Hey Cred Forums this happened about 9 months ago, and I thought I'd be fun sharing with you guys the story...

Hey Cred Forums this happened about 9 months ago, and I thought I'd be fun sharing with you guys the story. In this story I'll share how I dealt with a schizophrenic that bugged me while in rehab.

>be me
>go to rehab at 18 yo for xanax and weed (I'm a zoomer-2001)
>been there for about a month
>dealt with a crazy fat crack-head and she got sent to a different department
>me having still withdrawals and being zonged out on diazepam given to me by the medics, I wasn't the sharpest tool
>made a friend, lets call him E
>E was an National Socialist, he had a big tattoo of the blacksun on his arm
>me being a Cred Forumsack became best buddies
>hear from our counselors that two new people are comming
>next day they arrive
>a black hippy kinda dude who was really into ketamine and a scrawny middle aged white guy
>he was for our standards a manlet about 1,6 cm
>he had a receding hairline a beard and about 10 teeth normal
>lets call the fucker M
>he started the conversation along the lines "I'm converted to Islam, therefore I don't eat pork"
>I look at E and he knows whats up

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>went back into my room to play some vidya on my laptop (you were allowed to have electronics)
>I got bored and took a nap
>after a bit of god forbid rest I woke up to screaming and commotion on the hallway
>I opened my door to see what the fuss is all about
>apparently our aryan jihadi john (M) started a fight with a poor polish girl over a cigarette
>M called the woman a polish cunt and keta-nigger didn't like it
>M and keta-nigger had beef and somehow I got involved
>"What the fuck are you looking at?!" said M in his thug accent
>I replied among the lines of "You guys woke me up"
>He suggested that I was sleeping because I was a benzo junk and that got on my nerves
>keta-nigger says that M is acting a fool
>I go back into my room and light up a ciggy
>If this fucker is gonna make my stay here bad I'm going to make it hell for him

>>he was for our standards a manlet about 1,6 cm
>>he had a receding hairline a beard and about 10 teeth normal

>1,6 m
>10 teeth total


>go talk to E
>E is in a different wing of the rehab
>walk thru the corridor and M walks past me
>he gives me a terrifying death stare
>talk to E and he says he heard about the drama
>keta-nigger said that M told him about his past and disorders
>ptsd (I'll save the cause for later)
>me and E agree that we should observe the degenerate to see what his routines are

>FFW weeks

>he has two anorexic bitches that pamper him if he gets an mental breakdown
>he destroyed 2 doors, our TV and intimidated me on numerous occasions
>apparently he hates when people talk shit about him and has severe paranoia
>you can also wake the fucker really easy up and he hears thru the walls or some shit
>go to my man E
>I tell him my devious plan to start fucking with him
>he says that if he gets violent with me he will intervene if thats needed

>me and M are indirect neighbours
>I sleep that day during noon as I have to stay up late
>In this clinic if you have stayed over two weeks you get "freedoms" by being allowed to leave the property up to two hours if you aren't a danger to yourself
>M went out for cigarretes
>5 days before he slammed his door until the lock broke
>I went a day before after calculating how much he smokes a day to buy my self a small bluetooth speaker from the 1 euro store
>that fucker was charged up for a night and I went in to his room and planted it into his
>make his bed as he left it
>the speaker is connected with my phone
>wait to 3 in the morning
>open up youtube
>put my pre-selected "demon summoning ASMR"


>everybody is still a sleep
>as a few minutes of the video of some bitch whispering about demons in a mic is playing in a other room I hear the fucker thrashing thru his room
>I pause the video as he opens his door and starts screaming that he is hearing voices in his room at the staff
>I try not to laugh as my sides are bursting
>the rehab staff is reassuring him that there are no "paranormal succubi" whispering in his room
>he calms a bit down after getting his extra share of anti-psychotics and goes back into his room
>I wait 15 minutes
>I put one of those "creepy doll/little girl asmr" videos for him to enjoy
>I put the speaker on a lower volume so it's more muffled and the others can't hear it
>he clearly doesn't know the sound comes from his mattress
>4 minutes in he starts banging on all our doors waking everybody on the section
>I pause
>everybody is like "wtf man, why did you wake us up?"
>I open my door pretending that I don't know what is going on
>he is losing it
>he starts shouting that there are dead spirits haunting him and that he is possessed by some demon
>I try not to laugh and look confused
>staff escort him to solitary
>smoke a few ciggies in my room and enjoy my restful night

>the day after I went to E with a victorious smile
>he knew I've done some fuckery
>we went to our private place and I told him what I've done
>he looked at me shocked and proud at the same time but warned me that
>M will return in noon
>and somebody new will come in his section
>our sections are practically next to each other and we share the same garden
>meet the new guy
>he is your average white crack-head that thinks he is gangster for selling dime-bags in his 30's type of guy
>he knows one of the anorexic bitches in my section and they hit it "well"
>lets call the anorexic bitch A
>A has three kids with two different men an eating disorder, and drinks 4 bottles of rose
>she has stated that she can't remember when the first two kids appeared or how she made them (the fuck)
>M has a crush on A lets remember this for what shitstorm will come

I forgot to give the new white crack-head a name lets call him C for cracky

>a few days passed and C and A are somewhat of a thing
>the word spread like fire thru the whole rehab
>M heard it and he was seething
>me, E, keta-nigger and a counselor where playing monopoly (the old one) when M entered the living room
>we ignored him as he put the tv on a super loud volume to attract attention
>A entered the living room and shit got tense
>I looked behind me as M started to tremble with anger and seethe
>A says that the volume bothers her
>M snaps in the fury of a thousand suns and starts becoming aggressive
>the counselor puts his monopoly money down and goes to take control of the situation
>me and E look at each other and smirk as we know that there will be some foolishness about to happen
>M starts screaming his lungs out before the counselor has to tackle him after he broke our second tv and threw the remote at A giving her a bloody nose
>he gets sent to his room and has to vent with a different counselor
>I took 100$ from the counselors money pile before he returned to our game of monopoly
>E won

Cred Forumsros have you more?

It's gold

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I don't even mind the anticlimax, lol that was a great story. You're based as fuck. Hope you stay clean or just stick to weed, Cred Forumsrother

this is only the start
not done I have more

>a few days passed and I was playing cards with the squad
>A was talking shit about M
>I heard that C was holding a fifa competition in the other living room and a few other goons where playing
>C was still using in the rehab and offered the winner of the competition (him being the "unbeaten"champion of the clinic" 2 grams of speed and some prescription antipsychotics and benzos
>I told E that I would join just to spite C and use those drugs in my advantage since I wanted to get clean even if the temptation is there
>I played about 9 rounds of fifa with a semi broken controller (C said that since I was the last I didn't have much choice)
>I fucking won
>everybody threw shade on me and I laughed my ass of
>E asked me politely for a rail of speed since he needed to fuel his blitzkrieg
>I gave him a seal cause I needed just a litlle
>C was still seething and M started to lose his mind and became erratic and hostile against everybody
>he made by far our lives hell
>there is a white board with dates where they write our names for when we have to take a piss test
>I have an I idea

There is a grinch smile slowly curling up my cheeks

This is fucking gold

Keep going OP

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>after getting E geeked up on speed
>A comes to me and I see immediately that she wants something from me
>"user will you be so kind to share some of your goodies with me if you didn't already use them" said A
>I replied that if she sends C and M the same pic of her with my cock in her mouth she gets the pills
>she agrees and goes with me to my room
>I get hard knowing what kind of mayhem will come
>she snaps a pic
>"I'm not done A, now you have to finish what you have started"
>she sucks me off and I but with in a minute
>give her the pills

>A few minutes later I see that M is visibly upset
>I offer him the rest of the speed I had (cause I wanted him to fail a piss test)
>he gladly accepts it
>he rails everything in two thicc lines
>after five minutes of chatting he is getting geeked as fuck
>C storms mad in to the room
>M stands up
>I've never seen so much hate in M's eyes before
>C felt scared so he wanted to hit M first
>M dodges that shit and hits C with a chair before throwing it at him
>E blitzkrieged in to the room after hearing our budget fight-club
>crisis alarm goes off just
>M and C realized that they had the same picture
>they looked at me
>I started to shit bricks
>M started to dash towards me as I grabbed a chair
>E knocks M out from behind
>C stands up and walks towards E with a stanley knife
>I warned E as M was on the ground and threw to E my chair so he could hit C
>see counselors trying to get in
>doors are automatically locked cause of the crisis alarm/riot alarm
>E smacks C to pulp calling him a jew lover
>I let the counselor in

>after that M was thrown out for being M
>C for bringing drugs and spreading them thru the rehab (nobody believed that I had drugs on me)
>A for sucking dick in rehab (They thought it was C's dick)
>E got off with a slap on the wrist because he was doing good in recovery
>I got off scot free and they told me I was a model patient
>I enjoyed the rest of my 13 days there and now I'm 9 months and 26 days clean
>those people are the reasons that I got clean, so I wouldn't end up like them
>also I don't have any STD's from a short junkie fellatio

Holy fuck OP it's great. Very proud; 10/10

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based op

Great story, OP, and stay clean

king, stay blessed

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