Hey femanons, which one would you prefer?

hey femanons, which one would you prefer?
left or right ?

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Wow, wearing the watch around the wrist versus wearing it on the ankle makes a huge difference. Hard to believe that's the same person on both pics.
I personally am not into watches at all though.

Is the pedo looking dude wearing an ankle monitor?

Right but his body is still too small/boys for me. I like men who remind me of... men.

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meant to say boyish

>Cred Forums
Pick one faggot

dick/genitals of the left one, on the body of the right


I'm 37 yo so maybe that's why but right would feel off to me

OP I...

Left. The one on the right doesn't have a very masculine body. There's visible muscle but that's just because they're so small which is unattractive.

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Left looks more approachable.

Retard there are no fucking women on this board you nigger.

>Doesn't have a masculine body
>Literal perfect example of normal male physique
>Should to hip ratio
>6 pack abs
>Just slender but probably under 6ft

Fags posing as females itt

The guy on the left has literal tits, an hourglass figure and a clit for a dick. That is more masculine to you? Really?

Itt: fatties who know they could never get right and jealous neckbeards

I don't think you can tell left from right :/

Cute boys with big dicks are super overrated. They're really vain and act like douche bags. I'd take the guy on the left if he made decent money and didn't have an anger problem.

Left is a MAN, hes comfortable with his height and body even if it isn't perfect, thats why he has no trouble showing it, ever heard of a dad bod?

Right is boy manlet thats proud of being a skinnyfat faggot, he hates his height though so has to trick people sporting that douchebad haircut adding an inch and a half to his height.

Thots and unexperience women might pick right but real women will pick real men.

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How would u know tho?

Cuz she always picked right when her body was worth something.

neither, they're both ugly af.

The richer one.

Incredible transformation.

ITT: Larping homosexuals.

before and after of someone quitting Cred Forums


>thread for femanons
>nobody says show tits or gtfo

This board has gone to shit.

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