Trap thread

Trap thread

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Some of these dudes are kinda cute

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If you wouldn't fuck those, you are gay. Hot af, cock or not.

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Reverse trap

>speaking fax

This. I just fuck them.

My favorite thing about traps is how they cause females to rage.

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Altho I have to say that I'd have to turn them down if they had a male voice, fuck that.

I agree

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too feminine would not fuck

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Kys fag

reverse trap
so the thing that you want without any drawbacks

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No thanks. He’s got a cunt so I’m only half fag

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I love her shes so cute and I saw her pornhub talking thing

I know she's super famous but i am not aware of name. Share plx.

Can someone give me a name on this?

Anyone got a name or more?

Pretty much, but I’m a bifag that doesn’t mind dick

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Fucking disgusting

nvm she isn't for me

>TFW no micro dicked trap to cuck and prostate milk

She goes by "Atty"

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More transmen, please.


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cool wig bro

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Imagine having nothing better to do than derail threads you don't like.
Get a job, closet-fag.


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looks like a clown.
the filters are retarded

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I love her!!!!!

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More for me
Fair enough
I wish but the spiderfag is here
one is luke_bothways but I also like pic related littlesunboy

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Looks qt, too bad it’s blown out with filters

Dem some thighs

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Fug, more?

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i need a name andi Will absolutely to destroy my cock tonight

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can I get some more and a name please?

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How old are you? 16?

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>imaging having these saved just to be a faggot

That one felt kind a cute
Am I gay now Cred Forumsros

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Those poor confused dudes.

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Ok boomer

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Please I am ready to be a faggot tonight

Wheres the source on the lower one?

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okay those tits are glorious, would love to see them in a lacy bra.

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Take your mental illness elsewhere.

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What is this one's name? I saw a video of them on PH a while back. The ghetto ebonics instantly killed my boner but damn them tits are great.

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>Hot af

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So who do you brag to when you’re done? Your mom? Or do you have any friends to boast to about killing a trap thread on b? Or is it no one at all and you’re just sad, bored, and lonely?

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Have you sought help? You’ve got a very high indication of mental illness. I might like boys who look like girls and girls who look like boys but you? What are you even doing with your life right now? Cleaning up b?

Spider man jerked off to OP and feels bad

Lol get triggered dumb nigger faggot

these trap threads are super popular; this one's already more than halfway to the image limit

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Nice come back jimmy
What other words did you learn on the playground?

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No answer? Going with the last one. You could have friends, ya know. You just have to close the thread

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That’s a female. U/Little_Sun_Boy

Please fill it out. You’re so butthurt you’re spamming Spider-Man and hitler pics
Calm down

so the pose your going to strike on Cred Forums is that you are mature and sophisticated

okay, go with that

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Enough to not get angry over internet comments. Go outside for once and step away from discord, pussy

The last half of posts are females

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Do you need help? You shouldn’t be here if you’re under 18 jimbo

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Who’s angry? Me or the user constantly spamming trap threads? This isn’t his first one so he must have nothing better to do. Poor soul

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Lawd thats hawt, that was a diamonds for me right there. fucking delivery in this ocean of spoodermans.

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We got some live ones

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>people always on Cred Forums suck
>says person on Cred Forums enough to notice other people are always on Cred Forums

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>me posting in traps threads all the time is normal
>you doing it is weird
fucking mongoloid

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Nah I’m here too I know it. It’s not being on b, it’s what you do on b. And you’re being pretty pathetic

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It’s normal if you’re enjoying and posting traps. Coming in here just to spam is sad bro


But nice trips you sad fuck

mocking people larping about gay sex > larping about gay sex

i mean seriously, why don't you get the fuck off Cred Forums and out of your closet and go be gay in real life?

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you have honest to god some of the best breast ive seen, they dont have that ugly unnatural lump shape of breast implants (or at least if they are implants that is an impeccable job) Would titfuck until my balls could not squeeze out a single drop.

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I am gay irl, I come here when I can’t be irl
What are you doing here? Go be a spider faggot irl, get some friends

I would swallow all her cum

That’s cause they’re natural, the dick is fake

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Faggots gor bamboozled into liking a female kek

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I'm glad he was able to get that out. Man, that looked uncomfortable before it popped.

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what is this some kind of abscess or

Take your faggot shit to another board no one wants you here

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Get Cred Forums to make lgbt not a blue board so I can post porn. Otherwise, enjoy sharing b with us fags

Nigger you do understand this kind of stuff has been on b since pretty much it's inception and used to be even more popular when there was actually traps posting

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For the Satan trips

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I’m just having fun sharing reverse traps since this spiderfaggot came in

she's so hot!
any info about that whore?

it seems like you are the one who can't get used to sharing, bitching about friendly neighborhood spidey in this thread

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God you're hot, any feet pictures cutie?

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Spidey should make his own thread or not over stay his visit in every trap thread
Unless spidey likes traps


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hot af

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Attached: Columbine_Shooting_Security_Camera.jpg (364x274, 18K)


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Name pls ?

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I thought traps had puberty blockers etc and their cocks would be tiny

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You’re probably thinking trans
Most traps are just fem guys that cross dress in the bedroom. Trans take hormones and try to live as female

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How old was Adolf hitla

Attached: F6BDD1BF-BC8F-41BF-BC0E-81D80CB143B5.jpg (320x383, 16K)

I’m out
This thot is luke_bothways

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Erin reporting in. Any pic requests today??

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trans, traps, theyre all the same. Theyve all got huge cocks

Attached: 0F5D6290-492D-48D7-BB2A-F7F81A2F5AE5.gif (340x191, 1.63M)

Thanks cutie, will save for future faps

Also obligatory feet pic for the trap thread gods.

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Actually a lot of trans get surgery to not have cock while traps always have cock

Traps KIK me.. i'm up to anything. ;)


Pls make this thread die

ok so why are there no pictures of trans cocks that have had puberty blockers


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hitler was a trap

Imagine liking Hitler
Where did your parents go wrong? Besides not using birth control

why has that woman got balls?

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Attached: freebsd.jpg (634x839, 79K)


Is that your dad? Is this why you have nazi pics saved?

More like this picture

kek filenam

>Man browsing a Travesty/Tranny thread tells me I'm sick of the head for posting pictures of a world known leader on an anonymous forum

I came for the spiderfag, but this is still the funniest shit I've seen all day.

Can we get trap that are cute and try to dress well instead of 40kg weeb that look like shit and dont even try ? Please im so bored of those thread... Am i the only one to think that ?

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Attached: 54AF079.gif (500x343, 1.92M)

Attached: 20200205-32654.jpg (720x1280, 136K)

It’s more disturbing to have a folder of saved pics of hitler then it is to have a folder of porn
One might say, sick in the head

Where's the version where on the third box he says "help a Maniac wants to kill me over 10$" and the fourth he says "you'll hear from my lawyer about those 5$ you owe me"

Lucky Spidey trips of Truth

cute feets, please show the tops of them qt

Attached: 1559377044661.jpg (540x450, 54K)

Cute traps wanna chat on kik?

They are literally supporting a nazi. They should feel bad but I know they don't because of their racism towards the transgender community.

More feet please

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Attached: EORL7HdX0AAfvvB.jpg (1030x2048, 135K)

>"Muh evil nazehs"
I can tell you never researched about history OR you're American just by those two posts

Racist homophobic or sexist, I don’t give af but supporting Nazis is pathetic and cringe

soo fucking cute
would suck and kiss her peepee all day long

anyone have the video of this one??

I have, even have relatives who lived thru the Holocaust. And nazis? They’re shit

more please

Attached: images (47).jpg (806x1000, 159K)

Your relatives have spread lies


Attached: 1575537861521.jpg (965x691, 130K)

Attached: 772_1000.jpg (1000x537, 37K)

wtf, what's that thing covering the tip of her dick? it's a sex toy?

Communist faggot

post ladyboners please

Attached: EOOUfE0XUAA56HX.jpg (675x1200, 89K)

You’re weak minded if you don’t believe the holocaust happened

Attached: _35E694C1202DE56E75829B48B7078C266D4D366907AEA0D025 pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpg (1200x900, 88K)

Attached: 1579995852272.webm (448x800, 1.86M)

Stupid old capitalist “trickle down works!” hag

do they have a pussy and dick in the same place or am i tripping right now

do you haz any proofs?

It didn't but it sure as hell should have. Your family was weak and we stood with our boot on their backs.

Its skin

taost haz a nice ladyboner

Pics but I’m not going to get them for some dumb b faggot roped into neo nazi propaganda so deep he ignores evidence of historical events
My great grandmother watched a bomb hit her house, watched friends dragged away to camps, and lived by hiding in cemeteries
Your family knows nothing of hardship and survival. Just to take orders like a boot licking pig

Your grandmother lied to you. She is the one spreading propaganda. The Jewish people have committed the true crimes against humanity.

Now that's a fat ass I could fall in love with
Need more/name

You'll change your mind about when you hear it talk.

hold the fuck on, first im not the tard you're replying too, and second im falling for a jew trap, and she wouldnt do crimes against humanity, you're way overgeneralizing their race

Ok I want to hear it.

she is beautiful
pls more

checked, you really dont, its not her voice thats the problem, its the way she talks

img limit Cred Forumsro start us a new bread

are there any traps lurkin in this thread?

Ok fuck off faggot if you don't have shit

Atrocities aside, HItler was an incredible leader.

i have lots of shit tho faggot

There were no atrocities only great memories from a time passed.

im curious to hear it im not this guy

oh youre fucking cute

bigdicktrannynicole on cb

Lookup teen trap with big dick on xnxx

you're welcome bud

I need to know how old you are
For science


>teen trap with big dick

thanks & katkiss9999 is another whos on right now

thanks for the link

I see stubble

is about to cum and pass out, pretty good watchin

patrician taste

For Cred Forums being so right-leaning, you guys sure are gay and weird as fuck, constant dick threads, traps. Shota

Pol is right leaning and b is where most of the scum hangs out but Cred Forums as a whole is not as right as it’s painted


Fuck dumbass right wingers
Conservatives are fine but the smart ones know the Republican Party is dead until it gets rid of Trump and know better than to associate with it
Like Mitt, the only one with morals and a spine worth more than an orange stained paycheck

fuck yeah bro

ah well that explains it, i thought you had a feminine body, gj on the double mind fuck

we need new trap thread


this thread is dead ur wasting ur time

Gas is an option here