Do women really swallow the cum?

Do women really swallow the cum?
Today a girl was joking about swallowing.
I thought it was a porn thing.

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It's not really normal no, it doesn't taste good i'd assume, but kinkier girl like the erotic side of it, i've had gf's do it in the past, but its not something normal

It’s unusual in my experience. I would typically give them a courtesy warning before spewing into their mouths, but some would shrug and suck harder and swallow like it’s a treat. That’s was always hot as fuck. I’m married now and my wife actually asks to give me a bj and likes to swallow my cum. In my experience, it’s about 50/50 odds.

Maybe 45/55. I do think it’s less than even odds to have a girl swallow...

And some don't even suck dicks.

ive came in girls mouths when theyve asked me not to and they went mmmm after so yeah...they like it as long as you're healthy it will taste good

Wife does

I tell girls it makes their hair and fingernails stronger and they swallow like it’s life sustaining goodness

>they went mmmm after
Damn, that's hot.
Sometimes I wish I wasn't a 40 year old virgin.

It's been a long time since I haven't had a girl swallow. Last two girls who sucked my cock before my wife (both one night stand hookups), both made comments about the load size right after swallowing. Wife gives head better than any woman I've ever been with. She loves swallowing, has been swallowing since middle school.

Some user are saying it's pretty much 50/50... the majority i've been with swallow, but maybe I am just attracted to girls with daddy issues. Also I don't drink fucking mountain dew all day and /fit/ so I usually get complimented on my taste. That shit sets me off.

painfully reeks of virgins and inexperience in sex in here

Best get your nose checked, homo

literally every girl i've been with has swallowed. y'all niggas are dating the wrong sluts.

You are very observant

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Right???? I've literally only had one girl ever who held it in her mouth and spit it out, and a year later she was slurping that cum out of carpets. Every other girl I've been with has swallowed without dropping a beat.

I'm a 40 year old virgin, I stew in a pool of misery and self depreciation

If a girl is willing to blow you she will probably swallow just because it is less messy. Gargling cum is a porn thing. Women are at best neutral on the taste and if they're smart they will take you deep in their mouth when you cum so less of it hits her tongue.

my ex swallowed the first time and every time after.

my wife is already spitting and brushing her teeth while i'm still cumming

Wife does every time. Most of these virgins don't have a real woman to know.

Haha faggot

>my wife is already spitting and brushing her teeth while i'm still cumming
Tell her that when she's on her period she's more disgusting and smells worse than your cum.
Dumb broad.

I feel bad for you OP and the others who say no. There's nothing quite like cumming inside a woman's mouth as she's sucking hard and then looks you in the eye and swallows. My wife loves it, been trying to facial her but she always deepthroats right as I cum

>at least 2 chicks are blew him

out of the 15 or so women that I have fucked I think 3 or 4 would swallow. Only 1 seemed to love it and insisted that I come in her mouth every time..... I should have wifed her

>I should have wifed her
Yes but if you think about it she probably sucked a lot of dicks to get good at it so you dodged a bullet right there

Fuck me, had like 8 girls suck me and they all swallowed. Althought, they said my cum tasted good