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Mayor Pete 2020

Bernie did win though and he's dragging Pete the Cheat on social media and in speeches now.

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We need a gay president, and change our flag to the rainbow flag. Then I will feel like our country is truly represented the way it really is.


Anyone making less than $30,000 a year, Anyone without health insurance, Anyone who feels stuck without a way forward, please listen when I say, this system has made fools of us all. We all know the stick poking us into line is the threat of homelessness. Why not just take the power back by proving we'd be fine at least for a day? We all know the feeling of being stuck inside on a day off before a check comes. We know what it's like to have an empty pantry. Most of all, we know what it's like to feel like our needs aren't being met. The United States has 155,000,000 workers. An 8 hour shift at $15/hr comes to $120 before taxes. Even if your boss thinks they can't afford their workforce’s time for a day, here's a list of people who could single handedly pay literally every worker that amount with money left over: Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Larry Paige, Larry Ellison (I love that there's two larry's), Narc Suckernerd, Alice Walton, Jim Walton, Sergey Brin, Warren Buffet, Micheal Bloomberg, Steve Balmer, Rob Walton, Charles Koch, Julia Koch, Mackenzie Bezos, Phil Knight, Sheldon Adelson, Micheal Dell, Jacqueline Mars, John Mars, Jim Simmons, Lauren Powell Jobs, Elon Musk, and Rupert Murdoch. Needless to say, your boss can take it up with them. Hell, a lot of you reading this are probably employed by these people. They can't fire us all. If you're on work release, they can't throw you all back in jail at once; although, I'm sure Geo Group would love to try.

The day is only yours if you seize it. If you want to stand up for what you believe in, please, put this in your own words, find your inner courage, and come outside with us. Afterward, return to the status quo if you’d like.

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Except Bernie won the popular vote
And that the DNC can't round properly, so gave 14 of Bernie's SDEs to other candidates, including ButtChug.
Bernie won, deal with it.


>Phone poster
I don't even like Sanders but you're a fucking retarded loser.

Here we go again with the popular vote.
Well user let me tell you what it was the Russians who did this

That's the made-up in-between math on local delegates that transform into state delegates. It's pretty meaningless- like even less meaningful than electoral college votes. They both got 10, so you could call it a tie. Also, they probably cooked the books just to get it that close- The last 1% they never released is from a precinct that had a serious Bernie victory. But regardless, Bernie got like 6000 more votes. So who you put on top is entirely subjective. But sensible people would put Bernie on top, obviously.

But the fake news and shitty DNC colluded to display this is _just_ the right way to let Mayo CIA Faggot run all over television claiming victory, because they are terrified of Bernie... which is exactly why you should support him.

If Killory and the DNC hate hate hate hate Bernie, worse than they ever even hated Trump, think about what that means.

Bernie will never win. I'm willing to bet this will be his last term where he's even able to run given his age. This thing is fixed Cred Forumsro.

No "Booty-gay" in 2020. Sorry. Democrats can try to hit the check mark of minority or victim status but it's not going to work. Trump would rip him apart in a live debate.

If you honestly believe this, you have a very warped sense of reality.

That’s the biggest cop out cops ever.
>he isn’t on a pc so fuck him
>ppl shouldn’t be allowed to be on phones

Bernie got more votes, AND more SDEs. Deal with it.
Delusional lib

I’m a leaf btw. I’m just sippin some Timmy hortons and having some poutine
I can’t vote for any burgers but I can watch and laugh

I was being sarcastic. If you could stop seething and take a deep breath it could help

No refunds.
Pete actually can beat drumpfy tho
Bernie will get his teeth kicked in by the orange Cheeto

>Except Bernie won the popular vote

For too long we were represented by fake ass cis white male. We need someone who is different.

>I’m entitled to other people’s money

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Lol where have I heard this before

Bootyjudge colluded-
/DNC=abuse of power-

>Anyone making less than $30,000 a year, Anyone without health insurance, Anyone who feels stuck without a way forward
What do you hope to achieve by ensuring no one gets fast food or their car washed for only 1 day???

This place does seem to be overflowing with faggots these days.

And you think a gay dude is authentic?

There's not a politician up there that is honest.

If someone is straight or gay, white, black, whatever - none of that should matter. Do they do well for the American people? That should be the criteria.

>I was only pretending to be retarded

Did they redistribution?

Did you make the frog thread by chance ?

If the national delegates are tied, like they are, the popular vote is the only way to determine who came out in the lead. This isn't the same as a general election.


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Yea but the DNC is smart enough to know that Bernie is unelectable. So they will run someone who stands a chance
Even Hillary said so

I live 2 miles from my work and take the bus but ok

the Russians did it, those dastardly bastards-
In unison now-1-2-3, Russia,Russia, Russia Russia


>Hillary said so
Yes because she's so good at knowing how to beat Trump in an election

It was his turn!!!

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If the Russians didn’t hack the election she would be president and you know it so fuck off ivan

Bernie won, cry more lol


MFW the DNC fucks it up again

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Lol no he didn’t

I told everyone the other day you weren't going to win even if you really won

And I have insider information that he won’t win New Hampshire either

This is where sanders supporters belong

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He won more votes and more SDEs than your precious red-faced CIA spook

He's gonna dominate in NH, unless a SERIOUS amount of election fraud goes down

>unless a SERIOUS amount of election fraud goes down
You mean when.

Ok what ever helps you sleep at night
NH is mostly old boomers who think sanders is far too radical and Pete is a perfect centrist

Send liberals to the gulags 2020

Only way Pete beats Big Orange Bad Man is if the CIA does their thing

So you need a gay guy who hates blacks and takes sexy pics at the Holocaust memorial

And they will

Another butthurt cuck

You 'WON' last time too but the DNC didn't allow it.... so it's kind of like winning the Special Olympics, sure you won, BUT, you're STILL RETARDED

>21.8% of the population were under the age of 18; 64.6% were between the ages of 18 and 64; and 13.5% were 65 years of age or older.[37]
You're delusional lol, Bernie is polling extremely well in NH and The Rat is gonna eat shit

he'll never win. if he does get the nomination, they'll epstein him before the election

Pete not only is another DNC puppet, he has no path to the presidency.

Being gay is enough to turn right-wingers off. At least Bernie has a chance to show rural Americans that he stands for their interests.

bernie is a jew, a NYC jew, might as well be gay for the rural americans

That would cause riots, if not worse, tbh

I said in 016, Sanders would not win nomination. I do not believe he will win this time.

I am a Trump supporter, though.

yeah, I'm sure.....
fucking idiot

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We know the DNC will never allow him to be nominated.

three retards sharing a wheelchair are going to burn down the town

This is your answer to the perceived problem? Sit a home? You realize you are asking the people who have the most to lose by doing this to do this?

Your list is illustrative. Your assertion that these people somehow owe everyone something is absurd. I think maybe if you care so much, YOU should surrender your wages and salary to the altruistic government you want to be in power so badly. I mean after all you have nothing to fear from the government, it is of, for, and by the people.... YOU are the government. SO instead of wasting your time- time that you might otherwise work a second and third job (to surrender more to the all powerful government), find more ways that YOU can help the goevenrment. Go!


>therefore it's okay if they cheat
the absolute state of libcucks

Not so much. The democrats party is slowly being taken over by the uberlefty commie red movenment. Listen to the leadership.

>He's gonna dominate in NH
I hate Pete, and Bernie won Iowa, but Pete has been surging in the polls since the caucus results rigging. Centrists are grouping around him and it'll be a tough fight ahead.

dems do election fraud? pfffffffffft.

Hillary calling Bernie unelectable...ha

LOL Bernie says forget about Iowa
what a pack of cucks his voters are lmao

What interests do rural voters have that Bernie somehow represents? I'll wait.

AOC giving speeches about how government should run businesses.

Meh you fat cunts obsess over fucking 1 shitty state when it barely means anything.
What's really hilarious is Warren being nowhere. How will they manipulate her in to the nomination? It'll be fun to watch how the shills fuck everyone else over someway somehow.

It shows exactly the level of shenanigans, the ineptness, and the dirty tricks the dam party stands for. They want full power over all government but can't even fucking count people herded in a gym.

Sure you did. Do you want your pudding now sir? Would you like me to leave the tv on?