Moar like this

Moar like this

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Waste of nice tits


Why did you kill her?

this thread has been reported to the authorities

good luck

I hope at least you fucked her while still warm, those are some nice tits

someone has to unswirl the text

wait. she was kilt with two small puncture wounds? am i missing something?

She was shot. Seen it on crazy shit dot com.

She got shot u retard

Easy solution.. don't be a cheating whore, and you'll probably not get killed.

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i'm not the one jacking off to dead bitches

how is it a waste when you can still fuck her

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It's so fucking scary people want to do this to woman

Love jacking off to these type of pics. Anybody want to share account to documenting reality? I had that it denied access after a few threads

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looks legit

too soon

never seen something more realer and legitter 10/10 would meme again