Am I ugly Cred Forumsros...

Am I ugly Cred Forumsros? my long term gf (was together 13yo - 22yo) left me a while ago and I feel like I'll never get another gf due to being ugly, fat and socially inept. I never had to learn to speak to women or hold relationships with people as I was always at home with my gf. How fucked am I?

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Really fucked OP. You shouldnt have let yourself slip like you did and youre a stupid fuck to think you were going to be with a gf you started dating when you were 13 and keeping up your looks didnt matter.

I will give the same advise my dad gave me in my 20's.

Boy, if you are sleeping alone, your standards are too damn high.

yeah you're pretty fucked OP, however find hope in the fact that if you lower the fuck out of your standards im aure theirs a wildabeast out there for you somewhere..

Not ugly, just fat.

Thank you for the constructive criticism

Lose some weight, hit the gym. You'll be fine retard.


nah fuck all that noise, that's too much work. just purchase a sex doll and you will be good to go

Doesn;t make a difference whether you are ugly and fat, or not. What matters is.........You came to Cred Forums for advice. That lack of any intelligence at all has doomed you to a life of failure, larping in your mommy's basement, watching trap porn. your life is over. Be an hero. Kill yourself. Oh yea.......have somebody film you killing yourself and post it on Cred Forums.

Incel found

As an alternative to killing yourself have you considered becoming a rapist. You have the face of someone who would roofie a girls drinks, why not bank on that and get laid alot.

Wait were you together for 9 years spanning the age of 13 to 22, or were you 22 and dating a 13 year old?

he's still getting more pussy than you kek

lol the former. we was both 13.

In other words, she grew up and became a woman, and you stayed a 13 year old incel. no wonder she left you. you are a little boy in a mans body. Kill yourself.

Jealous OP got more pussy than you

You're average. You'll find a bitch that will love you. Even the ugliest fuckers on Earth can figure it out. You'll be fine, faggot

Those who talk and brag the most, get the least.

>Even the ugliest fuckers
Yup. Me for one instance. Ugly enough to make a freight train take a dirt road. I have 4 kids.


True, but as a budding rapist he will be fuck more bitches than you.

This tbh

This is not fucking reddit

You're average looking. Not ugly, but not particulary attractive. I don't believe women would turn you down based on looks alone, but you will need to be charasmatic, or be a massive douce with hella money.

Solid 6/10.

You look like Sam Raimi after carbo loading.

This one really hits home, mean but true.

She probably needed some new dick. And if u just stay home and do nothing with her, no wonder she left. Ur boring