I married a gold digger

I married a gold digger


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Is that her? Nudes?

your favorite pokemon?

How much do you earn?

What do her tits look like

Is she down to let you fuck her friends since she knows shes just a fuck toy

No it's not, that's a pornstar but I forgot her name.

Is the sex good at least?

Mining is a tough racket, she must be very determined and fit

Cook something nice for her

Low 6 figures

Nice and perky, not too big but not too small.

Very good

Enjoy paying alimony.
She's going to have her friends seduce you to fuck them then divorce you and take 3/4 of your fortune.

user, meet Prenup.

Give details faggit
>does she suck the cock
>does she swallow the cum
>is she on the pill
>do you cum inside her
>do you fuck her on the couch
>do you fuck her on the floor
>does she suck your cock when you watch football
>do you fuck her in the pooper
>does she do ass to mouth the suck

No, I don't watch FOOTBALL
No but I want to
No she does pussy to mouth

do you like her family?

They're nice I guess, they aren't in the country so I've only spoken to them via FaceTime.
They're the typical nice family that has the one bitch family member (my wife)

Good for you! AMA

Why you married the bitch then?
Are you a virgin autist who got rich with computer shit and you married the first woman that pretended to like you?

Nope, she just thinks she's able to manipluate me but I'm one step ahead of her.
She's sexy and her attitude turns me on, plus she's good eye candy which helps me out socially.
She's also loyal.

Post a picture of her, I don't believe you.
Cover her face if you afraid the doxx.

How is she a gold digger if you have a prenup you fucking moron?

gold digger

Choose one

Look up the definition fo a gold digger

Wrong use of words, change loyal for "won't cheat because she knows I will drop her like hot shit and he won't find any better"

>he won't

You seem confused.
Gold diggers care only about the money, they don't care about the cock, they only fuck for monetary gain.
If she fucks others and you catch her then she's going to be divorced and lose the money so gold diggers are in a weird turn of events among the most loyal women you may find.

Intellectual girls and art hoes on the other hand.
I know some and they fuck refugees and blacks out of ideology and anti racism.
Also ugly as shit.
Shit is fucked up.

jeff why are you dating a fucking tranny?

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I'm not sure if I'm the gold digger or my fiancee is. She makes almost twice as much as me, own a her own house while I rent a studio apartment, and she's 12 years younger than me - I'm 34, she's 22. So I guess I'm confused on how this concept works with us.

*owns her own house. Fn auto correct

user, you're anonymous here, no need to lie

Not OP but dude you're a fucking Moron, step away from the keyboard

>one step ahead of her
How do you do it ?
whan did you detect the gold digging ?
why pursuing ?

what's the goal ? the more black cum you got in you the more you'll fight racism ?

She ain't no gold digger
That's only a nickel mine you got there

What do you do ?

There is no real goal. Its just shallow sluts that think they're deep and intellectual because they fuck black dick

Like it's an anti conformist act even though interracial couples are marketed everywhere ?
you got pics of the sluts ?

Pretty much. And no.

do they at least love that or they just take it up the ass for the good cause ? or just love the BBC but need a political reason to look smart

Her fam doesn't live in the country? So in other words you've got a mail order bride.
All mail order brides are gold diggers you wanker!

How much $ do you make /yr? Are you broke now/on the way to it?