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I'm moot

I push everyone away from me because I can't stand being close to someone.
But I can't be alone either.

I’ve been fucking my late brothers widow since about a week after he passed

You're not.

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No I am moot.

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>1 month 2 days nofap
>before i fell asleep i was just laying there with a raging boner soaking my boxers in precum to the thought of fucking my mom
>i once let her borrow my laptop and when i got it back there was a lingerie maid and nurse outfit in the amazon cart and i keep picturing her in it
>her ass is incredible
Don't know how much longer i got bros

My bf raped me

I raped my gf.

Based trips

I raped this guys gf in front of him and then I raped him. He cried way harder then she did

my secret is that i fucking hate these threads

Then she did what?

Watersports.. either squirt or pee. They're essentially the same thing. I love the feel of her hot pee drenching my cock and then her shoving me inside. Also, breeding fantasies. The more baby crazy she acts the better. I love it when she takes my cum and fingers it inside of her

Am I going to rape my friend's mother any ideas?

My husband rapes me every day

Then she raped him

She's sexy, she has 50 and a body of 27 and a gothic cut

Raped who?

He cried harder while I raped him then she did when I raped her

That's fucked up Hunter, real fucked up

Raped who?

We're all moot

I'm a notorious panty thief who has stolen hundreds of panties from girls I know to complete strangers

Was that how moot got aids?

I used to take payments for drugs out of a users daughters holes.

I like dat dere pokeymanz

I know these things are always full of pedo larp fantasy but this isn’t that. I keep having dreams that my daughters 15 year old friend forces me to have sex with her. I wish I didnt

> pedo
> 15
Pick one

and how does he see you now?

I watch some very illegal every day on the tor browser

I sucked a dude's dick for money once

What do you mean? Where did I say or imply that wanting to fuck someone underage doesn’t make someone a pedophile.

You were so ready to call someone out you didn’t even bother to think about basic reading comprehension


I once raped myself.

I like to create situations where women "accidentally" see me naked

I am 30 years old and have finally reached a point in my life where I am happy. I didn't have a childhood and had depression from the age I was 12 till about 25 when I finally started being able to change my life for the better. I am now at a job that I love, finally able to almost express myself freely without holding back, have a loving girlfriend who I live with. I live a life where I am 99% happy. The one downside is that I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am transgender and what I thought was me acting out due to my circumstances and depression when I was younger turned out to be dysphoria that I ignored and only have really come to terms with this past couple years. Unfortunately I will never fully transition as I absolutely love my life I have now and do not want to lose any part of it; especially my gf. I am now left where 99% of my life I am absolutely ecstatic about where I am but a 1% where all of my depression, anxiety, and self loathing comes crashing down. If I had a better upbringing I could have possibly been able to transition before all of my successes and before I had my gf and had been able to had a life with a different set of circumstances that lead me to be 100% fulfilled but this thought depresses me more as it would have been a life without my current love.

I once derailed a secrets thread by pretending to be a girl


One of my wife's uncles and three of her cousins were killed in a drone strike in Pakistan.

were they legitimate targets?

3/4 were, one of her cousins was only 10.

No, I am Moot

I get real horny every now and then. Usually dress up and slide a plug, toy, or toys inside me. Go out around town being slutty. Come home to smoke a blunt and fuck myself with my toys thinking about the fun I’ve had.

I fuck my niece every chance I get. I work at home and she come over after school when my wife is still at work. she lives with her single mom 5 blocks away and passes my house on her way back home from school. Her mom also is at work during the day. She is 16 and I am 40. My state is fine to fuck 16 year olds, so I’m in fucking uncle heaven. She is the hottest thing I ever had.

this is boring as fuckkkkkkkkkkk

Enjoy it while you can. She's going to get into drugs and clubbing when she's in college, have to go to therapy, and then finally have the realization that you were the one who fucked her up.

I was posting in last thread before it 404d. My Uncle and younger cousins came down to stay with the rest of the family for two weeks over the holidays. It was my first time seeing my male cousin (15) and female cousin (17) since they were like 10 and I was looking forward to hanging out with them. And while male cousin turned out to be an effeminate spoiled brat, his sister jumped at the first opportunity to go for a drive with me.

Pic related was chosen because they look extremely similar. And that girl isn't cp/jb she's a verified model on reddit gonewild.

Kinda nerdy bookworm type until her sexuality starts coming through in a big big way. She does swim team and track and her private school, and my aunt/uncle are always going on about how she's gonna be a lawyer or doctor or fucking president, but once we got to talking she opened up pretty quick about how she hated them for smothering and sheltering her for her entire life, and trying to choose her future for her. She said she planned on going to the same uni I go to, which is several states away from where aunt/uncle live, and she hasn't told them yet.

After scoring some weed and ecstasy, both of which she had never tried, I asked if she wanted to come back to my apartment and hang out, but no pressure if she didn't. She immediately started begging me to take her with me.

Now, brief exposition: I spent 3 years caring for my grandfather after his stroke left him paralyzed over 70% of his body. When he passed he arranged for me to get a large portion of his life insurance to pay for uni and the time I cared for him, as well as their house eventually passing to me when my grandmother passes. So I spent the summer turning his workshop into a 2 story apartment. Now it's the perfect hangout.

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His workshop was already really nice inside, but installed hardwood floors, added an extra window AC on each floor. The downstairs is more a hangout with the TV and couches, while the upstairs is my fucking batcave. We always have people over, and since it's across the back lot we can come and go as we please, make as much noise as we want, and have complete privacy. When I told my cousin, who we're just gonna call Leah for simplicity sake, she couldn't wait to see it.

Speaking of Leah, I've described how she swims and runs track, as such she's super thin but she's grown long legs she isn't shy showing off. She's wearing short-shorts and a church activity shirt, and the entire time we're hanging out I'm staring at her tan slender legs every chance I get without letting her on to me, though once she definitely notices me while driving because I almost swerve into another lane. She does this thing where she covers her playful smile with her hand and it's adorable. As soon as I saw that the ten-ton iceblocks I'd had packed around my heart started melting.

Her dad wouldn't go for me and her alone in my "frathouse" as he accused me of turning the workshop into (when he visited once in the 3 years his own father was dying) and he's constantly blowing her phone up so she tells him we're till out cruising, then I pull up from the opposite road and park behind the workshop. As soon as we're inside she's like a kid in disneyland. Running around touching and looking at everything. I forgot this part earlier, but once we got back I sat down at this worktable left over from the shop and began rolling the blunt, she came over and rest her chin on my shoulder to watch, asking me all sorts of nervous questions what it would be like. I told her she didn't have to smoke or take the ecstasy, but she said if I was doing it she felt safe doing it too. At first it surprised me how we just latched onto each other.

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I catfish certain people I know, (mainly women) into sharing nudes. I have nudes of at least 4 people I know personally. And I'm still trying for others.

dont be jealous, my friend. my wife and i are getting a divorce, we are separating next month and she is moving in with her sister, so dont worry emily is going to move in with me next year because she hates her mother and her father is gone and I am the only one that loves her and can give her what she wants

Decided to save the ecstasy for later, as I had no idea how she might react the first time she smoked weed after being told her entire life it led to heroin and eventually eternal hellfire. When I had it rolled and was about to light it she was standing right in front of me, her eyes looking huge behind her glasses, and I could tell she was nervous. I asked her one last time if she was sure and he nodded, so I lit it up and I hit it a few times before passing it to her. To her credit she immediately tried to hit it but as soon as she inhaled started coughing so hard I had to keep her from falling over and sit her down on a stool. She tried two more times taking much smaller hits but still couldn't handle it, so I got the idea of shotgunning. For those unfamiliar you take each others hands and interlock fingers making a kind of tunnel from your mouth to theirs, you take a hit, inhale, then exhale through the hand tunnel and they inhale as much of it as they can. She did a lot better with that, and also it was strangely romantic passing it from me to her. I thought I was just being stupid until she admitted she felt the same way later. We did that a few times before I remembered I had a bowl and packed it. Luckily she could hit that just fine.

Now, I've seen people get high for the first time before, and sometimes they behave extra stupid, like they feel they're supposed to. I've heard it's the placebo effect and maybe it is. She began acting silly and really bubbly, but most importantly affectionate. She was kind of dancing around before she came up behind me, wrapped her arms across my chest and leaned over my shoulder to rub her soft cheek against my "whiskers" from where I hadn't shaved in a day or so.I asked how she felt and she said "Like I never want to leave here" then got quiet for a while, still rubbing her cheek against mine softly, before telling me when she was younger she had 'the biggest' crush on me and I never paid her any attention.

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It's a copypasta, you don't need to.


your dream says it all.

Some things I forgot while posting it yesterday that fit in at this point.

I had it set up so that my phone plugged right into my speaker system through the aux cord and she said she wanted to play some music so I handed her my phone and unlocked it for her, which under ordinary circumstances I never ever do. I had texts in there from my ex girlfriend I still see from time to time as well as a FWB chat that's mostly nudes and dirty talk from us both. I noticed after a few minutes she was standing next to where the cord hung but was just looking at my phone and scrolling, then I assume reading, and scrolling a little more. Her eyes got real big at one point which was when I remembered a night or two before I had sent a short vid of me cumming for my FWB. So I called out to her in a joking voice told her to stop snooping and she fucking jumped half a foot into the air then plugged the phone in and ended up choosing a playlist I had on youtube, so I don't think she wanted my phone in the first place to listen to music but to snoop. Especially because when she came back and put her chin on my shoulder she asked "user do you have a girlfriend?"

"No. I have an ex I'm close to but nothing serious." I told her, and she repeated the nothing serious bit back at me in a mock-cool guy tone, then said "Then who were you texting?"

"Nunya bissness ya snoop." but when she kept pushing it I admitted it was a FWB. She scrunched up her nose and called me a manhoe. I wish. Took me forever to get that lucky but if she believed it then maybe it made me cooler in her eyes.

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No it isn't you dumb shit.

Are you in East Texas?

The last time I was them she was 11 and while still cute, her parents still controlled her entire look and definitely hid everything that makes her so cute. And I know what this thread is about and the promise inherent in posting this, but at the time of these posts I wasn't thinking of her as a sexual object. She was adorable and I wanted her to like and look up to me, but I wasn't trying to get her high and fuck her. In fact, every step of the way I repeatedly check to make sure she's comfortable and thinking clearly before we take the next step. Okay, that aside.

"They always made me babysit. It was summer at the beach. I wasn't ignoring you I just had other priorities." Namely, fucking a 10/10 tourist at the beach whose parents had the camper next to ours.

"You made me feel like I was so ugly no boy would like me. You didn't look at me once." She said in a pouty mock-upset tone. Now she was draped almost entirely over my shoulder and leaning against me for support. I told her to sit down on a stool and she said no, she liked the smell of my bodywash (classic old spice niggas). I pointed out how she was 11 during that time and she came back reminding me I was only 14, which is fair. Looking back, she was constantly calling my name and following me around, and since then I've wondered what would have happened if I had paid her some more attention back then. "And Mom made me wear that one piece that made me look so ugly." She let out a frustrated groan, meanwhile her saying that gave me a flashback to this hideous one piece they made her wear that was too small for her even though she was absolutely tiny, it was meant for like a six year old. It had a little skirt and angel wings tacked on to it, and she had to wear it every time she got in the water. Then she snapped me out of it with a Sherlock-tier observation.

"Wonder why you were so quick to notice this time?" She said, tilting her head to the side and trying to meet my eye.

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M or F?

its pasta

I used to work at a psychiatric hospital and would have to take care of these retards. They put me on night shift one week and I got really bored so I raped an autistic girl. I felt really guilty every time I saw her so I quit and moved to another town 2 hours away

I’ve been selling my girlfriends nudes and buying nudes off of girls on twitter and selling them at a premium on a second Snapchat account

I prefer fapping while sniffing the dirty panties of a female roommate than sex with my gf of six years. She's half our age, I talked my gf into letting her rent a room from us, my sex drive has tanked due to furiously fapping multiple times a day huffing her moist dirty panties.

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I'm going to have sex with my wife's sister tonight and she will never know it was me.

I once brought a honeycomb and a donkey into a whorehouse.


How much money? Would you do it again? Ever see him again?

Yes, I am on these days.

What’s up, user.


When I was a senior in high school I kind of raped a girl. We were both super drunk and I didnt remember it the next day.
For the rest of the year people were kind of weird around me, didnt invite me to parties, most of my friends stopped hanging out with me. I got really depressed and started drinking too much. Noone told me until years later that she told everyone I raped her.

I am good friends with my sister in law's husband. We work together, drink together, have told each other our most fucked up shit. He has always wanted to see someone else tuck his wife, I have wanted to fuck her since the day we met.
He talked her into letting him get her completely wasted and fuck her while shes passed out, but he is going to let me fuck her instead. My wife is in Dallas for work, I live in Austin.

Is anyone else tired of this V larp bullshit?

"Now we're old enough to really be friends and not just awkward teenagers. You came into your own, I almost didn't recognize you." I chose every word as if each was another step across thin fucking ice because that's exactly how it felt. Luckily, this was pretty much the perfect thing to say.

"Awuh, really?" She said, perking up again and kissing my cheek playfully. "I had so many arguments with Dad to get him to let me cut my hair. It was all the way past my waist. I hated it. He's eased up a lot lately, he used to never let me wear these out of the house but now he doesn't seem to mind." She had come around and sat on the stool in front of me now and was smiling so wide I could literally see dimples.

Fast forwarding a bit, Leah couldn't decide if she wanted to play my Switch or watch a movie, and was browsing my shelf full of blu rays and boxed sets when she finds Game of Thrones and immediately pulls it out and starts asking me about it. Namely, is there really a lot of nudity? Since her parents don't let them watch HBO. I give her this look that I hoped accurately conveyed just how ridiculous of a question that would eventually prove to be, but she completely overlooks this and plants herself in on my throne, the loveseat, the altar on which I sacrifice pussy roughly every fortnight, or at least as much as I can. And now my younger cousin is sitting on it waiting for me to turn on Game of Thrones so she can see some sex scenes. And apparently I had skipped any kind of mental process as I had already popped it into the PS4 before I even thought about it, and she was complaining about the cold. I explain to her she's damn right it's cold, that I added another unit to each floor because I'm a strategic genius and when it's cold and you have girls over, you tend to get a lot closer, especially under a blanket. Then as if on cue, she asks for a blanket.

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How have you not realized yet that nobody is falling for your fake ass story, bro?
Just go jerk off already.

Implying you aren't bumping this thread for more.

What if she doesnt get drunk enough? Or if she changes her mind? What if she wakes up halfway through? This is a dangerous path, my friend.

Go grab her one, trying to mentally separate her from the other girls that have been in that room during a "movie night" and I make sure to grab her a clean blanket, one not stained with cum, which is the only one still folded up neatly. Back at the throne I offer her the blanket only to snatch it back before she can grab it. "You can have the blanket when you get off my throne."

"No way, I'm comfortable here." She protested, pulling her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms around her legs, shivering as if she was in the artic tundra and not an air conditioned garage. "We can both sit here, it's meant for two people anyways."

With all my self control I resist the urge to tell her that like the temperature, that was a strategic investment. The arms of the loveseat are big and curved so no matter what, before long the two people in it are pressed right together. And now I wasn't sure how I felt sharing a seat with my adorable and suddenly very feminine cousin in the same place I had fucked numerous local sluts. Since we're in this thread, you know I caved in.

When I first sat down we were all elbows and shoulders, until finally I lifted her up by her bottom, surprising myself with how light and easy she was to move, then positioned myself in the center of the seat and planted her bottom so that she was half in my lap and half on the cushions. She was laughing and accusing me of manhandling her when I told her she'd know for sure when I was handling her roughly. Again, this made her break out in that smile she always covered up. It took a few more adjustments, she slid more onto my lap but I pretended not to notice, and I had to reach my arm around her so that I wouldn't be elbow jabbing her the entire time. As soon as we were comfortable and the blanket was cover us she laid back against my chest, her head right beneath my chin giving me a nose full of her scent. As pathetic as it was, it made my heartbeat skyrocket.

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I work in a massage parlor, giving "happy endings". My boyfriend doesn't know about them, just thinks its a massage place like any other.

I fucked my sister while she was passed out drunk. I cleaned her out pretty good after, but she got pregnant shortly after anyway. Her boyfriend and her both think the kid is hers, and she's pretty normal so she might be, but I can't say for sure.

If she isn't drunk enough, he wont call me. I live three blocks away, so it's not like I have to cross town to get there and wait.
If she changes her mind, he wont call me.
If she wakes up.... hopefully she thinks it is a dream or something. I dont know. Her body is fucking perfect, I've been looking forward to this for three days. I've been edging. I even shaved my pubes because he keeps his junk clear.

My girlfriend gives "happy endings" in a massage parlour and thinks I dont know.
What she doesnt know is that I go to other massage parlours to get "happy endings"

If this is sounds like a fair exchange to be honest.

Of course its real.
Everything posted here is real, didnt you know that?

do you enjoy your work?

I don't enjoy it, but I don't hate it either. The oral I don't like but customers have to pay a lot for that so it's mostly just handjobs, which is whatever.

I stole my mother's wedding ring and sold it for heroin.

When the White Walkers appear she actually screams and digs her fingers into my arms, so in my first alpha moment with her, if incest can even be considered alpha, I put my arms around her in a hug and tried calming her down. She grabbed one of my hands in both of hers and drew her knees up to her chest, kinda locking my left hand there. After the initial scare though the episode starts getting boring to her, she starts playing with my hand, turning it palm-up and drawing on it with her finger, at first just symbols but I start noticing when she draws a heart. I ask her what was that and she says pay attention I'll only draw it one more time, and I swear she draws Leah(Heart)user and starts giggling about it. I just told her she was high and played it off, but I started using my right hand to trace my fingers up her leg, starting at her ankle and all along her smooth and slender leg, then getting braver when she doesn't stop me, up to her thigh, almost all of which is exposed as she shorts have run up high. When I get as far up her thigh as I can I draw a heart and she squeezes my hand as I do, leaning further back into my chest and wriggling her butt a little. My dick is now getting hard to the point I can no longer deny it, and she has to feel my heartbeat pounding out of my chest and against her back.

"user I thought you said there would be naked people in this?" She asks, still drawing randomly on my palm. She has no idea we're about a minute out from Bran stumbling upon the Lannister twincest.

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have you sold use of your holes very often?

A few blowjobs. Gave it up fully to my dealer once. I'm clean now, though.

I used to post my girlfriend's nudes on plebbit

Show tits


My buddy does the same thing. His fake fb account is like 2 years old so it looks legit

how old were they

Don't leave your readers waiting

Moot raped me

Getting mixed messages user. Jk I'll keep going I just thought nobody was paying attention.

no he didn't shut the hell up you're not welcome here crybaby

oh cmon fag get your life together


Like, did you explicitly say you didn't want sex and then he fucked you anyway? Or was it one of those "I didn't feel like it halfway through but didn't say no or stop or if I did he kept going for another 10 seconds because he was about to cum" situations?

I raped all of these people, including the guy and his gf that the other guy raped.

I think back on those savage rapes and I jerk my crank reminiscing about them every single day.

my mom got double teamed by my friends that are twins. I saw it all and found it was the hottest shit ever


glad they're dead

Keep going user

My girlfriend was a sorority college girl. Not easy to deal with it.

When I was 13 I got a new neighbor that was a couple years older than me. I didn’t have anyone else around my age in town so I wanted to be his friend. My parents invited him over for me. I remember him seeming bored while I gave him a tour of my room until he saw my computer. We eventually play roller coaster tycoon until he asks if I watch porn. I tell him yeah a little.
He proceeds to go to a porn site he says is his favorite. He puts on some video of some blonde giving a dude a blowjob.
My neighbor eventually starts rubbing his crotch. I was too nervous to speak up. Shortly after that video we hear his parents ask for him and he soon leaves.
A couple days later, him and I hang out again. He seems so cool to me.
We hang out a couple more times. He wanted to watch porn together in my room a lot. I figured guys his age did that.
Sooner or later he started jerking off in my room. I was still pretty fresh off of puberty but I remember his dick looking way bigger and manlier than mine. He asked me to jerk off with him but I declined. I was pretty ashamed of my size compared to him and was pretty sure what we were doing wasn’t right.
Anyway, he came into some tissues and left.
He would do this almost daily for a week; come over to my place and jerk off with me in the room. I never said anything.
Then one day he wanted me to jerk him off as he watched porn. I don’t know how he convinced me.
I jerk him off as he cums into some tissues. Eventually he asks for a ‘blowjob’. He lied and said it wasn’t gay cause everyone has a mouth or some shit. I don’t really believe him and I remember feeling really uncomfortable. Then I remember eventually being talked into getting on my knees. I try to imitate the girls in porn when I put it in my mouth. I closed my eyes and sucked it until hi held me and came inside my mouth. I didn’t know just how messed up this was at the time. I just liked having him as a friend.
I wound up blowing him a couple times a week.

I've bottomed twice, and soon realized that I'm a total top instead.

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How many dicks did she take?

what if it's basically a trap to test you... like your best buddy snitched on you and your wife didnt believe him so he's doing that, but he won't actually let you fuck her.

come on keep posting

My girlfriend was gang raped years ago. She's never told anyone but me, not a therapist, not family, just me. It's hard keeping this secret, I want to help her, but I can't reach out to anyone for help because nobody knows.

I convinced my wife to fuck young boys because of my age difference fetish

A lot. She did several orgies and even a few gangbangs. It was before we met, but feels so weird and dirty. Not sure if she is wife material

How many men? Story?

She's obviously not. Dump that thot. She's gonna cheat if she hasn't already. Orgies? Come on

I was sexually abused when I was young and I mentally blocked it for many, many years. It was a close family member.

5 men. She was on a mission trip abroad. The security on those missions is apparently nonexisitent, and she got attacked by the group of men while she was walking back from the bathroom one night.

now that's fucked up

My dream situation

is her name chloe?

No, not even close.


Mission trip? And is she hot? Feel sorry for her, but she was calling for it honestly.

Easy to tell, but I really love her.

any strange encounters or huge cocks?

what a fag

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I mean she's good looking yeah...what do you mean asking for it? She was 17, she had no idea how dangerous it was. Her church is responsible if you ask me, leading people into that shit.

Yeah but I doubt she loves you as much. Your dick alone can't give her the pleasure she's felt before.

can you get her to have 3 somes and orgies with you? I'd lock her down in a second and have a rich exciting sex life..

did they all fuck her? did she cum?

More small dicks than big ones. One or two horse cocks, but those are no different to work with. A few creeps and attempts to go "all the way", luckily nothing too bad happened.

do you ever get wet? Is there anything that makes it pleasurable for you?

"If you wait about a minute you'll see some." I whispered in her ear, and I realized my voice had become the same low hush that hers was. Like we both knew we were doing something that had to stay a secret.

So when Jaime and Cersei's fucking came on screen, and the sound of their fucking filled the room, despite expecting it thanks to my warning Leah was still absolutely swept away in the moment, lowering her legs and leaning forward, letting out a gasp and an "oh my goddd" while still squeezing the fucking circulation from my hand. Even though you can't see anything much, and the scene is quickly over, this is the closest she has ever come to porn and at the same time as she's sitting in the lap of her childhood crush, alone, under a blanket. For a few seconds I worried the entire situation had caught up to her as she pulled the blanket back, but then she pulled my ottoman closer and then leaned back against me, pulling the blanket back over us. Taking the hint I reclined the chair and we stretched out legs out, hers on top of mine. No longer paying attention to the show now that the scene is over she turns a bit on her side to look at me.

"Aren't they family?" She asks.

"They're twins." When I tell her this she does the overdramatic mouth falling open bit and asks why they're doing it. "She's the only woman he's ever loved. They don't care what the world thinks as long as they have each other."

"That's kind of romantic" She says after a little bit. "More than the dwarf guy." (yes she saw that scene but it's just boobs and apparently Jaime turns her on more than Tyrion, who'dathunkit). Then she asks, "Can we watch some more scenes?" So I hand her the controller and show her how to fast forward and skip between episodes, doing my best to remember which episodes had scenes and which didn't. But to skip ahead, during the next scene she's holding my left hand again, and while she's caught up I copped my hand on her thigh, rubbing her back and forth.

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I've showered with a 9yo girl quite a few times

cool bro, i didn't gang raped your girlfriend

I disagree. I was one of these people in my future life and I has been given you the closet consent.

They all did. She says she didn't.
I'm glad you didn't...

I'm 28 and I have a date with a 14 year old girl tomorrow.

No, it never turns me on. It's just a job for me. I have to do some dirty talk at time, and that can be interesting, but mostly it's not as interesting as you'd think lol

I just love when hot women stink of sweat.
Discovered my fetish after I talked with a fellow college gal after her presentation. She sat next to me while I could smell all her excitement and nervousness. Got a pretty hard boner and imagined planting my face everywhere on her.

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She is a good girl now, the wild college times are gone.

That's not love.

I need a sauce on this please, also checked

What makes you think she's changed?

Oh ya, how long have you been doing it for? Were you already doing it when you met your bf?

I have shared nudes with my gfs younger sister

lola naymark in some french movie I forgot the name of.

dude thats love and exciting! I think you're crazy for not trying it. Do you think she'd be into it?

Anal rape too? Bareback and creampie?

I've cheated on my wife with at least 8 people. And am working on a 9th.

2 years now. Yeah, met him a year into the job. I feel bad but...y'know, it doesn't mean anything to me, so I figure what's the harm, it's not like I'll be doing it forever

tell story

Thanks user

My bf raped me

Yeah no harm. How did you get into that type of work?

did you enjoy it?

She loves me.

You are a perv, user.

Boss's daughter has been sucking/fucking me since she was 12 while I was supposed to be tutoring her. Well worth putting up with my boss's bullshit.

No anal. Unfortunately they ran a train on her, bareback. I didn't ask where they finished but I assume it was all or mostly inside.

Did she put any fight?
How many cum did she swallow?

Was waitressing, and the owner was one of my regular customers. Talked about the job, how it would pay better, less work. I liked the idea so I quit and took his job offer to work there. Didn't know about the happy endings until I got there but...I adjusted.

They were armed so she didn't really resist. I don't think she swallowed anything. She said one guy did kiss her a lot though.

I jerked off to my ex gf's sister multiple times a day for 5+ years. sniffing her panties and clothes was the horniest I've ever been. Kinda lost the appeal when she broke up with me. humans be weird init?

Right on. Can you tell the story of your first client? Were you nervous?

First client was my boss. He wanted to be my first, to make sure I had things down. He was the one who explained the full extent of the job. I was obviously really nervous but he's quite the smooth talker, calmed me down and guided me through it. After that, I knew I had it in me.

No anal? Hard to believe. Are you sure It was rape? They were too nice with her.

Glad it was a smooth process, What was it like for the first client that you sucked?

pretty boring i'm just a raging faggot

found porn movies on VHS with my mother in them. Fapped my teenage years away to them

I mean, that's what she said. I don't know why she'd lie about that detail. And yes, it was rape. She was not the promiscuous type, not remotely.

I thought I was having a heart attack last night and called an ambulance. Turns out I was totally fine.

Hey at least you're honest user

Doggystyle fuck? Were her tits abused too?

Apparently they all took her against a wall. She was stripped and fondled but I don't know about "abused".

Something is off here, bro. Sorry to say, but probably your girlfriend is a gangbang slut. Be careful.

I live in a big, old apartment building where the bedroom windows face an small, internal courtyard. The windows belonging to other apartments are about 20ft away so if you don’t have curtains you can see inside peoples rooms across from you and below you pretty well.

I dont have curtains and have caught a college aged girl peeping at me multiple times, even when I’m naked or jacking off. I pretend not to notice but couldn’t help making eye contact sometimes. I kind of get off from the idea of being the subject of voyuerism but feel guilty cause I have a gf

I mean, I don't know why she'd lie. If she'd gone out and had group sex, I'd never have known about it. So...why would she make this all up?

you there user ?

I employed her little sister, we get along really great and flirt a lot, one day she was showing me a pic on her phone but as she went through her gallery nudes were there(she must have meant to show me) i stopped her and took it from there, started showing her random pics of my dick at work, she would blush and then laugh and then say how nice my dick was. She did say if i didnt have kids and was younger then she would definitely go with me which was cool as she is hot as fuck, but then so is my gf so whatever. Apologies for shit story telling abilities.

can't empathise with your situation, the worlds a pretty accepting place for homosexuality these days though, is there any reason it has to be a secret?

You better ask her about.

Also a raging faggot here. I used to crossplay back in the day when that was a newer thing and before linetrap. I miss being a cute pre-Shippuden Hinata taking cock in both ends. Now im a normie living in a small town a father with a family and 10 year old girl and nobody knows a thing about it

She jumped a little when I copped a feel of her thigh but a second later relaxed and inched her legs apart, which I took as her consenting. The scene we were at was Theon and the captains daughter, and whether it was the weed or her being turned on, her breathing was so heavy I could feel the rise and fall of her small body against mine.

I had placed my hand a bit over her knee and was just rubbing back and forth, up and down, traveling higher each time but slowly. She had let go of my other hand to cover her mouth but started reaching for it again, clenching it in her hands and holding it against her chest. She started to fast forward past Tyrion riding the horse with his sister when I told her to stop, and when she started watching it I whispered in her ear "They're brother and sister." Making her turn on her side against my chest, so I let go of her thigh, and while looking at me through her glasses said "No they're not, you're teasing me."

"Teasing you? You like the incest parts best?" I asked, and she turned beat red while no longer able to meet my eye, looking instead at the TV. "Keep watching and you'll see." but all she said back to that was "I will." and stayed in that position, only raising her right arm to hold her head up, her eyes level with my nose maybe.

As she was looking at the TV I was looking down her loose church shirt and got my hopes up only to see a sports bra, yet even that got my cock stirring now that her weight wasn't on top of it. As the scene neared where Theon learned about his sister, I moved my hand back to her thigh, only now that she was on her side her hips were pressed together, but when my hand touched her inner thigh she parted them enough to let me start rubbing her, without looking up at me and only covering her mouth again.

Attached: 1190.jpg (1200x1600, 306K)

I've been addicted to camgirls for 4 years. I have a GF and have since 2014 but there's something so exhilarating about camgirls. Probably that they'll do whatever the fuck you want without bitching.

Also. I can see into the room of a seemingly 9/10 Asian college girl a floor below me. Frequently see her in her panties or even topless. She has curtains but is somehow oblivious that someone can see into her room. Crazy body

That was really awkward. I'd never swallowed before. He was pretty small, so it wasn't difficult, but I nearly gagged on the taste. Foulest I've ever tasted.

You are such a cuck. Pathetic.

She's not lying. She just wouldn't. You should have seen the sobbing when she told me about it.

Guilt. Not even that user I just had to speak up dude.

What? Why? I'm supposed to just abandon her? A good girlfriend, a good person, just because some fucking pricks did that to her?

ooooh thats too bad. Do you always swallow?Are they ever fun to suck?

I agree with you, these guys are out of touch or just trolling

Pedophile means you're attracted to preteens, you're called something else. Can't remember what it's called and it doesn't make you any less shitty.

No larp here friend.

Attached: 3C7AE997-E12A-4AA9-94AE-79CB675C6E40.jpg (2976x2231, 1.89M)

I swallow unless they specifically ask to cum on me. It's not fun, really, it's just more work. I prefer just using my hand.


I love you V! Show your ass! I never doubted you!

Anons are trolling you, larp.

I massacred 27 burgers in one sitting at White Castle back in '93.

Attached: whitecastle.jpg (550x698, 86K)

Getting trolled thats a larp

I'm larping that something terrible happened to my girlfriend? what would be the point? I just needed to get it off my chest

10/10 plot twist

I fucking hate traps, seriously.


Pic related :)

Attached: 6D28A3EB-8DA3-4121-BB12-631096DFD423.jpg (2806x2188, 1.71M)

I get that. how much more do you get for a bj? Also, how many cock is the most in a day?

That is one flat white girl ass

>My boyfriend doesn't know about them, just thinks its a massage place like any other.


I let a trans girl crash at my place for a few weeks and it led to us dating for a year.

>I'm moot


100 extra. Typically it's 6-8 a day. They can book short or long appointments so it can vary.
No idea how he would know

Please kill yourself. Better yet, kill him first.

Samefagging that hard kek

It’s not bad come on

We are 100 seconds away from midnight. Due to Nuclear and Global Warming.
I am scared.
I don't go here often. Because I look down on you freaks
Have you Cred Forumstards seen Threads?
In no other point in history we are approaching mass extinction.
I have high hopes in my life. But I hate to see it end like this.
I know many of you will blame the jews or whatever the fuck there is.
In the end we are all in the chopping block.
Its hard to smile in times like this. But when the time does come I wish to die looking at the clouds one last time.
I don't ask much in life but it would hurt if I don't see her again. What a cruel end. Our existence merely a footnote on the history of our solar system and insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Attached: EE65x51XsAA0fzR.jpg (1200x1200, 166K)

Dude, that's barely an ass. Most dudes have more than that


Sound like my situation when I was working at the factory. I had an ex who pulled some stuff on me and made up rumors and I suspect it got out at the factory. People started acting the same way around me out there and gut feeling knew there was something off but no one would straight up admit it. I ended up getting into drugs heavily (molly) and psycedelics and ultimately caused alot of issues and lost my job.

wow thats good $. How many cocks have you touched and sucked total do you think? Ever have repeat clients that you look forward to seeing?

You can get help for your body dysmorphia from a psychiatrist and get you over it. It’s either that or change your life forever and lose your partner and a lot of friends. It’s shit. It it’s the way it is.

Not a trap.

Pic related.

I do have some white in my blood lol.

Attached: DE1EDAB4-3DCD-4C7D-87F3-2C7D01962BAA.jpg (2840x2143, 702K)

Show buttholeee

go on

Are you ashamed of your very little tits?

Tits =/= Woman in 2020
Show puss

if your blood isn't red i think you might have a problem there ;)

Calling bullshit clamp a nipple or shoe on head !

I like to imagine stories where the world has been pornified in weird ways, write 3000 words about them on a txt file, save and delete them out of shame. Some examples of the subjects I have done:

>Aphrodite visits earth and gives all secret perverts giant cocks, asses and tits
>A sex cult goes mainstream and their followers teach their children to jelq, masturbate, and participate in orgies before they're 16
>The black plague kills just as many people, but the survivors are sexier and hornier
>The European Union enforces eugenics to make people pornstars. This one also has a retrofuturistic synthwave megacorporation aesthetic for some reason?
>People who are sexy have been blessed by GOD and their destiny is to have sex with the world

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No! I love my tits!

Sorta see it in pic related

I’m colombian/Irish yea weird huh.

I have a clothes pin lol!

Attached: 890EFAB6-CEFE-4806-8D59-32B4ADD39E98.jpg (1999x2665, 1.35M)

Where do I sign up?

When the scene reaches the point where Yara reveals she's Theons sister she groans "oh my god" again and buries her face into my chest, just below my neck, and stays that way. At the same time I decide to start moving my right hand higher up between her legs, rubbing her inner thigh and kind of softly squeezing her. She reaches her left arm around me and locks both hands around the back of my neck, and I can feel her breathing harder against my chest. My left hand free, I rub her back through her shirt gently, gradually moving down to the small of her back where her shirt running up has exposed her skin, and by brushing my fingertips across her bare skin she arches her back and erupts in goosebumps, this movement causing my right hand to slip up all the way between her legs, pressed against the soft damp fabric of her shorts, telling me she's as aroused as I am, if not more. With my other hand I cup one of her ass cheeks through her shorts, getting a handful of her bottom, while rubbing her pussy through the damp fabric with the other. She whimpers against my chest in a way that makes me stop, thinking I've gone too far, only for her to sit up and pull the blanket back. I pull my hand back but she grabs it, stopping me, then reaches for the waistband of her shorts and pulls them and her underwear open just enough for my hand to slip in.

Attached: 1197.jpg (2981x1509, 369K)

Lot of repeat clients, yeah. I do enjoy them, they tip the best. They do get grabby though. As for total number...hard to say but well into the hundreds for touched. Sucked, I'd say about a hundred.

Clothes pin it is

Are you on west coast?
Wanna hook up?

>Aphrodite visits earth and gives all secret perverts giant cocks, asses and tits
>A sex cult goes mainstream and their followers teach their children to jelq, masturbate, and participate in orgies before they're 16

My dude I am with you for life.

And so it is!

East coast.

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Cred Forumslarps used to be better. You are even worse that pedo larps wtf

Why do you strip off for Cred Forums? Just bored?

latina and irish living in ny, that's quite the mix

Do you swallow?

Yeah. It's expected to do so unless requested otherwise. It's the only part of the job I genuinely dislike.

Fuck thats really cool. You seem really fun, wanna kik? I'd like to hear more about you and your work


Nowhere :'(

There is a Google search retard

Anyone in particular you enjoy swallowing for? Like some loads taste better than others or just general dislike?

Sorry user, I do stuff for work but I am good to my guy outside of that.
General dislike. My boss I did once, he tasted okay. But generally, it's not a good taste. One or two have been really really bad, including a repeat unfortunately.

Both nipple plz

>I don't ask much in life but it would hurt if I don't see her again. What a cruel end. Our existence merely a footnote on the history of our solar system and insignificant in the grand scheme of things.
Is this a pasta? I remember reading this like 3 years ago. Or maybe dreaming it? Dejavu.

>No idea how he would know

fix yourself before you cannot

I really doubt it. He's never asked about it.

Just once for tour boss? Man that's gotta suck having the only load that wasnt bad not come back lmao

your boss? can you elaborate on that?

this is pretty hot, would jerk off for girl across the way, lol.

Damn. Based.

Yeah lol, it is what it is though.
He basically just booked a regular appointment. He occasionally does, different girl each time. I've done several for him but only once did he pay for the "full service".

Thats ok. I wasn't looking for you to do anything bad, just wanted to talk more...

It's been what a year and a half since you used to send me nudes and tell me you loved me. The feeling was mutual I really cared about you but it didn't work out. I readded you on Facebook recently but I am to chickens hit be to send you a message. I don't want to be overbearing or anything. I'll probably delete you off my friends list today

East coast :( feels bad


Yep and horny.

Yep! Mom liked white guys.


Ok and? Lol

Yea sure.

Attached: 2B9D877D-9912-4136-BE11-5C3C59FB70B5.jpg (2436x1997, 1.34M)

samefag. Some more scenarios

>A story where the government takes action to improve the citizens sex lives. And by that I mean subsidised brothels, subsidised zinc and fenugreek, jelqing, edging, and breast massage are taught in schools, subsidized plastic surgery etc.
>A story where machines are powered by orgasms. So people naturally spend all day cumming to fuel their highly anomalous cumbots that take care of their every need.
>A story where the protagonist is GOD and he creates the universe by jacking his giant tattooed cock.
>A world where the economy is based on sex. Most food is breast milk and cum, more food is grown by cumming on the fields to fertilize them, some people grow stronger the more they cum so they act as workers, some others get better at having children so they pump out armies of babbies etc.
>A belligerent civilization of futanaris that want to fuck every other species to death
>A world where sex acts make you sexier in a relevant way. Jacking it makes your pole bigger. Ejaculating makes your balls bigger. Titfucking makes your tits bigger. Anal makes your ass bigger. Vaginal makes your hips bigger. Oral makes you prettier.

Attached: 645A024.jpg (735x1008, 114K)

"Full service" stops at oral? That's disappointing...

Ever show your face?

Where is the frat girl? I want to hear Hot slutty stories.

Full frontal plz

Personally I know a lot of guys wouldn't bother with anal. Nothing enjoyable about anal without proper preperation and if the girl doesn't like it. Super dry and hard to put in.

Do you like white guys? Your sexy af

"Please don't stop." She whispers in that breathy tone, looking at me with eyes half open and her lips slightly parted in what I can only describe as the kind of sloppy disheveled way a deep state of arousal and desire to get fucked leaves you in. But she didn't have to say anything, I couldn't have stopped at that point for anything, especially not since she pulled back the blanket and I could see her full body before me.

I took my left hand off of her ass and reached it around her to cop a feel, only remembering her sports bra as I was groping her chest, and almost went back down to her ass until she pulled up her shirt to above her belly button but below where the bra started, tempting me. It wasn't a second before my hand traveled up her shirt and started raising her bra up, an act she helped with until her breasts were free. I won't lie and pretend there was a whole lot to them, like I said she had a swimmer and practically gymnast body, but once they were free her nipples were perky and perfectly erect, and when I ever so slightly pinched them between my fingers her entire body started contorting wildly like she had lost all control, and her hips began wriggling on my hand.

I didn't dare finger her just yet, instead I curved my hand by almost cupping her pussy, cradling it, so that I could rub her pussy lips as my hand worked back and forth between her legs. She had already tightened her hips like a vice refusing to let my hand free, but I still had plenty of room to tease and play with that entrance to her most sacred places. Her pussy was hot against my hand, her entire body warm to the touch, her arousal testing her body like never before.

Attached: 1198.jpg (1600x1200, 293K)

She did once a selfie but she had glasses on

I'm curious, what gets you horny? Sending pics to random strangers?

Pee for Cred Forums

Yeah. There are places I know that go further but I don't wanna go that way.

do you have a rape fetish?

most girls on here seem to which kind of makese sense given that it's a fundamentally degrading place

Probably being rammed by fratbros lol. Totally sure 'she' is a larp, but 'she' tells the best stuff itt

>She was 17, she had no idea how dangerous it was. Her church is responsible if you ask me, leading people into that shit.
>5 men. She was on a mission trip abroad. The security on those missions is apparently nonexisitent, and she got attacked by the group of men while she was walking back from the bathroom one night.
What country lmao
Naive dumb whores lmao
exgf of a friend of mine went on a mission trip to Zimbabwe and got culturally enriched repeatedly

Im gonna bust the fattest nut to some whore in two Wednesdays.
Belief and disbelief rests with you

I did 18 months inside in my early 20s

Nobody other than my dad who I know now knows about it

East Carolina University student.

>I didn’t have anyone else around my age in town so I wanted to be his friend. My parents invited him over for me. I remember him seeming bored while I gave him a tour of my room until he saw my computer. We eventually play roller coaster tycoon until he asks if I watch porn
went from relatively innocent to taking a hard left turn
fuck this story user, was hoping you and him just became rollercoaster building buddies

You have a date with Chris Hanson tomorrow

wow, you know how easy it is to deal with it?
dump the hoe

Pee for Cred Forums or gtfo

Nah, he's too busy with Onion boy

No, don’t want to be recognized.

Hope pic related is enough.

Thanks! Yes I do :)

Showing myself to strangers. Big kink of mine. Do it every now and then. Go out dressed up with some toys inside me.

Lol! I’ll start drinking some water!

Nope! No rape fetish here. I’ve been followed home before, not that sexy of a feeling.

Nope lol wrong again.

You btfo

Attached: AED104DF-A5EF-41D5-AEA0-336A4AD4EE30.jpg (3004x2058, 1.75M)

Larper is just posting a bunch of random pics.

Hell yeah piss in a cup

At this point you should KYS

Clamp pussy plz

Fuck I wanna spread those beef curtains with my cock

Fuckk you are absolutely sexy shame you dont have a rape fantasy id fucking dog you

can we take a look at your toys?

What's up in this thread? The posters count is always the same.

If this is true please seek therapy
No one deserves that

Haiti. Yes, she was quite naive, she admits that

Lmao you are such a faggot why are you so bitter? Is this the frat girl larper? Are you mad shes got our attention?

>my sex drive has tanked due to furiously fapping multiple times a day huffing her moist dirty panties.
Seek help, my gf of 9 years dumped me and I'm pretty sure it was because of this, I jerked off like 3 times a day while she was at work or asleep or in the bath, and then never really wanted to fuck when she did. Granted she was on SSRIs and never wanted to fuck at all.

never thought about doing it? i'm sure some clients asked for more more than once.

I mean I would but scared of being caught; also seems kinda pathetic to do it. Besides nudity isn’t so crazy for me I’ve seen plenty of nude women in on sexual situations it’s just the thrill of it

Larp is samefagging to get autosage, replying to himself several times.

>buying nudes off of girls on twitter and selling them at a premium on a second Snapchat account
this is amazing lol

We know, Mr. President

rape fetish doesnt mean you literally want to be raped. it's more like some part of you is turned on by the thought of being used as a toy

we KNOW that you are a little bit like this given that you're expositng yourself for the internet, it's just a question of how much of a fucking slut you are when it comes down to it

Yeah they have. I turned them down. If I was single, maybe.

Tutoring an 8th grader in math is not a “date”

Drinking water rn lol!

This hurt a bit not going to lie.

Fuck yes baby!

Lol! Don’t rape me now!


Attached: 1A256D48-9211-4617-A32B-463FB3ED2763.jpg (2166x2199, 1.11M)


So hot

And still the same. Interesting.

Have you ever tried a selfpiss?

Panic attack? Heartburn?

What does your pussy smell like?

God bless you, Femanon. I needed to see some quality t&a today

Fuuuuck I want you to push yourself into me
Face in pillow ass in air

And now?

Why are you samefagging save your replys for the slut fuck off

You need to ask, Fem larp?

I mostly masturbate through my track pants. I'm a dude with a 6,5 inch dick. I also cum in them and wear them for the rest of the day

Oh and I edge for a very long time like this. I've been going for 4 hours now. With this method, you cum really easily. The result is a very uncomfortable feeling in my loins that can only be alleviated by cumming, and increased risk of prostate cancer. But I always keep going.

Also after I've cum once doing this, I always have to cum at least twice more. Sometimes I jerk for 8 hours during which time I cum 5 times.

Funny thread. At least, girl larp is better that pedo larps.

Didnt know you posted here donald lol

Attached: F690FEA8-B633-4714-9342-40C7F0C2B48B.jpg (2641x2179, 1.63M)

Watersports are super hot if you get over your fear of getting a little nasty

Tongue plzz!!

so femanon, have you ever posted yourself in a pics you shouldnt thread pretending to be an ex or something?

would you do it for the right amount of money? and I mean the RIGHT amount?