Why are whites such cowards?

Why are whites such cowards?

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weak genes

Nice try stormfag. Gonna have to work harder than that to stir up the incels.

regressive left?

It would be racism, if he fought back.

We are afraid of monkeys and wild aninals such as niggers

Chimps always start fighting solo but when the chimp starts losing the rest of the pack helps the chimp.

chimps will always be chimps....

Kid made the right choice. Never fight an Angry Ape

>2 on 1
>1 filming
>Other one punching
>Why are whites cowards
>2 against 1

I would be ashamed to beat someone that pathetic. You don`t kick someone lying down.

Like all of Africa got fucked by colonialism, niggers just have short bursts of retard anger from their hot blood, and whites are calm and mature enough to act like an adult.

>Nice try stormfag
What's that? I will say with near certainty that this thread was made by an anti-white. Yes, they really do hate White people and want to destroy us.

If you're a lib then evaluate and decide if you should still continue helping your enemies or start doing unto them what they seek to do unto you.

you forgot about the others you cant see in the shot. you see one to the left when he pushes him over, so i assume theres more than just 3

Weak looking targets expecially children and the elderly are what groids are known for attacking. Then they'll call us the cowards. lol

Thank you for some more race baiting. This is probably what the world needs right now.

Why do blacks only pick on whiteboys smaller than them?

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I don't know

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The real question is, why do you faggots keep posting this shit? We all know this is a LARP, and that you are white. What is your major malfunction? What are you getting out of LARPing as a black person and claiming to be racially superior? Get a fucking life you virgin weirdos.

They could give two fucks about some loser in Alabama in a trailer.

Oh look. Another triggered shill thread.

Ah, the classic nigger sucker punch. I've watched so many of these videos that I've grown to expect it but I've only ever fought one black guy and he couldn't pull it off.

Whiteboys can sucker punch too

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I'm not the person you're responding to, but are you really that paranoid and retarded to think that black people / minorities would waste time posting this shit? These posts are clearly done by weirdo white incels / trolls who do it to stir the pot. Wake up. Not everything is some "GRAND MASTER PLAN TO DESTROY WHITEY!!!" Why would elitists / paid trolls waste ANY amount of time on FUCKING Cred Forums? A place full of job-less virgins and pedophiles? As if they're holding anyone back!

Anyone who sucker punches is a bitch. If you're ever in a confrontation keep those hands up.

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The blacks always pick the weak ones
They are always 4 to 1

And from that day forward, Jeremy never again had the courage to use the N word in public, and only resorted to using it in his 'safespace' on Cred Forums.

And the world was a slightly better place.

The End.

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You're a white troll virgin.

Why can't you make a living being an 'artist', Tenda?

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Why are blacks such monkeys?

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>These posts are clearly done by weirdo white incels
If you have evidence of this then post it. We do have proof of non-whites making antagonistic threads aimed at Whites on Cred Forums.

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thats underage, this nig is prob in jail now where he belong :)