Why Are Whites Racist? (Black American)

Why Are Whites Racist? (Black American)

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Why do half the threads on Cred Forums start with loaded questions?

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Why does 13% of the population commit 49% of the crimes?

Why Are Niggers Criminals? (White American)

not an answer

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Because: Niggers


Have a look in the mirror, that's why!

White people still commit more crime though.

One word, and it's sufficient: Experience.

Why do you have such a high rate of violent crime? And before you cite poverty at me, please explain how being poor causes rape and murder.

[citation needed]

Whites commit a higher number because we're a much higher percentage of the populace. The rate blacks commit crimes is much much higher

Why are Niggers inferior? We we released you niggers to be free citizens and how do you repay us? By being complaining libtards.

Your men overwhelmingly abandon their children, leading them to lives of crime and drug abuse, creating an endless cycle of incarceration and poverty. Your race has no sense of family or community, no moral base, and it really shows. Fix that before you complain about whitey.

they literally have smaller brains and less advanced prefrontal cortex, which is the part that makes us more than primates with proper judgement and thinking skills.

what matters most is crime per capita

>Well hurr durr crime only bad when blackley commit it
>Whitey crime ok!
So what the fuck is the point of even having laws?

It's true though. You're so dumb and brainwashed you think 13/50 is the only crime statistic
Why is white crime not a problem but black crime is? Shouldn't everyone be held accountable under the law?

they aren't. half the population voted to give you free hand outs.

It's not "ok" you absolute mongoloid, its just that the white crime rate isn't really a problem. Blacks, however, are a massive threat.

Why are blacks thieves and violent and loud and brash and more racist than any other race?

Because america is the only country that is looked down upon for open borders. Also: NIGGERS

You act like whites aren't arrested and tried just as you are. You just commit more crimes, therfore we don't like you.

This again. sage.

That isn't what I was saying at all retard, I'm black myself. But of course crime per capita is more relevant than total crime per race, that's just common sense.

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Kek, this guy checks under his bed for blacks.
Whites make up the majority of robberies and theft though.
Why is everyone who disagrees with you automatically black or jewish? Are you schizophrenic?
>Commit more crimes
Which is why crime is on the decline overall
But is that number still correct after factoring in the crime decline

You explain it, the same correlation is seen between poor whites in the ghetto. Just how it is, when you have nothing you don't give a fuck hard to drag a family out of that mentality.

I love how you have no answer as to why you people commit more crimes

Because they fail to look at the history that caused African Americans to get to what they are. They were robbed completely of their culture, endured slavery, and once they were freed they were even worse off since they had no rights AND no money.

All this makes it so that blacks remain at large uneducated and poor. This is very important when you bring in the fact that blacks don't get to reap the benefits of generational wealth like white people have.

Blacks remain in the same shitty environment, with the same shitty schools, surrounded by the same shitty people. It it MUCH better for blacks these days though, but it definitely isn't equal. As a black guy, I'm very optimistic for the future.

So, I'm not sure if you can answer this but if your family was torn apart and had several generations without proper upbringing, how long would it take to return to your white greatness? For blacks add in white preconceived notions and it makes it just that much harder. It's like compounding interests it takes a while to build.

Bullshit. Why do black fathers abandon their kids? And poor whites have higher crime rates, yes, but not nearly as high as yours

define racist

On average, statistically many have larger brains that you

Niggers have been in Africa for ten thousand years and still live in mud huts. They are still trying to crack the 2x4 formula

Bro, most whites come from poor as fuck eastern European countries. There is no generational wealth, it's called getting a fucking job and not having kids at 16.

>robbed completely of their culture,
the african culture seems to be doing fine right?
>blacks don't get to reap the benefits of generational wealth like white people have.
white people dont fucking have this. most people die in debt or pass on very little.

The lack of proper upbringing is from black fathers abandoning their families. It's your own race's fault that you're like this. You have bred a subhuman mentality into your race.

Great example, because it's accepted in their culture of shitty up-bringing and accepted among poorly raised whites as well and contributes to the furtherance of shitty up-bringings

>Bro, most whites come from poor as fuck eastern European countries.
They didn't face the same discrimination though. And you're just retarded if you don't think generational wealth is a thing, brainlet.

>the african culture seems to be doing fine right?
Ignoring colonialism and the rape of Africa?
>white people dont fucking have this. most people die in debt or pass on very little.

Check image

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>You people
Oh look the insecure retard who thinks the only people who are allowed to disagree with him are Jews and blacks. Does it make you mad when a white person disagrees with you? Aww, you poor baby. I can name several reasons as to why blacks commit more crime but you'll just dismiss them and spout how it's biological or some other dumb pseudoscience nonsense.

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Most racist shit I've ever heard was from blacks. Seen more racist blacks that "can't be racist" than white people who were ever racist. Perhaps it's because a large percentage of blacks act similar and black culture is literally a culture dedicated to destroying the society that generations of whites died to build? Just...maybe?

why are niggers shit?

No no, go on. I don't care of you're black or whatever, I just don't know why another race would care. But go on, state your reasons. Let's talk.

I'm not black, but I am in the south, we aren't that far, generation wise, from share croppers and you're expecting too much too fast. Take away your family structure from birth and see where you and your children end up when provided little to no guidence you trust. How many generations before your family becomes passable to your mind? You think your white genes make you avoid taking meth? Try again.

As a white guy, blacks seem to have nothing but hatred for whites, based on history. I get that your people were mistreated. But since we can't change that, and your people insist on hating whites, what progress do you expect?

You had family structures as slaves. Imposed upon you by your owners, sure, but you had them. You abandoned your families with your freedom. Whitey didn't make generation after generation of black males impregnante a woman and then leave.

>Implying architecture is a sign of intelligence and not of convenience
Yes, because wasting energy and resources on building skyscrapers is much more intelligent than simple huts that can be made quickly and cheaply thus leaving more time and energy to survive.

Economic factors for one. This can be proven as white crime increases due to poverty as well.

This is obviously bait. Forchan fascists don't know how to write like Black people. Only a racist white person would use "Whites" as a noun. Non-racists prefer to use racial terms only as adjectives on the word people, since your personhood is what's most important about you.

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If whites were half as racist as well blacks, there would be no blacks.
You only have rights because we granted them to you.. and not a day goes by that one of your kind doesn't make us question that decision.

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Why is it that they abondon their children in Africa too if it was the fault of the evil white man. Why did Germans fix themselves after ww2, why did the japanese if it's so hard? Children were taken from their families in the USSR but they're still doing better than blacks.

Heh, you ever know many foster kids? They don't usually come out quite right (by white standards), nearly half end up arrested

Fuck NIGGERS and fuck you for posting this everyday, asshole

To survive what dumbass? You think they don't have guns in Africa? Stupid nigger.

Because i chose to be

Rich blacks commit more crimes than poor whites. Poverty doesn't cause you to commit crime, it's crime that causes poverty.

White crime still doesn't rise to the same level as blacks at the same poverty rate

Foster kids are unfortunate cases, yes. Blacks have abandoned their children until they've become a whole race that acts like foster kids.