Kik bread

Kik bread

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Talk to me about anything. Femanons preferred but not picky or fussy

Jerk off to my sister. Lordyhey

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M Extreamly horny and i have an ok cock

Andramama invite to good no rules groups pls or send me some stuff


Send me moms, wives, hs girls, rape stuff. Make my day :)

Loyalty testing


USA wins discord


Jerking to whoever you wanna send.

zim10p trade girls you know and weird stuff

Tell me how you’d brutally rape and humiliate me no limits. Abuse me. I love public play. Best story gets nudes. No story gets ignored.

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My kik: jessiecali951

Let's see some wins you anons got from kik

Feeding bulls my slutty friends I know I have no chance with. Show me what a real cock looks like and tell me what you would do to them. I can also roleplay as myself and one of my friends in a Cuck Roleplay if you wish. Kik: its_ya_girl7

Cheating young wife

Sassylassy95 for sister pics

Don't join if you won't contribute

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Kik grizzly616 and ill trib your gfs and exs you have nudes of if you don't have nudes dont even bother sending a message

Prefer 18/19.
Chubby white girls
Or blacks and latinas

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814. Kik if you recognize. I want to share her with people who know her

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Kik: ifitworthit_66

send me wives, gf, mom, sisters, cousins

Send rape, fetish/taboo, incest

anything you think will get my cock throbbing again

Kik: JudeK12345

Send Me any straight material

Kik me if you want to show off your gf or wife

send me your teens.

Kik jantrabb.

Send rape. Spy . Sister. Hot shit

Looking for blackmail young teens Kik dodgerfan4200

Cocking/ stroking and maybe cumming for your wife.


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Kik me if you wanna share your girls.
Wives, gfs, friends, daughters im game for anything really

Looking for someone that wants to see my girl nude and tell me wwyd to her


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I like showing my cock
I don't need anything in return, but teens and lolis are nice

Lets chat about our sexual experiences


Kik: merz783
I'll jerk for girls you know.

jd10400 to jerk to girls you know. I’ll be worth your time. U.S only


20 F Brown and sassy. Looking for attention and WWYD.


ill rate your gf honestly

Kik JoeBxl, a hot slut

Let me rate your dick and cumshot.. Or want my tribute?
KIK: wanturjuice_


Hardcore stuff, show me what you like.

Rate gf/wife

Send me your wife or gf


Looking 4 tributes
Freckled redhead slut

Anything fucked up no limits jas9496

Kik: femanonon
Rape fetish slut, gets off on wwyds. sends nudes and loves RP. Post wins

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Rate her pussy tell me what you think Theb1797 kik

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Another pic

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She loves to show off

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someone to cover her


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25 m bi

I'm down for whatever. Goth girls, huge cocks, cum, your girl. Doesn't matter

kik: doesarehot

send anything looking beast or shota but anything thats taboo is good

I will set you girl as my background, cum trib, trade, rate, or wwyd
Kik: Hanstoned

Cuck/ Hotwife couple only interested in big cocks that can verify: KIK: kinky78729

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Kik bigdadscuck

Sharing around a exposed slut

M and bi, so anything will do, will also rate



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27 m USA

kik: kramer1337

Like hearing anons describe the gay experiences they had growing up with their good friends, especially if they involved group experimenting. If you experimented with a group of your friends on sleepovers, campouts, school trips etc. and enjoy talking about it, feel free to message me.


I'm hairy and fat with a small cock.
Wanna fap to your mom's/daughters/gfs/sisters/aunt's etc.
Also into lots of hentai. Send me anything.
And every female/sissy/trap is welcome to send me anything

Send me porn I need to cooooooom

RazvanC93, need to nut, send taboo

Hoe posted in other thread. It says she likes it big

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need to jerk off fast send me your best stuff f only



I want to jerk off to anything you send me

Kik dodgerfan4200 young teen trades

Some dude also posted this and i think you guys might like it

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let me rate your girlfriend
ill be brutally honest

Let's see some chubby sluts and big tits

Im horny send me nudes

25m looking for fembois, goths and furries
Kik G_Eyeburner

Fucking amazing body. Any tips for getting her attention?

A 8.5 cock work for me lol


Send me loli kik: bloodborneloop

Send me white girls for BBC. I will trib the best ones

I'm very good at WWYD. Send me your wife / gf.

Kik: DarrenLBates

Be black apparently


looking for femanons mostly but im down to trade if uve got something good



trading Estonian sluts, i have many, add me if u also have and lets exchange

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need to cum, send hot sluts, your wife, gf, daughter, etc


I wanna see some good shit. No limits

Experienced bull in Vegas looking to meet sometimes I travel if the slut is Worth it , Kik under vegasrod

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Send me your wives, gfs or exes will WWYD them

Moar? shes locked up tight

18 fat guy, small cock, send me anything

post group codes

Supporting this. Bitch needs a good gangbang

gf sharing pics of herself, tell her what you want to see in the msg, kik is alizslt

musical_cow i might be doing tributes idk

Captions for nudes aaronhill_55

40 m
Big titty wife trade
Pic related

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Send me your sluts

Send this dumb slut dick pics and fucked up porn. She'll deny it but she gets so wet

Anyone who wants to trib my teen gf or no limit talk about her and verbally abuse her kik me

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Send me girls for a loyalty test. Must be Snap or Kik


I used to fuck this girl alot when I was a minor and I'm pretty sure her first kid was mine. My Kik is sooznooze. If you want more pics and details

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Nudes by state discord ..

kik macktastikk
small cock need not apply

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RBC1233 little sis

I want to become a submissive slave girl for someone on discord by being shown pictures to be made horny and vulnerable

Please dont be creepy, I just want to continue to have fun tonight, im a litle tipsy though :/

My discord is: Malory#3526

Pic related by the way :)

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send me rape stuff


Send me dicks im bi

Ill rate your girl

lickinlauren she has a bush and gets pretty filthy when she's horny

My private kik. Send and post some, i do back

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Make fun of my cock

Looking for girls to make fun of my small dick. Send me anything

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Send me something and maybe we can chat about it.

Send your sluts to sbridge69 for rates and wwyd

S_nicole_mink gives out nudes

18m looking to jerk on cam or get a joi (will obviously share) before going to sleep. Kik me: irtFM

musical_cow still doing tribs

Not found

sharing gf

only request is share her around


Cuck my small cock

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Any traps?
If not, just send me fucked up stuff


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Can wwyd your slutty teens, gfs, wives, milfs etc

Sumbubby, Make fun of my tiny sissy cock, I love being degraded and humlilated, will also do other lewd chatting about other fetishes I have like me being a cuck


looking to share and talk about these brown sloots with someone

anon232232x on kik

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Send me loli kik: bloodborneloop

Trading teens, jondoe10111

Send feet pics to weltmacht_

If we got any big dick faggots in Searcy Arkansas, let me know. I've got a desperate girl looking for easy money

Looking for someone to tribute clothed pics of my gf

Kik: inneedbbc9

Kik hellalit556
Sharing my sis for you to stroke it to
Appreciate tributes

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Anyone get any?

Looking for anything

Little sis RBC1233

I will show off your gf or wife’s nudes to people who know her. Kik mywifissohot.

Still actice, still bi and still hungry for dicks

Kik me if u like her


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any good groups?


Love showing off my small cock

As the name states

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Kik Elimar90
Come and see a real shit eater!
2 videos for 40 and pics as well

show me shemales handsfree cumming

Send me pictures of ur girls booty.
In public or thong bikinis are bonus.
I will coom to the best ones.


Pathetic cuck can't help himself, I've collected dozens of pictures of his slut wife without even trying.
See for yourself at Benprice444

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Down to chat and be a friend to the bored.

Down to trade or do detailed wwyds/rates of gfs/wives/exs/etc for the horny.


bored n horny, send me anything tbh


love receiving random dick pics

equalsin if you want to see a shaved cock pm me :D

any sissy slut or female.


talk to me about girls i know taking big black cock and pleasuring them while i be a tiny sissy bimbo cuck

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TheMeezus. Just a dude. I'm down for whatever. Would like some friends, people to talk to, maybe exchanging pics (regular and lewds, either are acceptable.

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I am a dude who likes to wear diapers you can see some of my old selfies don't ask me for other stupid shit I'm not interested lmao


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Keep going

Bull here. Willing to do WWYD or rates. Also looking for good jerk material, nothing is off limits so entertain me.



Get in /r/15yr51tzg

sharing my wife's Kik, Kik me at GetterT for details

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Fat ass in that dress

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Kik is iluvwhit
I want to chat with white men! Spesifically whites who are cocky, or ones who genuinely like insulting or bullying others!
If you have big balls, that's a plus!
22 m

Send me girls you know to jerk off to. Incest and beast also cool

Young? Anything?


send beast, especially pigs, and other sick porn

Nice little tits

Slurpdrips - send me anything and ill send you me stroking. If i like it ill cum. No limits, Also ill do loyalty or get wins but only on kik. No tribs or wwyd.

Kik- issaweeze let me jerk off to your girls and your cocks feeling horny and wants to chat about what will do to your girls best one gets a tribute

Let me show off your girl to people who know her on snap or Kik. Kik me at mywifissohot


Send me picks of girls and i'll send you videos of me jerking off to them with my bbc and tell you what i'd do to them

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I do captions on girls

Kik me your cock

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Expose my gf or humiliate me. Sem1992x

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Showing and chatting about my sexy blonde wife. Mid 20s and fit. Love showing and trading her panties and thongs if your into that! Kik hockeyguy600

I want to hear about your family fantasies and see your favorite nudes.



Kik han_flanxox

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send me wives, gf, mom, sisters, cousins

Send rape, fetish/taboo, incest

anything you think will get my cock throbbing


SkyHD21 Names Bella white

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I can get into snaps and I also teach how to do it(NEITHER ARE FREE). Message me on kik at ncanon336

Whos near Boston New England area. Looking for chat people. Also hot girls.

Kik beckn354


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Messaged you.

Kik: johnanonanon955

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Very legitimate, good prices and always responds.

White 21yo sub male looking for whatever. Love doms, if you eant to send me stuff that is cool too.

Sharing my gf. Convince me to expose her more and tell you things about her.


Will bang your girl’s fuckin brains out.
White girls get fucked first, Asians come next.
No black girls.
Kik: nickanon777

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Kik thejohnson9 with slut wives

RBC1233 my slutty little sister

27 m va bi switch
Compare/wager. Chat, send me anything, show off. Down for whatever

Horny bull looking for someone to share my co workers and jerk off with, they are mature woman who need to be used, kik is slavemaster0808


Sharing my slut

Kik anonwowed

Looking for people into incest

please expose my girlfriend on xhamster or imgur. kik uit78

Kik: alexvsheenan
he’s got lots of pics but he won’t share with me cause I’m a guy. At least pretend Ur a girl when you message him. Lets humiliate him so If he sends you pics please share them ;) go on I dare ya!

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Trading my sis nudes for anything good HMU with what you got



What are the prices?

no kik just exposing this slut for people to cum to. trib her!
7stitches.tumblr /tagged/me

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Attached: tumblr_ozandm1wQr1qfwhhxo1_1280.jpg (1280x1707, 405K)

She has great tits.

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Traps/trans girls or guys

send me your sluts.


Any daddies or mommies?


PornVidz trade
No scat/pizza
Kik yourown10

anyone got asian

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She's 16 bro



Sub and slutty, make me feel dirty.


Doing trust tests and also uk swaps

Horny male bi slut 23year

Send your sluts for a rate
Teens and beast are cool too

Just trimmed my thick cock 7x7
For a hot slut

Slutty tits available here kik: worthyken

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30 M
Single father
Help me cum please
Femanon preferred

Doing captions, drop your kik


Lets chat about our sexual experiences

Great tits, more

Looking to stroke to your gf, sis, wife, ex, daughter etc. Let's have a dirty chat about her and jo together with. Kik: highlife.12


doing tribs

Showing the redhead ex

Kik tayla_slut come wwyd to my gf (no nudes)

Doing captions, Kik davey274


looking for big cock

Attached: jojQwFh.jpg (720x960, 110K)

Pic is my wife
18+ only

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Bored at work




trade pics of people we know, random girls and porn, wwyd. up for anything really. at a friends house right now and im fucking horny.


Play with me, im horny and slutty

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Will show you Indian sluts and will need tributes and brutal no limits wwyd. Can do wwyd for your sluts as well.

Or just text me whatever you want me to stroke to: Kik: bigbrownman9348

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Send me anything to fap to.
Kik cotolettaalvapore

* bumplumplin


Attached: A8ADB697-7D29-4ACA-ACB7-D85D0B3579F1.jpg (1586x2046, 483K)

4theanons please someone surprise me

LTsugar, send anything, even your wife

need captions or babecock

My kik: Ha2ha0ha0ha0

Hi, want to hear wwyd’s for Paola, she’s a Mexican virgin, and she’s a very innocent girl irl
Tribs are welcome!
Sadly doesn’t have any nude

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Robzombi70 looking for someone to send my dick to. Preferably femanons but anyone will do.

Wanna see her creeps?

Attached: image.jpg (828x1792, 680K)

21 m bi
into anything, send whatever you want



will send/receive anything

will match pics to trade

Still doing them Kik me


Jakekilly97 want everyone to jack off to her perky tits

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Whos down to chat about your wife or gf, while i jerk snd cum to her? Kik beckn354

Post wins or convo

Make me cum to anything you want

Kik denden430

Looking for someone who wants to share their sister. I also do trust tests on kik or discord.


Dwalrod2 send me anything no limits

No limit trade kik alwaysbcheesin

Cuck here looking for a bull to humiliate me and expose my wife my kik is umg2015


Dwalrod2 trade anything no limits at all

Trading anything


Looking for someone to rp. Would love to do something involving my thick blonde gf but I'm open to suggestions and ideas

Kik - anon12244


expose my skinny ex. force me to give u more

looking for femanons mostly but will do trades for the right things

Throh_away trading pizza preferably 14-16

Kgb565 send me dick pics I’m drunk rn and horny also just send me anything

If you have a young daughter or sister you want to share, Kik me at bjim7942

69bubbagum pls send me some good stuff. lost everything on when my old phone broke

Give a good wwyd to her for nudes. Kik joeseph106

Attached: 76804E55-AC1F-401B-8F43-CE4826804B31.jpg (770x960, 73K)

34/M/OK, USA
straight, going through a divorce, looking for girls to chat, flirt with
sexual component not required but won't hurt my feelings if it gets there
Kik - an0n98765

fuckin lul


Wanna trade oc creeps?

still around, looking for anything

Wtfpics17 to trade California girls especially 818


Make me cum by showing me what makes you cum

Lets post Christina all over the web
Kik cgbcuck

Attached: 6CB5DA7A-D8CB-4FE1-AAA1-60AE9D5B7C0C.jpg (539x960, 52K)

Looking for people to save pics of girls I know and share them/post them elsewhere

Let's also talk about what we'd do to them

kik andilovelisasomuch


down to chat most things

Rockguy01 send me anything no limits trade

Wife 31, together since 2004. Only one I have ever been with. Add to chat, share experience and perhaps more. Not on kik all the time, busy life (kids, work, etc).

Send anything
Down to chat


Looking for you taboo fantasies. Tell me your craziest stories. If you fucked your sister I want to hear about it. If you made a dog fuck someone, I wanna hear about it.

kik: classic_tinaa thick slut from school post wins if possible

Attached: Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 12.41.04 AM.jpg (752x1152, 313K)

Attached: Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 12.49.03 AM.jpg (646x1140, 90K)


I just want friends

add blazingops_XL

Kik is qexcv

Looking for someone that's able to film themselves jerking off to a picture of a girl while saying how they'd fuck her

Kik: jomib
I'm a guy looking for trap/ts/femboy or a kinky woman to talk with and exchange pics

Add qawsedr4444

Looking for pics of Missouri girls

Humiliate this sissy faggot. Kik: oneyoungduck

Just looking to be spammed with uk girls preferably nudes and preferably northern but not fussy

looking exposer or detailed rater. 22yo blonde, huge DDD cups. kk wes.wesss

Trap :(

Looking for someone to make me cum, teens, traps, and petite please


I'm a straight, normal hung guy. Females to the front of course, but I talk to everyone so, feel free to give it a try. We can talk, trade, flirt, do tests, whatever, let's see how it goes!

Attached: n0j4n51.jpg (2253x3117, 809K)

I'll show you my tiny dick


Kik wu_chelsea, spic/nig junkie bimbo stripper. She's emotionally 12, according to her therapist. Full of mental issues, uncle molested her for years, made her batshit insane

Her friends call her Trashea/Trashie as a nickname, for obvious reasons She's hilariously stupid, doesn't understand shit

She has a boyfriend back in the US, but lives in Amsterdam now and cheats on him all the time since she met some nigger who took her v card and got her on drugs

#F!ftlAFKxR!xMhg8hr1KqMY-Go1mIQsQg or messaga SpriteBand for her nudes. Need more info to expose her

Attached: 34494524_943501609164253_7844182957785874432_n.jpg (320x320, 11K)

Kik; imacuck666
Want to hear what you'd do to her after pulling her into your van as she walked the dog after dark

Attached: 54417c86-3a3c-4f3a-b01b-0256cf44a634.jpg (540x720, 39K)

Cucks send me yo women, stay blessed


Will bang your girl’s fuckin brains out.
White girls get fucked first, Asians come next.
No black chicks.
Kik: nickanon777

Attached: B66F880B-EB18-420A-AA62-B7CA18D9DE64.jpg (1200x1200, 220K)


sharing pics of female friends for wwyd tribs rates and captions

Showing off my cock


sharing voy of my chubby sister if you tell me how you'd rape and humiliate her

High as kite
Here to trade nudes of my gf send your kik Cred Forumsros !


just bored don't expect anything



trading nudes of gf, ex, friends for yours gf, ex or other oc



Bdil69420 I’m a bwc bulll and looking to loyalty check girls. Also into oc of black/latinas. HMU to be hubmbled by my massive dick.

Try to make me cum

Kik: piuyl2

Kik Jhon_adams trade or cucks


For anyone going through a rough time and wants to talk a bit

I like teens, cum, sucking, cocks, sissy hypno stuffand more Write me and send me
Kik: phil6543210

Monster tits