This was 10 years ago

This was 10 years ago

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Could have sworn it was longer ago than that.
Then again, I have been drunk for 10 years so fuck knows.

This was 47 years ago

And to think that today she doesn't look a day under 40.

50 years

Sad that he passed away. Didn't she become a tranny after that whole thing? Just sad all around and proof of why you should not bully kids on the internet.

Ah yes. The days of purple skinny jeans and emo bands. I was in high school at the time.

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Nein, stop it!

You dun goofed

What a gold mine of dysfunction they were.. and it keeps trickling out annual dividends of cringe now that she's a trans-crippled tranny-fucking obese cam-whore

probably most of the people posting on this board were 5 or 6 years old then. i was already finished with college. feels old.


Alright, no knowledge of this. Explain?

10 years since I started visiting this shithole? damn, time sure flies ...

Back when Cred Forums was savage enough to get a child committed to a mental asylum.

Thanks asshole. Now I feel old.

consequences shmonsequences

I've been here since the beginning..
..time only flies faster the longer you lurk.

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Hey partner I've been dissociated for ten years so who the fuck nose.

Holy fuck, I do miss Naruto

I used to think this shit was funny, and at the time it probably was genuinely hilarious to me.
But looking now
All I feel is sadness and I want to figure out how to fix the broken pieces of that family before the storm of Cred Forums came to hit.

Brain Slushie

Came here to post this.

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I'm on the same page. No more lulz to be had. This is fucked up.
Maybe someone could donate to her or something since she's "crippling" depression.

If you're born into a dysfunctional family there's pretty much nothing you can do until you're able to move out and by that time you're emotionally kneecapped

You can't take responsibility for something that was already broken.
That family was beyond fucked before Cred Forums touched it. Just look at the father.
They let their 11yo share nudes ffs and only "had a talk" with the guy that was coercing her. Shit was tragic comedy, but comedy none the less. Don't try fixing someone that wants to profit off of this either.. She's an adult and choosing to be all sorts of fucked up now.

this was 6 years ago

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You don't exactly choose to be fucked up unless you're a celebrity

Her now.. she's one of them..

>shoe on head from 6 years ago
I can't believe people still fall for that. Stay classy Cred Forums.

So I was the stupid cunt who said "donate to her" and now I'm done.

god i love jessi slaughter

I always preferred the sharpie in pooper

You could date her if you want. Post win

> example

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Fuck her in the ass

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like to date her but she doesnt like me

She wasnt bullied. Cred Forums saved her from an abusive home and frankly is the only reason she is still alive today.

Cred Forums was heroes that day.

Why does she look like Lady Gaga without her makeup?

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I want to go back before the storm of Cred Forums. I said that. I'm not saying I want to fix things now. Too much energy and materials required to do what would amount to bandages over a diffuse wound with presenting lesions.

More songs that were popular at the time:

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> "storm of Cred Forums"
You mean when the media caught wind of us?

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So who else remembers tomboy-chan?
She was fucking awesome.

i have no sympathy for her dad or mom. he molested her. mom knew but she didn't do shit. jessi sounds like a cool weeb, would hang with and if her fucked up brain wanted to give me brain, i would let her. kind of feel bad for fapping to her underage arby's lips, but not really.

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Bullshit. Look how distraught she was.

True. Abused kids will fight tooth and nail for their parents.

They are still family. Irreplaceable.

I feel sorry for her loosing that connection. But when her mommy started fucking her ass with a strap-on dildo there was no turning back. She needed saving.

She had the beefiest flaps..
..proof that you can't tell age by vagina pics.
Great pedo defence though.

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No, she was distraught because of the internet shenanigans. That is when her dad made the video.

Truth. This could have been just a couple of years ago in my memory.

more please

You're an Arby's man I see

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Carry on then brother

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ya dun goofed mootykins

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WTF? I am surpised she never got surgery to remove that.

bit too much there

Its very much part of her brand at this point. Rent Jessi and you get hamburger meatflaps.

fake and gay

Why is Boxxxys dad so pissed?

and 10 years later, we still dun goof'd

Time flies when you're a faggot.

roast beef

Why she walk on crutches

Can't be real