What do you think the age of consent should be in modern America?

What do you think the age of consent should be in modern America?

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14 like in Germany

None. As long as she don't suffer

14 as in a 50 year old could legally fuck a 14yo in Germany?

Please elaborate on your viewpoint.

no, not rly


16 is fine with me. Below that they aren't even all that well developed

16 16 16

18 is just a cucking rule, too many guys and chicks get in trouble for teens that just want to bone

>modern America


Well, in fact - yes. At least by the "dry law". That's the case here in Sweden as well.
Then it might become a problem, fucker, if ut proven the fuckee had been manipulated etc.
But in general, it's a problem. Child porn under 18 is still illegal, though.

Ok. What about 15? It’s just one year less.. would it be fair?


Elaborate please.

sweden has 15


It's fifteen in Poland, I think it's the most optimal number.

Swedish law says 15 is ok for a 50 yr old to fuck.

Anytime after their first period .

sweden also has this immigrant problem, doesn't sound like a country you want advicd from.

in a perfect society everyone would be provided with their totally LEGAL, state-issued, 12yo loli

I got my period at 10


What about when they get too old?

allah akbar my friend. I see you walk the same enlightend path my brother. For allah

pedo detected

15, we must lower the age of consent to ensure the future of the white race.

Reminder that
>sexual liberation
>rising age of consent
are to blame for the social decay.

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you only get your first one for free. when they turn 15 you are legally required to relinquish them. after that you have to buy each subsequent one yourself.

Nice cp...mods

I don't think US law should dictate what constitutes healthy sexual relationships. An age of consent shouldn't be necessary, abuse is already a crime and what constitutes abuse is certainly within the legal domain. Setting arbitrary limits is an attempt to dissuade underage sexual relationships, it doesn't work. Settings arbitrary age limits is also an attempt to mitigate the impossibility of determining motive in a sexual relationship, and this does work, it just hurts a lot of people too.

Well I think 16 is just a better average age

Menarche, which is when a women becomes ready for her first period, has gone from around 18 years old from ~200 years ago to around 9-11 to today. I think it's just logical that things like age of consent should adjust to that. I mean there should be laws and things to ensure safety and education about these things but I mean sex is the most natural thing about us, I dont see why we should prohibit it so much.

>implying islam is wrong on this
Islam is right about lot of things
>pic related
Insha'Allah brother

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The age of consent laws should be totally removed with the discovery of NPCs. They consent to sex but don't know what that means. So whatever age they are...it doesn't matter. Having sex with an NPC is equivalent of fucking a Real Doll. Everyone is different and has different maturity so sticking an age on it is anti-freedom for both people having sex.

Oh yes, it's all the liberals, I'm sure the depredation of conservative culture and morals has no impact. The growing number of atheists I'm sure couldn't possibly impact sexual relationships.


Never seen anyone under 23 I'd wanna fuck tbh


How old is the woman in pic related

Here in Ohio it's 16 but 18 for porn. We also have a close age exemption allowing minors to have sex with each other if under 18, i.e 13-17 years old.

Fine as it is. And if anyone under 18 has sex I think it should be fine as long as they're within two years of each other's age. So long as they've hit puberty and are actually physically capable of sex.

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as soon as they start puberty

16 is fine. People under that will have sex with each other, as teenagers do, and they're generally smart enough to not get caught. The issue is old ass men going after super young women.

how is that porn?

9-11 I see what you did there Bush.

Either gay or american or both

Any more like this? Vids?

14 tbh

Personally I’d never date below 21 for logistical reasons but it should be 14

Would you personally have sex with an attractive 14 year old, provided it was fully legal for you to do so?

Im not OP but I think 14 is just too low because you'll definitely scoop up more of the ones you probably shouldn't be having sec with, kids are fucken dumb most of the time

Nice Larp faggot

Old enough to bleed
Old enough to breed

Solid maybe? I’m not really into girls that young tbh I think women are hottest between like 19-24 but that’s just my personal preference

Sure I’ve seen younger teens that are attractive and I probably would under the right context but it’s not what I go for

I just don’t think it should be illegal

not really. 16-18 would be my choice

I think we should live in a world where women have no rights. Men get to use women like slaves for whatever reason.

you a faggot?

16 is a good age, a lot of girls this age already want to fuck and most are sexually mature, they'd benefit from being able to have older partners their first time, same with young men

a man of culture, I see

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16 seems like a perfectly reasonable age of consent, as one can reasonably be expected to understand sexuality at that point.

14-15 if your are under 22
And then basically yea


16 because most girls are already fucking dudes olde than them because they hit puberty faster

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Does conversation offend you?

See I definitely would want to but the immaturity of a 14 year old would probably ruin the sex for me. I think its one of those things that sounds hot in theory but in actuality would be awful


As soon as you realize you’re in the freshest, tightest pussy imaginable, it’ll push you over the edge and you won’t care. That’s what I assume would happen.

spoken like a true incel


16 like it already is in Based WV and many other states.


Once the secondary sexual characteristics have become defined, and primary sexual characteristics are regular and stable. And they need to be emotionally mature.

For girls, that means widened hips, grass on the field, and boobs. It's not a calendar age; emotional and physical maturity vary among individuals.

Once she start taking pics like the one in OP's post, she's Good to Go. Physically developed and offering her sex to the camera.

>social decay.

80 years old

Who is she?

7 is about right.