coño

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Wow she's hot

Love her, kik?

Stfu already dude.


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thats a shapely big ass

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Any interest?

would smudge her pudge

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This was just made by an user for me, if you see this user, thank you

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She is on southerncharms can't remember her name.

any more pics of her?

Great for smashing

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Oh yeah

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That's one hefty booty damn

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Nice. Moar



Bet she was fun

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Cute little feet with big tits I love it

Good god yes. I'd be all up in that

Braindead camwhore I fucked while on holiday back home. Complete filth

Ex fuck bud

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Let's see that in one of her holes

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She has a tasty looking pussy
Good taste in lingerie

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Wish that was my cock


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Keep going. Ass?

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I wouldn't be able to pull out

She has a nice ass

Love it. Reminds me of my ex.

Mmm really? Also do you have kik/discord?

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sad cope isnt it


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Nice trips


Kik me at naivepandaaaa

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Saved soles.

looks like a good fuck

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She looks great user. Lucky fucking dude

Any more of her?

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Thanks bro. She's great

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Slow thread. Back if interest

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Moar face with tits



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Kik me too and I'll tell you what I'd do to her

Go on

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Fuck more?!

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Attached: julia (23).jpg (639x915, 276K)

fuckin hot!

love the polish

I fuck a morbidly obese land whale everyday. I dont understand why someone would willingly want to see a fat girl naked. Its fucking disgusting.

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What happened to her ass? You literally destroyed it?

Fucking hot

If it's so disgusting, why do you have sex with her?

haha glad you like them. other girls name is whitney