Have you ever sent money to an e-girl?

have you ever sent money to an e-girl?

honestly i have (pic related)

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I'm glad men like you wont reproduce and will just die out.
Darwin is spinning in his grave

They're already rich why are you giving them more money for almost nothing in return?
Just invest in models who actually strip down, dude.
stop buying attention, buy content

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With what, happiness?

You're literally just describing an extension of the scientific principles he outlined.

>They're already rich

not all of them are rich dude

more of her


If they can afford to have a cam, computer, phone, internet connection, and time to be online every day they can't be that broke

Sort of. I subscribed to a youtuber for $4 a month for extra content. She's not a dumb thot though.

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they need us to support their lifestyle

yes, was girl i was friends with in high school

15 bucks to have sets of her naked was worth it, don’t think id ever pay for random girls

That's what their boyfriend is for

I've tipped cam girls a few times. Most one girl got was $10 (I guess she actually only gets half). Overall I've spent $50.
What's wrong with a bit of fun occasionally. Some of us can afford it. Really pocket change compared to what I spend on an escort.

>what's wrong with donating to e-girls
Mostly its envy and jealousy. This easy care-free method of earning money basically beats out tons of unfulfilling customer service jobs that many people have to work because they can't dress up in cute outfits and be complimented and tipped for being sexy. Most of these girls are working from the comfort of their own bedrooms playing on the internet, with their own hours and no bosses or co coworkers to deal with, getting paid by thirsty men who are attracted to them.

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E-thots suck

You gave nyannyancosplay money even tho she will most likely never post nudes????

seething with envy

i'm not looking for nudes baby boy

Yeah for this reverse tribute

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Lol idiot, nyan is so PG. You should aim for R/NC-17 tier models.

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>giving away money to a pretty girl and getting nothing special in return
You're weak. No wonder you're a regular here.

Keep wasting your money on useless shit then virgin

I second this

Duuuuude you’re outta touch
Bet you think if someone has a smartphone they can’t be poor or homeless

It’s a nice lifestyle but it takes work to make money. Gotta hustle and interact with fans to bring in views and buyers, constantly making or buying new outfits and sets. Hopefully they know how to take pics or they need a photographer too. It’s better than retail but its not as easy as it sounds. It’s like quitting your job to become a youtuber. Seems easy to record yourself talking to a camera but all the good ones have scripts and good editors
It’s a job

Hell nah, only simps & soy boys do. That's beta shit.

I really doubt the ethot you're obsessed with is poor or homeless. You're just trying to convince yourself that you're wasting your money on a good cause rather than sating sexual desires.

What's an... "e-girl"?

>3 reddit buzzwords in one post
Le redpill alphabro lennyfaice

Never said any of the girls are but just because some have electronics, doesn’t mean they aren’t broke nigga
Also I’ve never given a dime, I just don’t care if others do. It keeps the thots posting free stuff for us

She's wearing a breastplate you stoopid idiot. #DontTakeItPersonal

Those drawbacks are minimal compared to regular work. Being beautiful is easy mode now that so many paypigs exist.

i still cant find the company that makes that fucking thing

Only time I’ve ever paid for it

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Got none of that from Reddit, but what I said was true. Why would you spend money on digital pics & videos when you could use said money on a girl IRL for them pussy payments you gotta make no matter what.

I've never seen something like this before, fascinating.

>why give money to women online when i can just buy a hooker?
You're just as pathetic as they are

They just have good makeup and angles. Most are pretty even out of the clothes and paint but anyone can look decent if they have the makeup skills. And ability to stay in shape. There are popular male ethots too that do cosplay.
And it may be minimal but imagine no back up, no insurance. If they have even one dry week it could sink some of these girls. It’s a trade off

Amazon has tons of fake breasts. Even full skin suits and vagina underwear

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My face when I first saw them

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Got the idea from a tribute thread

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dude what the fuck

JFC they’re $360

Some trannys don’t want or can’t have surgery. Some men like to temporarily look like women. All sorts in this world
If I knew how to make them i would, getting 500 bucks per cuntpant

I want to dismiss you as a e-thot obsessed paypig orbiter but you keep having nice points that I can kind of agree with. This is weird for a Cred Forums conversation

I need some of these, but damn that price. Gonna need to just learn better tucking

Ugh. Yeah. Met this girl online. "Friends" for awhile. She got in a bad spot and I sent her lunch money. Got a weird vibe a few weeks later and eventually blocked her. Lol

What the hell do you mean by "got a weird vibe"?

I just appreciate the hobby cause I tried once. Met some sweet girls tho and learned a bit of behind the scenes stuff
The rare civil b convo

They probably have underwear that’s cheaper cause less material. But I’ve seen full up to neck body suits with the tits too

Behind every thot is a normal (see: none autistic) guy making bank from desperate autistic incels who think they've found a girlfriend

They're great for photography since you can air brush the seams away

Was friends with a cam girl btard sent her like 30 to by food

I wish I could try but I'm a man. So that's where my jealousy comes from.

Jessica Nigris boyfriend would like to know your location

I’m a dude too man, the market is tough for us. Most buyers are men so unless you’ve got the twink/fem body or can pull the nerd girl money with cosplays, you’re at a disadvantage
I didn’t go all in with the marketing and hustle tho, so maybe I could’ve done better had I the patience

I bet. That’d be fun to shoot and edit tbh. Letting some poor bro see himself as the woman he’s always wanted to be

She had a bf / did not desire anything more than cash

its not even fake boobs, its that specific brand. theres a number of eastern cosplayers that also use them. its just weird to be able to say "hey, i know that artificial nipple" about several women

Ask the next model you see using them! Or check aliexpress

>recognising artificial nips
Maybe it’s time for less porn. Or less fake tit porn, that’s sad bro

Eat shit