Master? Youve been acting strange lately. Is anything wrong?

Master? Youve been acting strange lately. Is anything wrong?

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I just want even more Gardevoir in my pokemon games, even if they suck

Yeah you left /trash/ when I told you not to now go back

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I'm no furry but..

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I can feel odd desires in you master. Will you tell me or shall I dig deeper into your mind?

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The fairy typing it got gave it a nice buff and its mega made it top tier.

I was thinking earlier. Why did Michael Jackson adopt white kids? He's like the only black person I can think of that adopted white kids. It's not unheard of for a white person to adopt a minority, but a black adopting whites? What was his motivation?

Put the dress flaps down and hug me.

>tfw there's literally a fan game in which gardevoir is romantically obsessed over her master

hit me up with a source before the thread goes up in flames.

yes, go ahead and take a shit

Sauce blox

because pedos aren't attracted to black kids

which one?

i wouldn't want you to waste 50 hrs of your life over it, but it's pokemon reborn


Well at least it's not that goddamn horsefucker

I wanna breed her.

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This is a good thread

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Why the fuck are you impaled.

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Built EXCLUSIVELY for big black cock

Reminder Gardevoir have wide hips but absolutely stick thin legs.

Naw nigga now get back to pickin’ that cotton or yo massa gonna have to get out my black snake whip

Alright, I'll say it: Gardevoir + /ss/ is a patricians choice and there needs to be more of it.

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Just sit on my face

It's a manifestation of its heart given solid form as a plate. In the Mega Evolution, it literally opened and became two plates in the shape of a heart.

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Futa Gardevoir shooting big thick sticky ropes into my throat

Me nearly choking trying to swallow because her cum is so thick and sticky

Gardevoir only takes big black cocks.

every picture i see pictures of gardevoir pulling on their dress just makes me think of how painful it must be to have loose hanging flaps of your own skin being yanked on
goddamn i hate pokemon with built-in flesh clothing its fucking horrendous

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You said you want a hug master? I can feel so much more behind that sentiment than you are letting on...

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We need more anatomically correct gardevoir art

Fucking megabased EFRO omni-chad

Braixen > Gardevoir

I fuck zebzestrika

I take it the camp mode isn't as good then?

Does Gardevoir count as furry or is it more monstergirl territory

It's pretty much just a fairy and its design is based on ballet dancers



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Your ass is in my face.

It probably doesn't have pain receptors, like hair

Maybe hug on a couch. You need some rest, too.

And no feet. It ends with a stub

>adding this one to my collection

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Why is mare pussy and horse cock so hot bros?

I agree. I don't think people appreciate their non-human qualities enough. Same for Tsareena but with Gardevoir my thoughts are a bit more innocent than Tsareena.

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Where’s limebreaker when you need em

Time for slap

>Talk to your Pokemon
>Throw a ball out for them to play with
>Tease them into attacking with a cat toy
That's pretty much all you do in the Pokemon Camp

Ah, a fellow patrician

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uhh yeah I’m thinking the based force is on their way

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You forgot to post your picture

Technically they do have feet, the nub bends at the end, though this is a debated topic

Should I draw Gardevore for easy likes?

Does anyone actually care about being a furry anymore



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make sure he's smiling

No petting then? I mean I guess it isn't as easy to do that without a touchscreen but it shouldn't be too hard to do something with joycoms I'd think.

I don’t want to get banned bro :(

I have clinical depression, thanks for asking.

Well then get over here~

Real talk, THIS specific shiny scientist Gardevoir is perfection. I can't get enough of her.

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What happens if we hug? Do I get to squish your arms and mess with your hair?

The Switch screen does allow for touch input but it's rarely used in games

Is Poképhilia frowned upon in the Pokémon world?

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It is highly encouraged.

It is on /vp/. The even had a meme for it once: STOP FUCKING YOUR POKEMON!

based jannies


At least put it on /trash/ so it has the chance to survive

How soft are your hands.

Gardevoir ass on my face

>Cred Forums
>not /trash/
So close.

Fuck jannies


If the Pokemon is humanoid then no. Otherwise yes.

>moved to Cred Forums of all places
at least loli can be posted here, get to work degenerates

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That red thing between her mammaries looks hazardous

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>thread moved to Cred Forums
>nobody posts porn
Fuck you, niggers

>charges you witha hard cock
we fuck now

agree, she has great lewds too

Why of course master, plenty of snuggles and cuddles and playing ahead for you
Like silk ribbon
Just learn to be careful, Gardevoir care 101

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Urgh, my friend goes into full breeding mode on just the mention of her. It's fucking hot ngl

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Snuggles and cuddles are good really good. How playful can a Gardevoir get? Or are you more subdued and soft.

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/nsg/bros ww@

Who here likes purple Gardevoirs? I think it should have been the true shiny.

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I just realized it could be a giant clitoris, which is like one of the g-spots for females, not the g-spot, but like one of them.

*Pokes Gardevoirs red spot

You can't breed in the ass!

Post more.

I feel the same

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Ah master are you asking for some... special snuggles again

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Whats the fucking point in even having a /trash/ board if all the off-topic shit gets moved to Cred Forums? What's the fucking point?

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Did you just fucking learn how to do this or something? Fuck off newfag.

Mods are just retarded

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You heart piece... it's not a giant clitoris that can make you easily cum?
What if i....
*licks and rubs your red peice more

The more special the better. Now could you please put your thighs up on my shoulders?

Im sorry user, I'd have to dig them up from my external drive and by the time I find it the thread will be dead.
But when you are in full breeding mode... any hole is a good place for your seed.

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there isnt one, they should reunify Cred Forums's diff parts into 1 board again

That's fair but how are you going to breed a gardevoir with lots of eggs if you're not doing it in the hole designed for breeding and taking in hot seed?

For Pokemon all holes lead to breeding, poekmon are that

Oh master~ I'd play with you but I've food to prepare! Maybe see me on the ERP threads in trash in the future~
Its complicated... nobody HAS seen how Pokemon get pregnant so...

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Truly a fascinating evolution to allow every hole to be useful for breeding.

what's the best erp thread

what turns a gardevoir on?

Way to ruin a nice dick.

based mutilated genitals poster

>Not liking both dicks
You are weak.

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post more gards

I'll do ya one better

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I like where this is going user

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wish there were more gardevoir doujins


Oh and this.

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"she must be naughty nature"

I do too. I think this is a bonus panel but I could be wrong.
Naughty is best nature and I'll defend it to my death.

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This is some guy's profile pic on steam. Here's the full thing. And by some guy I mean [spoiler] Me

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We need more long hair gardes. Unkempt and wild~

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Are we... Not done yet?

I think that was it, I dunno of a sequel.

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We also need more gardedicks.

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ugh yesss

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Wish he drew more.

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Same. I wish I could draw so I could make all the gardes I want but eh.

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I need to watch less gachimuchi.

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thats not a gardevoir

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