What is your honest opinion on this Cred Forums?

What is your honest opinion on this Cred Forums?

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I think if 18 is the legal age of consent, then those gullible bitches are fair game.

Likewise, 18 year old males are fair game for gay men and sugar momma's alike.

I know some 18yos with the maturity of 14yos

This tweet was written by a single, fat, std ridden, 25+ year old roastie

Aoc is most of the u.s. is 16
Im an old fat neckbeard with no job or money and im with some one 15 years my junior. We have been together 6 years and have 2 kids. Its about what you put in to the relationship. Not the age

What do you think about men that exclusively go for 18yos?

Doesn't matter. They are adults in the laws eyes. Just because they were raised in a bubble doesn't give them special treatment. This world is cruel.

Mind you, so long as the 14 year old mindset isn't due to a mental retardation of some sort.

It's 18 where I'm at.

Wait... can retarded adults consent?

31 here

if they want the d i give them the d.

Now that, is a conversation to have.

I think it depends on the disability. I know some who are "autistic" yet they can operate on their own. I know some that are clearly flawed yet manipulate and use it to their advantage. At the same time, I legit know some in their 30's that can barely wipe their own ass.

So, case by case I supposed. No reproduction though. In that case, Hitler had it Reich.

So ny or cali?

I agree. Legal does not mean morally correct. There's no such thing as morally correct.

if an 18 year old wants to smash we gonna smash

I had a girl I loved more than anything in this world leave me and end up dating two guys more than 6 years older than her when she was 16. I'm their age now, I want to fuck teenagers just to get back at her, she also pretended to be a prostitute so I'm going to fuck those too. We love each other very much if you couldn't tell.

I don't blame em
Women these days are horrible
There are also 18 yr old that are retarded too, but if it's just for fun, like why not, I would plow an 18 yr old

If it just happens that you have an age difference its fine but guys who exclusively look for 18 year olds are the ones who still brag about being on JV football

This is exclusively a thought by mid-20's and 30's women who get pissy about dudes fucking younger broads. Here's the solution.

"I do not think it is morally correct to police the behavior of an adult woman just because you think that women should be infantalized and have their autonomy restricted well into their adulthood, the patriarchy already does that in so many ways. Believing that 18 year old women aren't adult enough to make their own decisions is internalized misogyny'.


The argument that "legal does not equal morally correct" can also work against his argument. I don't think they're anything morally abhorrent about fucking a 16 year old girl let alone a grown women at 18. Are we seriously going to act like fucking a 16 year old is going to fuck them up mentally so bad they can never function before? I guarantee a dumb feminist cunt wrote this and is just jealous men prefer tight young pussy as opposed to her old wrinkly gash.

When you have sex, it will affect the other person emotionally - let's say on a magnitude from 0 to 10 that depends on their emotional maturity. Unless you deeply know and understand that person you probably aren't in a position to know what their 0-10 score will be.

All things being equal, the younger the person the less likely they are to have developed emotionally to navigate the pitfalls of sex.

You have a responsibility not to fuck 18 year olds because you acknowledge they are at higher risk of getting messed up on an emotional level. Because let's face it, you want to fuck 18 year olds but you don't want to get into a relationship with them.


It feels like this ignores the 18 year old girl's side - if this is consensual - why does anyone care? I'll bet the same person that posted that also thinks 14 year old trannies can give meaningful consent to hormone treatment - but wants to ignore an 18 year old willingly giving meaningful consent to have sex with an older guy - it's like a salty bitch well over age 18 that doesn't get male attention any more and is lashing out at them in any way she can under the guise of being "woke"

18yo's are fair game. They usually go for older dudes anyway. More money to spend on their thot lifestyle.

Then they all end up bitchy single mom's looking for someone to take care of them and their baby.

I am 30 and have Tinder set to show only 18 - 20 year old girls. I have fucked plenty of them.

Also I am a University professor but would never go after one of my students (while they're on my class or on my faculty) because I am extremely professional. But I'm pretty sure they know I am on Tinder, I have matched with several of my students.

What do you guys think of this?

Sounds like a bitter, crusty, neckbeard femanon.

Yeah, that opinion is far too emotional and complete bullshit.

>put in to the relationship
so what did you put into your relationship ?

Ya that might win you a single argument with a single feminist, but it misses the point because this whole meme is actually about making sure that the disenfranchised white men who can't get their priorities straight or their life together until their late twenties/early thirties are further socially ostracized when they actually try to find a virtuous mate, and will be pushed instead towards the horde of used up, increasingly infertile, women incapable of forming meaningful relationships due to years of brain damage and emotional trauma from living her best life. Just work backwards from the conclusion that white men don't get to reproduce and if they do it's only through corrupted genes. Everything makes alot more sense when one just sucks it up and stops being a little bitch and admits that racists rule this society and manage your perceptions with their media in order to prevent their heads being cut off, etc. It's easy.

People who like their lover young as possible while still ''legal'' just want someone who looks like a child. It's fucked up and wrong.

Tell us more + pics thanjk

As long as it's within parameters of the law, then who gives a fuck. Also don't pay attention to what angry roasties have to say on social media.

I got no problem with it.


From a legal standpoint, I would recommend you make every one of them sign some sort of form or catch them on recording saying that you are not using your position "of power" to force them into sexual acts. Place a camera in your house and hang a small sign on the back of the bathroom door that states the grounds are being recorded.

Other than that, happy hunting Cred Forumsrother. I wish you well.

Specifying genders makes them lose all credibility.

>Because let's face it, you want to fuck 18 year olds but you don't want to get into a relationship with them.

If I could be well off enough to spoil an 18 year old in a relationship I would be at peace with the world, but Im below 25

legal age where i live is 14 and i'm currently 29
life's good

Late 20s is still fine in my opinion but i agree with her with 30+

Disagree. I've seen some 14 year old girls with a more developed body than my 29 year old wife.

Ciiiiiircle of Liiiiiiife ~

Hon, you dont understand, its a harsh reality but 16 year olds are in the prime of their lives sexually, I dont want to be attracted to them, my dick just can sense that their fertile. Maybe that or women just start getting less tight and more 16 from 17 on. I can tell u for sure its not psychological either, its biology. They are just more fertile.

How do i understand and asses a person ? i'm autistic af i dont think i would imagine the consequences of my plowing

Dude, it's Tinder. Girls want to fuck.

I would say by them agreeing to meet and fuck, it's all consent.

And I don't think having a camera recording is a great idea, lol.

Im 40 and would love to fuck an 18yo.

>I have matched with several of my students.
This could be legally seen as harassment with the new retarded judges who pop up law school every year

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illegal does not mean morally wrong

not really

the laws are iffy though
Ie: Oklahoma's "Romeo and Juliet Law"

On the surface, I completely agree with you. But we all know the bullshit courts and court of public opinion. If you have proof, you can tell them to fuck off after you have an all-you-can-fuck-buffet.

That's a fact.

not relevant

At your age, doesn’t an 18yo almost seem like a child? Hell, I’m 27 and they seem so young to me.

In my opinion, you should stay within 5 years of your age. It's not a moral or legal thing, but just a long-term thing. Your chances of finding a suitable long-term partner increases if that partner is closer to your age, because the chances of them sharing your values, your taste in entertainment, your energy levels (let's face it, we get older and we get lazier), etc... just increases.

As far as people in their late 20s going after 18 year olds goes, yeah that's pretty skeevy. Give it about 7 years and if you're both still interested in the idea, then go for it. At that point, the younger person has had the opportunity to experience what it means to be in the adult world, so their naivete will no longer be something you can use to your favor.

Men in their late twenties are pretty much children in my view.

Young adult. Should be seen but not heard.

Thats the majority of human beings you tard

They have to prove you raped them tho, and people are starting to believe less of these bullshit rape cases

Why? Do you understand how Tinder works?

If we match is because they matched me too, so there's consent on both parties.

Kinda, but I never had kids so that may effect my point of view.

Agree with it since The Law can suck my dick

don't really care. I'm 28 and I dated an 18yo for a little while

My wife has a sister that married a 45yo when she was 20. It seemed pretty weird

This is said by roasties that have 2 kids and a big ol Arby’s flappy vagina. If the legal age of consent is 18 they are adults to do what they please.

I started dating a 19yo when I was 27, went on for a few years.

Sex was good, but holy shit was she retarded. That lack of common experience and non-stop little girl bullshit adds up.

Man, I don't want to cross that border. It feels like if I make them sign something, they will completely freak out.

All my successful fuck fests have been natural and with mutual consent, if I suddenly take out a form to make them sign, it would ruin the moment and the vibe and it would feel more rapey in my opinion, like now I legally can do anything to them, like that 50 shades of grey bullshit.

>How do i understand and asses a person? I'm autistic af i dont think i would imagine the consequences of my plowing

Honestly this is more the thing you learn from experience. The question you should be asking yourself is, "what does sex mean for this person" and "what does sex mean for me". Even if you straight up asked people this they don't always tell you the truth. Consider the following:

-Sex is just body parts going into each other for fun. Nothing more, nothing less.
-Sex is supposed to mean something on an emotional or spiritual level
-Sex can be good, but it's only great if I like them as a person as well
-This person is coming on strong and I am better off going along passively because if I didn't I will be labelled a cock teasing prude
-Having sex increases my self esteem
-If someone I previously had sex with were to stop arranging to meet up would feel worthless

How much do you try to get to know a person before you try to have sex with them? Are any of the above sentences things you've been able to intuit based on things they said or did?

Late 20s going after 18yo?
Ha! I’m 46 and had multiple 18-20yo pussy in the last year

Brother, you do you. But I don't trust bitches. I've been on the receiving end of their nonsense.

Isnt that statutory rape or whatever the title but you're her superior so it's harassment

legal means none of your fucking business.

I agree completely

>Sounds like a bitter, crusty, neckbeard femanon.
>Yeah, that opinion is far too emotional and complete bullshit
Not a female. And yes I'm simply staying that sex is an emotional act. You may be a cold hearted sperglord, that still leaves 50% of the participants to experience emotions.

>'ve been on the receiving end of their nonsense.
story ?

I'm 24 and stick to the rule of thumb, 5 years up and 5 years down.

I agree with the picture mentioned. Not because I believe it's immoral or disgusting. I just think that in your late twenties you should let the barely legals continue to form their identities, whether it be social, emotional or romatically.

> Would I judge?

> Would I chase 18 y/o's?

Are you retarded?

Tinder is a dating app. If I match with someone, it's because they like me back. But that doesn't mean I'm going to meet them or fuck them. Are you really implying that two adults, liking each other on a dating app, is rape? Like holy shit dude.

Goddamn you are cringey. You will die alone.

I am 36 and I will fuck it the second it is legal. Not a problem at all.
Life is too short to turn down 18 year old pussy.

It's fucking fine take your extra conservative ass and go drown in the ocean

This is some legit questions and analysis. You learn that from your XP and then you wrote it on the spot or you read that in books ?

on a side note, I have gone older too. fooled around with a woman that was 20 years older so I am just a general perv

Not that guy, but Ive had lots of great sex with no emotion.

I'm 29 and I usually meet girls around 14 or 15, hang out with them for a year or two, and then fuck them when they turn 16 when I'm 120% sure I won't get caught. Usually date them for a year or two after that then repeat the process.
Have no intention of stopping this cycle as long as I can keep getting teen girls.

Love to.

>23-25 years old
>Dad passed away just before my 21st birthday
>Went off the rails after he died
>Drank far too much
>Fucked anything that moved
>Got hooked up with the popular blonde from high school that went WAY downhill after graduation
>She did cocaine
>Weighed more than I did
>Best sex I've ever had to date
>Fuck around with her for years while also fucking other women
>She knows I'm fucking other girls and still keeps talking about how she wants to spend her life with me

Wouldnt be difficult for a bitch to metoo you for that. I'm just sayin

total nonsense of course. people just like to try to exert control over one another in any way they can.
>nooo you can't do that muh age difference muh power imbalance
only cucks fall for this line.

That high huh? Most 18 year olds I know act more like 7 year olds

>I know for a fact her parents are swingers
>Her younger sister was an aspiring porn star
>Her other younger sister was a pill-head and constantly fucked nignogs to her families shame
>Pulled a "hat trick" one day
>Fucked a girl I loved that morning
>Fucked a friend with benefits that afternoon
>Went to the blondes house after and made her suck my cock
>"Do you taste those other girls on there?"
>Goes on like this for about a year

You've got a huge dick or tongue skills or she was desperate to stay with someone ?

Fuck them bitches, I fucking hate feminazis.

Wouldn't mind going to court to destroy them both mentally and financially.

They can't and won't get away with that sort of thing.

>Implying women ever emotionally/mentally mature past the age of 16

Find a flaw in this logic.

Let's say you have 16 year old daughter, in a state where marriage is legal at 16, and she hooks with a 35 year old traditional Christian man who doesn't believe in sex before marriage and wants to start a family. He's very financially well-off with a house of his own and can tend to your daughter's every need. Would you really be that upset about the age gap? Would you prefer your daughter to stick to "a guy her own age" who doesn't have a job, purely wants to use her for sex, and may end up pleading with her to an abortion when the stupid fucker cums inside of her?

Honestly, I think it was just my dick and her clicked really well. The only girl I've made authentically squirt off anal. It confused TF out of me when it happened until it happened again.

>One night she's drunk
>We're out at a bar
>She's getting a little out of hand
>Go to take her home
>Another female friend of mine (who I've never had sex with) called to check on me and see if I was OK
>She goes full bat shit crazy on me
>I become a dick and threaten to leave her on the side of the road
>She calms down
>Get back to her place and she starts slapping the shit out of me for the phone call from earlier
>I pin her against the wall by her wrists (not hard)
>"Ow! You're hurting me user! Why are you doing this?"
>Try to leave
>Slaps me again
>Get in my truck while she's screaming in the neighborhood at 3am
>She lays down in front of my tire to my truck
>Eventually get away and she starts telling people I beat her up
>No marks to prove her story

Morals??? in MY Cred Forums?

>Not that guy, but Ive had lots of great sex with no emotion.
The fact you had no emotion is not relevant to my point, which is that unless you are a mind reader you will be unable to determine the positive/negative impact you will have on an 18 year old who is in all likelihood still developing emotionally. I know everyone here likes to be cool and aloof and pretend they don't care about hurting other people but I put it to you that deep down you actually do care.

>This is some legit questions and analysis. You learn that from your XP and then you wrote it on the spot or you read that in books ?
Wrote it on the spot and it's from talking and listening to people. I used to be a virgin loner but then I made a conscious effort to put myself out there. This resulted in 3 years of feeling like shit, 3 years of gradual improvement, then 6 years of ever-increasing happiness and satisfaction in relationships.

Nah. I'm cool with that. I would be doing some research as to why he's single though.

Go out and have some drunken 1 night stands. It will lighten you up about sex.

That sucks, man. Have fun in jail. Unfortunately, thats probably how thats gonna go.

Keep in mind if a white guy comes from a poor family, or a single mother household, chances are it's going to take him until his 30's to crawl out of that poverty and start making a life for himself.
Case in point I had to work my ass off to get where I am, middle class, and I sure as hell am not going to spend my cash and time on women my same age that decided that having 5 kids from 5 different guys was a good idea in her 20's instead of having self-respect.

Bro. This was 7-8 years ago.

She's married and has a kid now. Turned into a fucking land whale after giving birth to that horse.

I was 30 when my wife was 18.

Morals should only apply to others and never oneself.

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the virgin loner part is inspiring user. You ask random people questions about their love life and opinions regarding to sex or you ask to the girls you fuck after the deed, on the bed ?

the key and lock theory

Big dick energy.

Ah. Sorry, guess i missed that part. Oh well, his problem now.

That's probably what it is. Honestly, the best sex I've ever had. And I've been married for 4 years to not that woman.

She would do absolutely anything I wanted. Anal, facials, tit fuck, watch porn, was open to a threesome with another woman, fucking anything. But she was fucking nuts.

Attitudes in the west are stupid and I think it is mostly because of puritanical bitches that feel like it's important to huff and puff about what sex they don't approve of.
Shut the fuck up, bitch. I'll like what I like.

i think you should fuck 8 year olds

Yep its fucking weird. You aren't formed at 18. If you just want to fuck and you're both on the same page...its pretty predatory but whatever.

Plus it tends to indicate, women your age won't touch you so you have to go after naive teenagers

>Go out and have some drunken 1 night stands. It will lighten you up about sex.
I did, that was in the 3 years of gradual improvement. I'm not a fan of drunken night stands for multiple reasons:
-Sex is much better when there's little or no alcohol involved. Why would you risk fucking someone who might be too drunk to consent?
-When you've only just met someone it's a lot harder to broach the subject of kinky shit like choking, slapping, anything anal related (either person).
-Is this person going to expect more from me than just the one dicking? Does she have a boyfriend who's going to cut my testicles off next week?

>the virgin loner part is inspiring user. You ask random people questions about their love life and opinions regarding to sex or you ask to the girls you fuck after the deed, on the bed ?
It's just through normal conversations and self reflection. It's not like I interview people these kinds of questions, what I'm saying is that once you start forming bonds and sharing stories you start to see patterns of human behavior. I also went to a relationship therapist for a brief period where I learnt about Attachment Theory which I recommend (both therapy and reading about attachment theory).

Some 8 year olds are more mature than others. Its a case by case basis for me

You're too clever to be on this site man. Refreshing though

10 years younger is the farthest I have ever gone from my age. Of course I was 15 at the time so it’s a completely different story, but as long as they are legal I see no problem

So which is it, are they strong empowered women capable of making their own decisions or are they frail scared stupid little rabbits that need to always be coddled and protected because they're too stupid? Can't have it both ways.

Nice trips

you got other tips enlighted user ? especially about the convos with other and how to spot their tell and feelings ?

Maybe this this guy should let the legal adults decide for themselves what they want. Sexist piece of shit.

it still works if you reverse the genders dickhead

Speaking from personal experience, i dated an 18 year old when i was 26. And as well as your point about sex its also about life experience. You go through so much shit between those ages, that i find it incredibly hard to believe it can be a long lasting a fruitful relationship and not just a sex thing.

legal is the definition of morally correct. look up the word and its origin. it literally simply means fitting in to the way things are. law defines how things are. stop trying to redefine words with colloquial imagination.

I'm 35 and dating a 20 year old... she came after me lol


it's not inherently morally incorrect

guys and girls can be 18 and not really ready for sex, or perfectly ready

there can be a power dynamic when one partner is older, but there are a lot of power dynamics in relationships to be entirely fair

I might look down on a guy with a much younger girl, but I might not. If it's a loving relationship, then there's no problem. It puts a lot of pressure on the older party though.

How is it immoral? And if it is how isn't a gangbang? Or eating baby animals?
Logically its more feasible to mate with a younger and healthier specimen. So technically we should only be going for women under 30.
This was definitely made by an older woman who didn't realise her gender dries up after 35 and because women have nothing to offer but sex she's out of the game.
Or some faggot who can't get pussy...

Is this that Jordan Peterson faggot posting in Cred Forums?

"why aren't you a healthy specimen....please have sex with me"

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you faggoty fucking fag

do you ever wonder if they call them Cred Forumstards because they're stupid

I kniw some 18yo wirh the maturity of a wooden door.

So hot, am i right?

it's up to parents to teach their daughters to not want to do a thing like this. Girls who have real fathers in their lives do not aim to fix their daddy issues because they don't have one...

As a 27 year old male, I will easily fuck a young girl, if shes 18 but still in high school, is the only time Ill make the exception of saying no, no matter how hawt she is

Hot like boiling water

Honest opinion?
Guys in their twenties can do better than that, they should go for 14-16 years olds.

Fuck you fucking faggot

I think the fact that our laws don't reflect our morals is stupid
>Legal does not mean morally correct
Well what's the fucking point of the law then

Seething used up thot that's just about to hit the wall ?

To keep the status quo because the people in power want to stay in power

thread is retarded.

Got picked up by a 27 year old tall aryan milf my first semester of college, with two toddler daughters. Still the best and most fulfilling relationship I've had. As long as everyone's upfront, mentally competent, and had sex ed, really nothing to get worked up over. I guess ulterior motives like snatching someone for their family's money or whatever would be a disqualifier.

That being said, if I had a kid I'd for sure hold someone older to much higher standards. Most of that weirdness can be prevented by teaching people from a young age to give themselves what someone predatory would use to manipulate them though. How to create a secure living situation, emotional support networks, etc on their own. Unfortunately, this is something most adults are never capable of.

Charles Manson was a fucking monster, but he was was half-right about only exploiting the vulnerabilities those peoples' parents left in them.

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Ask a 44yr old guy who banged an 18yr old the day of her party several years ago anything.

>can be prevented by teaching people from a young age to give themselves what someone predatory would use to manipulate them though. How to create a secure living situation, emotional support networks, etc on their own

how do you teach that ?

Why are you a fucking loser?

How is this immoral?

He'll no. Pussy was tight as fuck. Was even hotter cuz it was my friends daughter

7 year rule...

Take your age,
Halve it,
Add 7

That’s a socially acceptable age to tap..

Eg. (34/2) + 7 = 26, 34yr old and 26yr old

>> inb4 any age that brings you below age of consent.


why are you holding onto something that happened years ago and trying to brag about it to strangers on the internet?

imagine being so beta you actually give a shit what other think about the age gap between you and your partner. you should lay off the soy

Wanted to know if it was immoral. It's hella okay with me. Im 48 now and id still smash an 18yr old puss

Cool fake story bruh.

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Sex is sex. Fuck whoever you can while you can, however you can (as long as it is legal). Stick that dick in the ass and FUCK IT!

Would you rather have diarrhea every time you poop for the rest of your life or every time music plays around you, no matter what is playing, you hear "my sharona"?

Boxxies pussy is tuna fish salad

>the world we live in
>concerned with morals

It being immoral is a big question.

You being a fucking loser isn't though. Thats pretty straight forward


Being a good parent. Sneaking in life lessons and perspective in a way that sticks. Think about it this way. You're a strong, loving father that creates a similar environment for his daughter, but you never teach her how to build that for herself. Probably don't teach her much about sex and relationships. Surprise surprise, yank her out of that cloister and off to college on her own, and she finds a surrogate daddy. Maybe not one with her happiness in mind.

HAhah shit like that is what old used up whores say to guilt trip men their age into going against their natural biological instinct to want young fertile women, and settling for old used up whores.

Cope harder femcels, no one wants you sluts. Young 18 year olds and I'll kiss in front of you old whores you jealous slags.

>bridge jump

I'm sick of incels trying to tell everyone who they should fuck. FUCK YOU. Get that 18yo pussy no matter how old you are.

fat feminist femcel detected! Look at her try and rationalise that garbage she's speaking.

18 year old girls dont even want relationships, they want three month flings and they want new experiences, they cheat like crazy on their men.

You're math.... (34/2) + 7 = 24 you fucking dick, at least give the /b s some realistic expectation of how it works, or you'll gargle balls for a living

Op is a faggot.

I'd fuck a 16 year old and I'm 30.


Your* fucking auto correct

Buuuuuulshit feminist stats. Fuck that five year gap, that shit don't work.

Real stats show that bitches that don't sleep around are the ones most likely to not divorce rape their husbands. So every man here needs to go for 18 year old virgins for marriage, any other female even if she's 18 is only fuck material if they aren't virgins.

Reap what you sow whores, if you sleep around i won't try to make a housewife out of a whore.

i must explain her what boys want and who she should chose or at least what kind of man/profile ? that usually push them to do the contrary no ?

This fucking prick actually views everything in this world about power. Fuck you weak bitch.

I want a young woman for a relationship because it means she's at her most beautiful, her least manipulative because she hasn't 'experienced the world' which means tasted a thousand cocks and sharpened her psychological claws over years of using men and being used by them. I don't want to own a young woman you prick bitch feminist, I just want to love and provide for her and get love and sex back from her in return, but women can't even do that. So stay single you fat roastie. No marriage for you, only young virgins who can offer me their beauty and fertility in return for my resources.

I fucking love this thread

The same people who get outraged over fucking foreigners having child brides are out here wanting the same thing lololol

fucking americunts

personally, one of the reasons i'm going for a computer science master's--i hear from my peers that it's easier and i'm graduating easily, actually doing very well at the end of the bachelor's with algorithms and operating systems--is to meet older chicks who i can stand. 22 year olds are an irritating joke now that i'm over 40. they have SO MUCH frustration, disappointment and growing up to do for me to be able to like them a person.

Well then illegal doe not mean morally corrupt.

I'm in my late 20's and I'd fuck a girl whose 18 but I'd never date her. Like, I have nothing in common with people 10 years younger than me.

Nothing wrong with hooking up or whatever but guys who want a relationship with teens are all creeps. They literally can't handle a relationship where they aren't disproportionately more powerful than their partner

"legal does not mean morally correct"

Yes, and also:

"illegal does not mean morally incorrect"

That is all, move along now, nothing to see here.

18 is a child bride??!?

Holy shit it's nancy fucking pelosi on this board, she's going to rip up the board rules, o noooooooo.


just put
"I'm so insecure over my sexual performance and cancerous personality, i need to trap a woman with nothing to compare it to sexually and underdeveloped so she dosen't realise what a retard i am at first"
and save us all some time

Age of consent laws are BS and should be removed completely

my opinion is that the only people that care about this are 30 year old women that dated 18 year olds when they were 14 and are mad that they're past their prime

Being "morally" correct has never stoped me before.....

Know a few guys who banged 15/16 yr olds while they were between 20-26. Young sluts everywhere.

My gf is 20, I'm 27. She is 5 years younger than my ex. Life is good.


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Younger female, older male is the most compatible. The male is a provider and protector. A young and inexperienced man cannot provide nor protect his family as well as an older and experienced male. (In most cases). Women should bear children in their youth, not when they're past 25. Females are at their most fertile at ages 14-16.

>we have a duty to keep the world free from influence and emotional reaction
Nah fag, the world is dirty and fun. She's an adult, and will be treated competently like one.

Seething roastie

Sure thing buddy! That's exactly what it is right! You sure know women!

Your lack of experience with women is showing, a woman who has fucked many other men is never satisfied if she doesn't get her first choice. Do the math, not every woman can get her first choice. A woman who sleeps around is not the same as a man who sleeps around, they're not equipped mentally to sleep around, they will forever lament not getting their first choice and you will get cheated on. Men who sleep around don't give a fuck and will commit to whoever they fall in love with regardless of body count and they won't cheat if they're in love.

Boom, that's the reality of the world, I got no insecurities about my sexual performance. I'm just saying if these bitches want marriage, then they have to be virgins, i don't want marriage so keep sleeping around sluts because i like no strings attached more than you do. No need for marriage, so no need to not sleep around, have all the slutty experiences you want, Im happy for everyone.

Don't expect jealous sandtraps to have any basic respect for their fellow woman.

I mean its not factually incorrect in saying that but women like older men so idk what the problem would be. They're viable for breeding for like 5 years before they're legal so it's not like they're incapable ot experimenting and coming to grips with the effects of sex on your body and mind and women are attracted to status which older men have more of than younger men so there's no moral problem with 30yos dating 18yos afaic

Literally what is morally incorrect about that? PROTIP: nothing.

In a lot of countries legal age is 16 and in some, even in Europe, 14. If it's consensual and legal, then everything's fine. Just fuck them in the ass and kisser, if you have morals.

why are they not equipped mentally?

exactly the point, actually

i sat next to and worked with a chick in a course that happened to discuss having children and i had already noticed a little extra energy and contact from her but she was a very mature like 21 year old and i MIGHT look like i'm in my 20, early 30s but am actually older. at least i know i look young and that's cool but... i specifically felt her coming on to me with a little sex bump when the topic of having kids came up in class. some ARE serious and just want to snag a MAN. i can't believe i was MAN looking enough for her. she was at least a 7/10. unfortunately, liberal. *pout*


>projecting one's own emotional insecurity onto thots
When will this fagshit end already?

What's the issue? I fuck 18/19 yos from tinder and grindr. I'm 30. It's the perfect time, also a lot of new freshmen at the local college want to experiment

>old fat neckbeard with no job or money
>it's about what you put in to the relationship

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I was 30-31 when I went after an 18 yo girl, we worked together we flirted a bit at first, then made out in the back room and I'd feel her up. Told her I would go at her pace and meant it. Then it just sorta petered out

The age Gap felt weird the entire time, but we were into each other

There is no ''morally correct''

>I'm sorry I pimped you out, but it was for your own good!
Still fucked up.

Most people aren't as much of a soft faggot about sex as you, why do you continue to project all over the thread?

Where's the monetary or other personal gain?

Sex doesn't hurt people. 18 year olds and even younger teens had already had sex. Unless you're uneducated in the use of protection you're ok to have sex.

A thick cock.

>implying "women my age" have much choice in who they get
Sorry you're 2nd best at best. It's not about catching the biggest fish, it's about catching the tastiest.

I think it's okay only for a fling I don't think a relationship between an younger woman and an older man would work in not saying it never works but it's rare also think about your dad's dad or dads dads dad he was banging 12-15 yr olds bro and it wasn't as such a big deal as it is in todays plus if you wouldn't bang a sweet tight young 14 and up to 18 you might be a faggot bro lol I mean do it and not get caught it fall in love with her

It’s not incels who are preaching this garbage you fucking retard, it’s feminism and roasties in their 30’s


Why a grown person would want to hang out with some dumbass child is beyond me.


Holy shit there are women on /b

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Im 38 and don't even want to talk to a chick under 30. Chicks are boarderline retarded at any age, under 30 unbearably so

Oh my Lord she's beautiful! ;))

Last time i fucked some 18 year olds was when i was 34 a few years ago, worked for me so i think they liked the idea of being fucked by the boss. Two 18 year olds and a 19 year old.

Well, people that are still children is a differenst thing

Don't care. If a hot teen is interested in me, I'd go for it.

no, it's not. children are people too. love everyone, anyone, regardless of retarded agisms

quads so his opinion matters

yeah a much greater different thing ;)

For some reason, it becomes an issue for women once they're aging and getting fat. Besides, that's a nice age for a woman.

After spending half a decade watching every Millenial woman I know get woke, I've started making more of an effort to meet younger women. The difference in maturity is incredible, only in the opposite direction of what one might expect.

Oh, yhe, love anybody, but if your attracted to children you are kinda fucked up

>why are they not equipped mentally?

Just say "we". You're a woman correct?

Its not my business...

Ever heard of the "Half-Age-Plus-Seven" rule OP?

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